What next for Arsenal?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Time for a moan

So it’s 3 games without a victory, a depleted squad, zero confidence and a manager who can re-write history.

I would like to take all Arsenal fans back to the last Wednesday in October, that infuriating night in London… Let’s start with the negatives shall we? This was, for me, the final nail in the Almunia coffin, firstly getting a solid hand onto the ball and not pushing it over, secondly dropping a shot straight at Darren Bent’s feet, this goal especially annoyed me as it has ruined my Darren Bent joke (Why does David Blaine hate Darren Bent? As Darren Bent has now gone 49 days in a box doing f**k all!). The people who think Almunia is England standard? They should watch us play every week, he doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. In fact if you look at our back 5, where are our leaders? Would Tony Adams have let a 2 goal lead slip? No he would not! Clichy was good going forward, but his mistake let them back into the game. Sagna for me hasn’t been on top form this season and Kolo has been injured/ sick and not tip top, and Gallas has been, ‘Gallasy’.

Ah what good is moaning going to do eh? Moving on to more happy topics; how about that credit crunch eh? I could never keep that up… (That’s what she said, sorry couldn’t resist) Moving back to important Gooners news, with Ade looking out, Theo almost certainly out and RVP banned, not looking good for the Man Utd game is it? Those three are our top scorers and can our kids cut it against a top team? I hope so; I can’t suffer another “Tottenham”. All Arsenal supporters (me included) seem to have this disease I’m going to have to call Arsenal Supporter Syndrome (not that imaginative I know) we are all incredibly pessimistic about our chances, but inside we have that tincy little glimmer of hope that gets us out of bed in the morning, we never voice these little feelings of optimism, but inside all of us think, we could win this! We all dream that Bendtner could actually score, Denilson might grow, Eboue would stop cheating and maybe just maybe Fabregas would stop wearing that stupid headband! But what if all the above happened? Then what? We would have nothing to talk about. So I for one hope that Eboue continues to dive, Bendtner continues to score own goals, Denilson stays 4ft 3 and most importantly Fabregas keeps his headband!

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I rate Wenger highly, any true Arsenal fan would, I can’t understand some so called Arsenal fans asking for his head, that’s totally ludicrous, I mean who would take over? David O’Leary, he’s out of a job, Alan Curbishly? There is no one out there, in my opinion he is in the top 5 managers in the game at present.

    However, I am slightly concerned over his youth policy, when it works and we are bashing the likes of Championship sides and lesser Premier League teams in the Carling cup then the future does in fact look very bright. But these players need older wiser experienced players to learn from. I was gutted in August when we didn’t replace Flamini and indeed Diarra. Denilson is not good enough but he plays every game, is the new Eboue who seems to be the new Wenger favourite?

    The really annoying thing is we are only 2 or 3 players short of having a sensational side, yet Wenger chooses to stick with the kids. Everyone except Wenger knows our defence is not good enough, look at Chelsea, Terry, Carvalhio & Alex as a back up, United with Rio, Vidic & Brown & Liverpool with Carragher & Agger with Hypia as back up, see my point? Toure and Gallas make way to many mistakes for my liking, we need our very own John Terry, a new Tony Adams, until then we will continue to be bullied out of games and won’t win a trophy, question is, how long can this continue? We can’t keep using the excuse it’s a young team, they will be special in a few years!

  • Secret Ray

    Arsenal are rubbish just like Pro Ev 09. Liverpool are the like FIFA 09, a slick well oiled machine. Go on the Pool!!

  • Tom

    Next Jan is going to be a very big month for us, in that the moths are going to have to be cleared from the Arsenals wallet, everyone knew we had to spend and spend big.
    It’s not all doom and gloom though, beat United on Saturday and we are back in the hunt, but 3rd is the best we can hope for to be honest.

    Does anyone remember Thomas Rosicky? He was a good player wasn’t he!

  • tef1on

    Wenger won’t buy… and if he does it will be some unknown kid like Bishkoff, Everybody knows he needs a new Vieira. Someone who wont be afraid to put his boot in. I’d recommend Yaya Toure. His brother was the only player who showed any spark during the 2nd half last night, so lets see that as an encouragment. I think we are fine in every way but Silvestre needs to settle, Gallas needs to go and Denilson needs to grow some balls and put in a tackle. 1 More heavy in the middle and we will be back on target.

    The most worrying situation is upfront in my opinion. Adebayor is our 30 goal a season man, but if he is out who have we got??? Bendtner isnt good enough and Vela needs more minutes on the field. We needs another 20 goal a season like RVP

  • sol

    we need to force wenger to buy players join this group and lets see what we can do


  • tef1on

    I doubt Wenger looks at Facebook, and if he does i very much doubt he would take notice and action from seeing a Facebook group

  • Pat Rice

    Arsene and I have looked at the Facebook group and we would like to thank you for your continued support. In fact, we are in talks with one of the group members from Atheltico Zeegrooo for a a very promising 6 year old who could be the next big thing. He has scored 77 goals in the under 9’s Spanish league this season, he is exactly what we are looking for. We are on course to win a trophy a by the year 2015 with our current squad.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Pat Rice

