Which Manchester City Players Would Get Into an All-Manchester Team?

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Since the arrival of their bottomless pit of money, Manchester City have spent vast sums of money to build a side capable of taking on Europe’s best. Extortionate wages have been offered to some of the world’s best players, and even those average players who have joined City have enjoyed lucrative pay rises.

Their goal is to emulate the nineties and noughties success of their near neighbours Manchester United, and they took the first step on this road by winning the FA Cup this year, their first trophy in 35 years. United, meanwhile, romped to a 19th title despite not being, according to many observers, at their best.

City have already spent big on Gael Clichy, and are almost guaranteed to break the bank again. However, of the current Manchester City squad, how many would make a combined Manchester XI?

An argument could certainly be made for Joe Hart’s inclusion. Although there was no way he would ever be named ahead of the neo-legendary Edwin van der Sar, his retirement paves the way for a battle between Hart and David de Gea. Whilst Hart currently gets the nod thanks to his status as England’s first choice and greater Premiership experience, de Gea could easily trump him in the coming season if he settles well.

It’s difficult to look beyond a central defence of Nemanja Vidic and Vincent Kompany. Both were their team’s outstanding player last season, with Kompany emerging almost from the shadows to fulfil the potential he has long shown. Rio Ferdinand is injured too much, and Kolo Toure wouldn’t have been included even if he hadn’t been banned for substance abuse.

The full-back positions are debatable. Whilst Partice Evra would normally have been an absolute stick-on for the role, last season was not his best, which could allow cult favourite Pablo Zabaleta to sneak into the side. Evra just shades it on the left, but there’s room for Pablo at right-back, given the inconsistency in selection at both clubs this season.

The midfield has often been highlighted as Manchester United’s weak-spot last season, and as such there can be few arguments against the inclusion of Yaya Toure in the centre. However, the functional De Jong and limited Barry and Milner pose no threat to the hugely underrated Michael Carrick for the other spot. Nani on the left is a given, but Antonio Valencia is unlucky to miss out to the outstanding David Silva. The wingers can switch, which is a bonus.

Up front, the disruptive Carlos Tevez is the only City player in with a shout, with Rooney, Berbatov and the sensational Javier Hernandez from United. With Rooney’s troubles behind him, he’s a must-pick, and Hernandez’s unbelievable first season should get him the nod ahead of the selfish and moody Tevez.

So, with five players from City and six from United, it’s all to play for in this transfer window. How will the balance of power shift before September 1st?

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  • rodders

    What a crock of shit. 7 mil for clichy is hardly breaking the bank. I think you’ll find it hard to get anyone, red or blue, to say carrick is anywhere near as good as de jong.

  • anthony

    Hahahahaha, Carrick over De Jong, Hernandez over Tevez!!! Have you never watched a game of football or are you on smack? Carricks garbage, as most Utd fans i know are quick to agree and Tevez has scored more goals than anyone in the last 2 years so to include Hernandez (looks a great player but has more to prove) is ridiculous!! Also if it was to go off last couple of seasons form then Van Der Sar over Hart isnt the obvious decision you make it to be, although Hart over De Gea is probably the easiest decision of the lot to be honest!! F***in clueless pal!

  • HeavyRiffs

    Hernandez over Tevez and Carrick over anyone, laughable really…

  • http://thisisourcitymanchester.blogspot.com/ CiTyBlUe

    Joe Hart, Nigel Dejong, Vincent Kompany, David Silva, Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli, Michael Johnson, Harry Bunn, Micah Richards, Abdul Razak, Pablo Zabaleta, Edin Dzeko are all better players than Uniteds lot, time will prove that.

  • Paul

    for a start..Hart..richards kompany vidic clichy..silva toure de jong nani..rooney tevez… thats 7 city and 4 united..as for carrick in front of De Jong..do me a favour even united fans dont like him!!!!

  • http://thisisourcitymanchester.blogspot.com/ CiTyBlUe

    thats not even including the new players that will arrive in this transfer window.

  • Daz

    Question should be how many Utd players would get in an All-Manchester team.

  • http://thisisourcitymanchester.blogspot.com/ CiTyBlUe

    Forgot Adam Johnson

  • mick travis

    This clapped out old banger is wheeled out at least four times a season by wannabe journos. Who cares?
    But Carrick over DeJong? You cannot be serious.

  • Jack

    All the players playing in Manchester already play for City.

  • http://www.fivecantonas.com Red Ben

    Some of the names you lot have left are insane. ABDUL RAZZAK? Clichy over Evra?! Hart over De Gea isn’t a straightforward selection whatsoever, you’re just showing your own ignorance there anthony.

    Perhaps my favourite thing is all of you lot suggesting Tevez should be in there instead of Hernandez like it’s some sort of given. Tevez is disruptive, arrogant and, when you remove penalties (which Hernandez doesn’t take), Tevez only has one more goal from many more minutes on the pitch.

    Typical of you lot to get equal billing yet want more, like it’s some sort of god-given right.

  • mancity

    the author is a stupid guy who never watched a game!!! joe hart is far better than van der sar thats why he got the golden gloves and degea will never be as good as hart !! second of all zabaleta was better than evra this season even in his secondary position.. dejong is some way of better than carrick .. from the united squad only 3 players can make it and its nani rooney vidic

  • anthony

    Red Ben, Hart already has 3 or 4 years of experience behind him, is already an established international and has already been voted by his fellow players as goalkeeper of the year and was in the PFA team of the year a couple of seasons back!! Yet you view it as ignorance to suggest he deserves the nod over a rookie with a reputation for conceding most goals from outside the box in the spanish league? De Gea may go on to become one of the worlds best keepers, maybe even THE best, but he’s got all that to prove yet!! If i was to make my all-manchester team I wouldnt be completely biased and choose a City XI (despite what you may think), it would be about even. But Hart is one of City’s certaintys, there’s no doubt about that.

  • Tommy Stoten

    Hmmm. Instinctively ill go with the following:

    Rafael, Vidic, Kompany, Clichy.
    Young, De Jong, Fletcher.
    Tevez, Hernandez, Rooney.

    Bench warmers:

    De Gea, Jones, Evra, Y.Toure, Milner, Johnson, Nani, Berbatov, Balotelli

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