What’s the fuss? Man United have over achieved this season

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Call me a cynic, but was I the only one who cheered when Arjen Robben volleyed home that sensational away goal clincher for Bayern Munich last night?

In a London pub packed full of so called United fans, it got me thinking, how many of those fans have actually been to Old Trafford?

It’s not that I don’t like United, I actually have a lot of respect for what they have achieved over the last 15 years. I’ve even met Sir Aex Ferguson and shook his hand with the upmost of admiration.

But that’s where the admiration ends; risking Wayne Rooney was a stupendous decision and one that backfired badly. The repercussions for both United and England could be severe.

As The Red Devils crashed to their third successive defeat it also got me thinking what Sir Alex really thinks of his £30m front man. With Rooney less than 50% fit, and United desperately needing a goal, Dimitar Berbatov wasn’t introduced until the 80th minute.

I actually believe that United have over achieved this season. Their squad lacks genuine creativity not to mention a back-up striker for when Rooney is not playing.

I think we’ll see a lot of changes at Old Trafford next season including the possible signing of David Villa and maybe a creative midfielder in the Steven Gerrard mould, now there’s a thought…

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  • Darren

    spot on, couldn’t agree more! I’ve been saying that since they fluked that 2-1 victory over Arsenal way back in the season.

    Their luck has ran out.

    The Mickey Cup is all they’ll win this year

  • elvido

    We could make do with just the one trophy this year, apart from the small matter of the league! I do agree that we have over achieved this year, but I think we have a good squad which ironed out a lot of injuries to our defense. The Rooney injury was waiting to happen and i think most fans agree that Berba is a fantastic footballer but does not have a place in the system and the team that we have. The squad may require a couple of tweaks at the most. I am very confident that we will do much better next season, after all we are over achievers!

  • dexylongshot

    I said at the start of the season, the Mancs would not be the force of the last 2 years and without Ronny would be missing something. Bang on, Rooney has stepped up yes but the replacements in Valencia and Nani for the wing spot are simply not good enough over the whole season. Fergie fkd up with Berba, i’ve never been a fan of the lazy Bulgy, his flair and undoubted skill is only seen in glimpses which isn’t good enough and definitely does’nt justify the price tag. I was in the pub uptown last night and the plastic red brigade were even moaning about Fergies decision to keep Rooney on for that long limping about like Biggy Smalls with the 30 million bulgy sulking on the sidelines. It’s been a bad week for English teams in Europe but maybe the early departure of the big boys at least gives Fabios Lions a few weeks extra rest before South Africa.

  • Matt Quinn

    Very poor squad for United this year and Ferguson has to take a lot of the blame.

    A midfield trio of Carrick, Fletcher and Gibson is hilariously average for a team who appeared to think the European cup was within their reach. I think they did well to get to the quarters. Also, Rooney shouldnt have been anywhere near the pitch last night. United effectively played with 10 men long before Rafael had been sent off.

    I believe Ferguson could be the most overrated manager in British history. He was blessed with the young crop of Beckham, Giggs, Neville (x2), Scholes, Butt et al… i could have won the league with that lot. Then he consistently spends £30m on new signings, very rarely uncovering hidden gems… and he still manages to make poor purchases on a surprisingly consistent basis…. Berbatov, Forlan, Veron, Nani (possibly), Anderson, Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, about 7 goalkeepers (showing that picking up Schmeichel was a lucky break) etc…

    He also is a terrible loser. His “typical German” line last night was both misplaced and wrong. Rafael entirely deserved to be sent off. Two of the clearest bookings you are likely to see. Rafael reminds me of Mascherano— in that both seem to have rocks for brains. Secondly, it was the United teams under Fergie who really started the trend of crowding around referees.

    Which makes me glad that United are out. As a neutral watching the game last night- i couldnt care less that United are an English club. I dont support them and like to watch good football and exciting players. While Bayern are fairly average themselves, i would prefer to see them progress so i get to watch more of Robben and Ribery. United only have Rooney who i enjoy watching… and that over-reliance on one player is Fergie’s fault and United’s downfall this season.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Talk Sport and Sky were gutted!

  • Mike Somerville

    A long long time ago I was a deluded Utd fan like the rest of them. I mouthed off to my classmates when Utd won (again.) Looking back- it fills me with cringing embarrassment!

    Finally went to Old Trafford to support the Fulham and OT is a big disappointment! No passion with their fans- most are there on a day trip and they never ever sing!

  • William

    A midfield trio of Fletcher, Carrick and Gibson didn’t stop United from racing into a 3-goal lead. All three are internationals. Fletcher’s tenacity makes him the closest the club have ever got to replacing Keane, Carrick was lauded by England fans for his performance against Egypt only last month (although he was poor last night, I admit), and Gibson’s long range shooting was in evidence again within the first few minutes. While some might scoff at this, I rather admire United for being the only “Big Four” club to give British players a chance in the team. Rafael deserved his second yellow, of course, but if he hadn’t have shown his inexperience by pulling back Ribery then, with eleven men on the pitch, United would have progressed last night and we’d all be talking about those sensational first 10 minutes.

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