When is Wayne Rooney going to grow up?

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Yes, it is the same thing – almost the same thing – happening again. It’s Wayne Rooney acting all ridiculous with another unreasonable gesture. He was considered to be the reason why England lost out in the World Cup back in 2006. Don’t forget his childish gestures and moping around when England lost out to Germany in the World Cup last year. Yet again, we find Rooney in the same position for committing another silly deed. This time, it appears that the 25-year-old had swiped James McCarthy from Wigan Athletic on the back of his head with an elbow after the midfielder had apparently set to block the Manchester United striker’s run.

During the match played out between Manchester United and Wigan Athletic, a seemingly-desperate Rooney spread out his arms pleading his innocence to the referee Mark Clattenburg. It seems to have paid off now since the Manchester United player will face no disciplinary action for the incident on Saturday.

To me, it almost felt like watching a match back at a primary school where one of the kids feels he just has to make one of those childish remarks in order to get his own back. But this is a professional match with skilled and trained players. If only that description could be fit like a glove for Rooney.

The obvious thing is that football, other than being a sport, is a professional occupation. Like every other career field, it needs professional individuals to uphold that reputation. Surely, football could benefit from players better than Rooney. Players that do not throw out childish gestures now and then and stop moping around just because things didn’t turn out the way one had hoped for. I mean, take a long at Sunday’s match between Arsenal and Birmingham City. It was a fine match and a fine victory deserved by the Blues but left Arsenal reeling in shock from the defeat. Surely, we didn’t see Jack Wilshere swiping someone’s head with his elbow or skulking like a nine-year-old.

A person thinking with the right mind wouldn’t jumble their emotions with their professionalism. One ought to control the feelings and go ahead with the game and give it their best shot. England needs players who can do all three of the above. Isn’t it time that Rooney got his act up together and actually behave like a professional layer? The sort that Manchester United needs.

So, then again, Rooney is off the hook. Maybe next time, things might be different for the young striker. There’ll definitely be a next time.

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