Which result is more humiliating, 8-2 or a 6-1 home defeat to your rivals?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, October 24th, 2011

There’s no doubting Arsenal’s 8-2 thrashing at the hands of Man United was humiliating, all be it against an Arsenal B team, but getting beat 6-1 at home by your closest rivals is surely worse.

Both results were coming, but which is actually more embarrassing?

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  • http://www.ozsoccerexperience.com The Australian Soccer Experience

    How about – they are both incredibly embarrassing – both teams looked stupid.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    losing 2-1 at Spurs is worse

  • jackieemu

    For a side to lose 8-2 to the a side that gets beat 6-1…Arsenal will be beaten 27-1 by man city.

  • jj

    very funny Emu. I bet you support a rubbish team like Boro?

  • http://vitalfootball.co.uk CITYBOY1000

    Absolutely no doubt getting beaten by your rivals is the worst result. A real bare bottom spanking on prime-time television. I see the RSPCA have attended at Old Trafford to investigate reports of a sick swan. What’s the difference between Manure and a black cab ? A black cab only lets 5 in.

    Mrs. Fergie : Alex, wake up, its gone 7.
    Fergie : Uh, what ? Fuck me have they scored again ?

  • colinmilk

    jackieemu has valid points. boro beat city 8-1 a couple of years ago they must be able to beat manure and arsenal 42-0. Perfect logic.

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