Where are the in ‘Wenger we trust’ idiots now?

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

I wrote this blog back in 2013, its amazing how nothing has changed since. Ok, so we did eventually sign a few so called world class players and won two FA Cups. But the same issues are still here for everyone except Wenger to see. You could put Messi, Kompany & Pogba in that side and they would still be the same old Arsenal under Wenger.

One game into the season and Arsenal are in a serious crisis. After the embarrassing home defeat to an average Aston Villa side, the Gunners have somehow managed to pick up another 5 injuries to add to the ever-growing list. This, of course is a complete disaster with Wednesdays Champions League 1st leg in Turkey to look forward to. Fenerbahce are no mugs and this is hardly the place to be debuting kids.

27 players left the Emirates this summer with only 1 coming in. It’s been a complete shambles with the manager and the board becoming more deluded as each day passes. How can you go into a season with 1 recognized striker, 2 fit centre backs and 2 hapless keepers?

If I was on the Arsenal board I would be demanding player signings NOW. And I literally mean NOW. I’d be on the phone to all the clubs who have bullied us in recent years and wouldn’t get off and until a deal was made. But that’s not the Arsenal way. So what is? Because since David Dein left the club has seriously lost it’s mojo.

What this proves is the board have no interest in winning trophies. With money coming in from players sales they can once again pay themselves huge bonuses for running a very profitable brand. Throw in a successful Asian tour to boot, and their vision for the brand (off the pitch) is way ahead of schedule. Let me just remind you Stanley Kroenke, this is not the US and A, we have more than one trophy to play for. Our fans follow the club all over Europe (paying higher tickets prices than everyone else). This is not about popcorn, fizzy drinks and TV advertising. This is football, and football in England comes from the heart. You are ripping us to pieces with your incompetence.



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  • jerry

    this is just the beginning

  • ron

    last year people like you wanted shite players gone and now youre still moaning.
    one game and its a crisis, god help us if you call yourself a supporter.
    get a backbone you arsehole
    gobshite bloggers create the stories.. id love wenger to sue one of you liars for all you have

  • Dave

    Well said mate, a true supporters verdict!

  • crispen

    Another one of these predictable “the sky is falling” “the sky is falling” …What a bunch of Hogwash. and AW indeed knows. how many games left in the season by the way….

  • Michael

    Im right here…

  • Tappy

    You’ve upset the AKBs…! Ron, we wanted the deadwood gone BUT REPLACED! Surely you can see this? It’s run it’s course, you and all the other AKBs are scared of change

  • Philip

    Well said! Jeff Stirling listed all 27 on sky yesterday. 30m on wages saved. Plus money we made from Gerviniho sale that’s more money coming in.

    Sorry guys, but the author of this blog is spot on. The rest of you are fine with us challenging for 4th every year, I’m not. This is Arsensl FC in case you forgot

  • ive

    You really are a fool. We lost and like every one I am fed up. But I more fed up with the supporters like you . We are the worst supporters in the country , we go to the match and bring nothing but tension with us . I am not surprise the players cant perform .Imagine going to work in that atmosphere would you be able to function at your best of course not. Another thing what right has suppoters got to boo when they cant even make enough noise to support the team. Funny how they are able to make a lot of noise to boo but sit silently at other times . Hell they make more noise at the white shite lane , what does that say about us !!!

  • http://sackWengersackgazidissimples Phil barnard

    For gods sake Wenger just go you are a fool

  • Kris

    As much as I agree with the point made, I disagree completely with morons like you aiming your aggression at other Arsenal fans!

    How can you be so angry about our fans supporting our manager no matter what!? especially after all he has done!

    And sorry if this sounds stupid but why is it Wengers fault? we all know of targets that the club have missed out on but after Wenger has told the board “these are the players I want” its up to them to bring the players in!

    Wenger is suffering due to the fact that he is too kind to out the board for being useless overpaid and underworked fat cats!

  • William

    There are problems in the team from the gk to the striker and yet nothing has been done. Don’t be surprised the fm decides to get players at 1159pm on tw eve. If he can’t get any decent players,he shd go asap. Enough is enough.
    He is holding Arsenal back with his tactics and beautiful game. Lambert went direct and reaped the dividends.

  • haider

    u don’t have even players to fill the gap for those who injured Mr. Wenger … how on earth you’re going to play…you’re the one who is to point a finger at, you’re sleeping in a green lush no one knows what you are up to: you had spend a lot of time analyzing the players & others come & swallows them. you had a hard job in pre season :thinking that: no one would get injured no red card or yellow would be dished out , millions of Arsenal fans & TV pundits saw it coming but not you? i conclude by saying : too much knowledge & shrewdness by le proff dealt a huge embarrassment..

  • Philip

    By all means get rid of the dead wood, but please replace them with class players. That’s the way it works.

    Wenger WAS once great, but he has proved he is passed his sell date years ago. So we had a great run to rescue our season, so add to the squad with quality , build on that momentum, don’t procrastinate, which is exactly what we’ve have done for years.

    We are not stipud and we know its only one game, but it really time for change. New manager, new tactics, new players

  • mark

    If Wenger had any love for our Great club he would have walked away 5years ago he has taken us backwards and should have made way for a younger manager (Bergkamp) perhaps!.WENGER OUT NOW…….

  • Malaysian gunner

    Wenger doesn’t see his own flaws. Arsenal are outpassing most teams but can’t beat them. His record against the top 3 is pathetic and disastrous against the red faced.
    Tactically he has been found out but has refused to change.This is indeed a calamity for Arsenal.
    I am not satisfied with the Polish gk. His errors could come back to haunt Wenger if he is not replaced and replaced soon.If you have watched th e videos of past season’s games,the gunner s indulge in an orgy of passing in front of a packed defence even Houdini would find tough to break thru.
    The next couple of weeks will surely reveal where the gunners are heading.So don’t be surprised the fm will be axed after ten games or by mid season if results go aagainst him.

  • http://Newsnow Barex

    Haha. I couldnt stop laughing yesterday when we lost to aston villa side. Indeed money is the root of all evil. Arsene is generally a laughing stock, so he makes sure that gooners and players goes down the tunnel with him. No usmanov, no trophies. No david dein,no trophies. No wenger and the current money driven shit board, more trophies to come. Get out u deluded board and managers of Afc. Pleeaasssse!!

  • http://www.oldtraffordfaithful.com Jordan Street

    Ozil is a huge signing for Arsenal.

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