  • Arsene Wenger

    I went on Facebook but I didn’t see it


  • Martyn

    Its hard to say as a Spurs fan but I think Wenger is a very good manager. He has bought some fantastic players in the past, young and experienced but I think he has started to believe his own hype “Arsene Wenger unearths young talent and makes them world beaters!”. I think they are at least 5 or 6 players short of being a great team. He gets the best out of them but as a squad there is not enough depth or talent. They do have some world class players – Fab, Toure, Sagna but I wouldn’t go further than that. And actually, if I was to take over a premier league club, outside the big 3, as a manager, on the basis of the squad alone, I would take Villa, as the young players there (Young, Agbonlahor, Gardner, Osbourne etc.) and teh experienced ones (Barry, Laursen, Sidwell) in my opinion, show more promise. I think Wenger needed to buy big this summer to win the league or indeed any trophy.

  • Peter Pickles

    Arsenal’s Problem

    Arsene Wenger is still on a dial-up connection.
    He’s like that guy who will NOT get broadband, just straight out reFUSES to upgrade, claiming that it’s not worth the extra cost. He will then resolutely, stubbornly stay at his screen, whilst everyone is out somewhere doing something important, as he watches his porno picture download slice by slice until his connection gets severed right before the good stuff.
    Wenger claims Arsenal are a great team; meaning they WILL be a great team—once the picture downloads. Except by the time it does, he will be greeted with a TIME-OUT message and will have to reload the server. In five years, all the players he has honed thus far will be gone beFORE their collective potential is realised. They will go time-out, and he’ll have to buy more players again, load that picture piece by piece on the slowest connection ever.
    So whilst Ferguson’s spending twenty million on Berbatov and trying to win the premiership, getting his porn SLAM on his screen, Wenger is still in front of that desktop with his old man principles, looking at the top of some boob, HOping, PRAYing that the connection will stay strong.
    He needs to switch his brick mobile for a brand new Nokia, switch his dial up for a broadband, and get with the times. He needs to stop watching Cary Grant films and notice that everyone else is watching Will Smith or Denzel Washington or Jessica Alba, and that no matter how much he lauds the greatest of these films, they will NEVER be relevant again. He’s like an annoying idealistic vegetarian/vegan/hippy who believes in the fundamentals, looking at the big picture, but not the actual big picture: the premier league is run by money; most footballers are also run by money; and his ‘amazing’ players are—or will eventually be—run by money. They will leave, the team will split, and no matter how many times Wenger starts it back up from square one, they’ll all end up in Barcelona or somewhere with more money and more trophies. And Wenger will still be at square one, walking in circles.
    Ergo, until Arsene Wenger upgrades to broadband like every other manager, Arsenal will always be languishing on the corners of greatness, HOping, PRAYing that the connection won’t die.
    But it probably will…

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    bloody bloody intranet will never catch on, and those bleeding comppoters, waste of space.

  • Lurchio

    i dont think tomorrow will be quite that easy for United….The arse always raise their game against us and i think it will be a tough and physical game as always…..i am keeping my fingers crossed for a narrow win, but hoping for another of those fantastic 6-2 performances…

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    i was there when United beat us 6-2 at Highbury. What a game that was! We only lost 3 games all season, that was a total shock. We went 2-0 down, pulled it back to 3-2 then Lee Sharpe went on over drive and did that really annoying dance by the corner flag.

    We need to play Diaby behind Bentnar, he was superb in the Champions in Turkey and he gives us a presence.

    I’d take a 1-1. Defeat would hurt us even more then it would United.

  • Brian H

    this will be the day that Wenger throws a shoe and pizza at Cesc Fabregas, he will then put in a transfer request and move to Barca in the transfer window.

    I think this could be D day for Arshole Wenger and his kids as United will win 4-1.

  • dexylongshot

    The’ll bounce back, Eduardo is around the corner and he was quality. His goals & assists to minutes on pitch make good reading. Now the whinger just needs to get a new defence.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    my only concern would be Eduardo may never be the same player, he was quality, like a Rooney with pace, he was just starting to fit in until he got injured.

    We are going to sign Billy Manpootoo, a brilliant African defender from Senegal, he’s 3 but meant to have a great future

  • tef1on

    Its the same old story though… Dont worry injured players will be fit soon!

    Its not good enough, we need depth… and when i say depth i mean players who are not afraid to throw a wreckless tackle in

  • Stevie

    Wenger & Adebayor say they wouldn’t swap our squad for anyone, I mean come on, are you telling me you wouldn’t want a Ferdinand or a Vidic in that side. What about Ronaldo & Rooney?

    We are fighting the media at the moment and are doing pretty well, however, lose this game and there will be talk of a crisis. I trust Wenger but sometimes I do think he is stuck on dial up as Pickles says. Great repsonce by the way.

    Wenger said in his interview yesterday that he probably won’t buy in Jan, I really hope this isn’t true…

  • Darren

    in the face of adversity its time stand up!!

  • Darren

    what a game!! What a performance, Nasri was class!!

    A great win, we MUST keep that intensity up and Diaby MUST start more games.

  • Tom

    Get in, take that and party Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams watching in the crowd!!

    Told ya its not all dome and gloom!!

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