What’s to be gained by sacking Ancelotti?

by Sean Farrell

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

It seems to be considered the natural reaction for Chelsea to sack their manager if he doesn’t bring home a trophy each season. I suppose on one level, given how much money they spend and thus the high expectations of fans and owner, this is understandable. But in the high stakes world of the Premier League there is a very fine line between victory and defeat.

This time last year Carlo Ancelotti was considered the greatest manager in the league. And to be fair, winning a double in his first season in English football is a fantastic achievement, even with a with the players and resources at Chelsea. Earlier this season it looked as if his Midas touch was going to continue. Chelsea started the league campaign in the spectacular fashion they finished the previous one. However in November something changed and the once unbeatable Blues were crumbling both home and away against teams they used to knock 5 or 6 past with ease.

Many have focused on Ray Wilkins leaving as the root cause of this collapse. He certainly was an important character in both the dressing room and on the training pitch. Another possibility for their sudden collapse is their ageing team, and loss of form of their talisman. Or is that talismen? Drogba has been immense for several years in the Chelsea blue. But this season has witnessed a Drogba with patchy and inconsistent form. Frank Lampard too lost his spectacular goal scoring form and carried injuries for most the season. Thus Chelsea were deprived of two of their most consistent and influential players of the 21st Century. Ultimately it is clear these are two ageing players that are past their prime, and can no longer be relied upon to win games single handedly.

Chelsea need to rebuild not deconstruct. They need a manager who has the complete confidence of the owner, and the vision to build a team that will finally win that most coveted Champions League title. Ancelotti did not become a bad manager over night. If he is sacked he will go on to succeed at a different club, and Chelsea will continue to go through managers like a jar of prunes through a Granny. Ancelotti is one of the best, so stick with him, give him more money and next season could very well be the year Roman gets his most craved prize. It’s the players not the manager. There needs to be a clear out.

However, maybe the relationship between manager and owner is beyond repair. Abramovich is certainly a proud man, and a chap who is used to getting his way, and not the most patient. So perhaps he doesn’t want to have a manager that builds a team, maybe he just wants someone in to win what he can, and once he loses or falls out of favour he’s gone. Perhaps Roman enjoys that set up. Abramovich likes to be the main man, having a longterm manager that could build a long standing successful team may never have been part of his plan.

However, sacking Ancelotti will be a step in the wrong direction for the Club. Even the much loved Hiddink could not be as successful in his first year as Aneclotti was in his. Go on Roman give Carlo another year. If you want to change things, change the players in the squad not the man who picks the team.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    you have the initial buzz of a new manager, the team responds until they lose a few games before he realizes he’s completely out of his depth, sack him, bring in another.

    Repeat process

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