Which of the “W”s will avoid the drop?

by Dave Redden

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

In the sporting world a W usually indicates a win, a victory. In this article it is the basis of those teams hovering around the relegation trapdoor in the Premier League: West Ham United, Wigan Athletic, Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion. Aside from a very lacklustre Aston Villa these are the teams staring the drop in the face.

West Ham had a decent Christmas break after their offer to Avram Grant to essentially “win a few or pack your bags”. The thing now is that ruse has been used, what else do they have up their sleeves to motivate the Happy Israeli and his troops? Scott Parker is a class player but he doesn’t have much help around him. Carlton Cole’s best position is as a benchwarmer although he keeps getting chances because the rest of the Hammers’ strike force is AWOL. I can’t see this team avoiding the drop and even think they are probably joint-favourites to finish bottom of the league.

Wigan Athletic would be my local team should I still be living in the town in which I grew up. Nevertheless, I feel that if I were still there I would be travelling to Bolton to watch Premier League football next season. Wigan are very possibly the worst team in the league yet, somehow, they eke out a result every now and again. Roberto Martinez’s knowledge of the game is either very low or he cannot translate it to the players. After seeing him comment on the World Cup I fear it’s the former. My other joint-favourites to finish bottom.

So, who’s my third choice to bite the bullet? I would like that distinction to go to West Bromwich Albion. Roberto DiMatteo seems to be learning the job as the season goes along … and that won’t work in this league. His team are very workmanlike and results seem to show that they are hard to beat at The Hawthorns but they need results on the road to back those up. I can’t see too many more of those in their future. They’ll be playing in the second tier next season in my opinion.

Aston Villa are too good to go down. Sure, you’ve heard that with other teams and better teams than this year’s Villa have bit the dust but I just have this feeling that it will all click for the Villans pretty soon. Over at the Wolves Mick McCarthy is simply a hard nosed manager who is used to being in this position, unfortunately for him. I think his team’s work rate and his experience of the situation will pull the Golden Ones through to live another season.

So, to recap, my bottom five will be:
16th – Aston Villa
17th – Wolves
18th – West Brom
19th/20th – Wigan Athletic/West Ham United

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  • peter freeman

    No way will West brom go down, you will look a muppett at the end of the season

  • Andy

    As a Wolves fan i pray you have some kind of psychic powers, Wolves staying up and the s*!t from down the road plummeting back where they belong

  • Matt E

    I agree with Peter Freeman. U will look like an idiot at da end of da season. We just in a form slump.

  • Simon

    Andy number 2 is typical of the narrow minded jealous Wolves Fan. That is why everyone hates them !

  • Phil

    Hope your right Dave! Peter, West Brom won’t go down? Last month you were all booking European flights. Oh how things change!

  • Another Salisbury Wolf

    I said at the start of the season it would be (in no particular order), West Ham, Wigan, West Brom. The Baggies are in free fall and that’s the way they will continue. West Ham, well I can’t see it and as for Wigan, I agree with your comments unfortunately, as I quite like Wigan!!

  • Chis

    Who in f***s name is Dave Redden, is he another wannabe football pundit who quite clearly doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. We can all make wacky predictions and I’ll make a cast iron one now. Your gonna look like such an idiot when the final whistle blows at the end of this season. The fact that haven’t even mentioned Blackpool in your silly equation is proof enough that you know nothing… I’m not saying they will go down but what I am saying is they will not finish above 16th espeacially if they lose their talisman captain this week like I believe they will.

  • roman

    Interesting viewpoint given the extremely tight league where anyone from probably 11th could end up in the mix yet you only choose the current bottom 5. You also seem to have another agenda behind your comments on Wigan, maybe only ever seen the few weekly couple of minutes coverage & negative comments that match of the day give them? Its pretty much the annual garbage written about the club although you did forget to mention crowds & rugby. Time will tell but I think it will be wolves, blackpool & west brom

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @ Chris

    Since when did Blackpool begin with a W? Get over yourself mate, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and write articles if they wish.

    If you think you can do better then drop us a mail, we’d be delighted to have you onbaord

  • TasWolves

    Interesting read.
    I think Wigan have it in them to survive. Wolves have had a few bad games but they have put in some real good performances with bad endings and have thrown away over twelve points. Should be mid-table and if their luck changes over the remainder of the season they should be ok. I would be worried if I was a Baggie at the moment – need a win bad or they might start going into freefall. Personally I hope they stay up so we can have a derby next season as well. West Ham look stuffed. I doubt they can survive. Others like Birmingham, Fulham, and the Villa all need to sort it out or they are in trouble. I think Liverpool are safe but what a scalp it will be if they go down not to mention fantastic for the Championship. Personally I think only West Ham look certainties. They have showed nothing to demonstrate they can survive. All the others could improve form. Still plenty of the season to play though.

  • Chis

    @ Mysticl Mike .. Since when did Aston Villa begin with a “W” but he still found the time to include us in his somewhat deluded article

  • http://www.pbase.com/leighite/photoshoots Dave


    I don’t usually comment on my own articles as it looks like the writer may be stacking his own comments but in this case I will.

    You have given no solid response to the question “Which of the Ws will avoid the drop”. All you have done is attack the article and mention the fact that Blackpool may finish 16th or lower.

    Aston Villa was mentioned because they currently hold one of the drop positions and obviously must be considered in among the Ws vying for survival. I guess the article could also have been entitled “Which of the Black Country teams will avoid the drop?” but that would have included Villa, Birmingham and Wolves, two of which are currently outside of the drop zone.

    I just found it interesting that 80% of the bottom five teams’ names had a common factor and, when I sat down and looked at the fixtures, I felt that all of those staring relegation in the face happened to have W as their first letter. I’m sorry if your team happens to be included in those three I see as in imminent danger. My team was relegated two years ago after a torrid season but currently stand in the top half of the Premier League. I agree that Blackpool as well as almost anyone in the lower half could hit the skids and find themselves in trouble but that was not the question in the article’s title.

    You are more than entitled to your opinion but please don’t stoop to the level of name calling, it gives English football supporters a bad name. Among supporters, football is all about opinions and the banter is great and a welcome part of the sport.

    Good luck to your team, especially if they are one of those mentioned in the article.


  • johnwolf

    Simon (simple) why are we jelous of your shower of s***e, this the team that took 80+ years to win their 2nd………………………….championship and were it took us 9 months to take it off you, what have the crappies ever done in football except exist! you are the one thats jelous because you are and always will be in the shadows of the Wolves, s***e fans, all mouth,wind and p**s.

  • Superbobsdad

    What a pile of poo !
    The only wise observation from the writer is the W factor.
    Westbrom Blackpool villa all have much more in their lockers than currant form.
    West ham and the dingles sure to drop, the third team will be unlucky.

  • Wiganer

    Yes of course Wigan have the worst side.
    Alcaraz, Al-Habsi, McCarthy, Moses, Diame, N’Zogbia, Rodallega, Cleverley etc.

    Alacaraz best defender at the World Cup. Diame failed a medical at Barcelona and had a bid from Real Madrid. Moses and McCarthy, both turned 20 recently, heavily scouted by Barcelona etc. N’Zogbia, best left winger in the Premier League. Cleverley, expected to be a first teamer for Manchester United next season, according to Sir Alex Ferguson.

    So yeah, Wigan have the worst squad in the league, no talent whatsoever…..

    We have some of the best youngsters in European football.

    Wigans problem? The squads too young and inexperienced. Quality is there, as are performances, results aren’t.

    That’s the problem when a 24 year old N’Zogbia is seen as a veteran of the squad…..

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