When will the taboo be broken?

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Monday, November 15th, 2010

While watching the weekly football on Match of the Day (where else would I be on a Saturday night!) it got me thinking against better judgement that life as a footballer may not be all easy. There is an image that is projected by footballers to be a certain way, almost as if you have to be in the newspapers with a girl to be the norm. However, there is a hidden taboo that I am sure is being withheld by many footballers and that is that they might be gay. I say it is a hidden taboo as no-one mentions it or even refers to it and rumours have dried up.

With the vast number of footballers and that on average one in three men are gay- this stat would indicate that there are many footballers in this situation. Obviously, this does not stop them from being good footballers but I am sure it would lead to a lot of stick from fans and chants and may even affect relationships with teammates and management. This is why it is not mentioned, however, football fans who themselves are projected in a certain way; being loud and a middle aged man; is pre-historic. Views of fans will not change until more footballers feel they are able to be allowed to be and accepted for who they are.

Football and its culture is surrounded with a ‘lads’ image who are very manly and have girls so I can only imagine how a footballer that is not conforming may be treated and may feel.

If your favourite player ‘came out’ would it affect your opinion of them?

If a high profile footballer came out I can only imagine the media attention and rumours that would generate- forget Wayne Rooney and his antics with prostitutes!

As fans of football I think we are guilty of forgetting that footballers are humans and have their own private lives and concerns. This is due to the money they earn and how fans perceive they have the best job in the world but maybe some footballers would say money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Until a new age of footballers come out we aren’t sure how people will react.

With the increasing appeal for members of the public to sell their stories with ‘chequebook journalism’ then surely it is only a matter of time before someone sells their story- who knows the injunctions currently in place maybe protect ting someone? When the News of the World had pictures of a ‘gay’ Premier League player- the furore this created and the chants at the suspected players was ridiculous!

I would like to think that times have changed and society has become more acceptable but for everyone who accepts there will be two or three who really won’t. Until something happens we wont know but surely it can only be a matter of time…….

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