Who do you hate more – Man Utd or Chelsea?

by Mystical Mike

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

So here we are again, Manchester United take on Chelsea for yet another title decider, how many have we had this season?

In a recent Premier League poll, only 37% of United’s fan base are actually from Manchester, compared to 83% for City. Combine that with Chelsea’s millions, erh, sorry billions, then you have two of the Leagues most hated sides.

With that in mind, who would you prefer to win the league?

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  • daveyboy

    stop talking absolute b###ks.only 37% of united fans from manchester! Im from manchester, my family are. my friends are.my work colegues are.and guess what. were all UNITED fans.its a myth created by the media and city fans have jumped on the bandwaggon.BELEIVE – manchester is red

  • jackieemu

    Most fans of both teams are shallow plastics and don’t have the individuality to support a proper team so go for the easy option…

    Hi what’s your name?…who do you support?…oh man united/chelsea…end of conversation.

  • block198

    daveyboy, I’m not sure how the fact that your family and work colleagues come from Manchester and support United disproves the statistic that 63% of Man Utd fans don’t live in Manchester. 100% of people in Manchester could support United and the stat could still be true. As it happens, even if it’s true, all it demonstrates is that United attract more fans from across the country and globe than City do.

  • Brian Taylor

    Hate is a strong word to use, it’s a game of football after all, stop fanning the flames editor.
    On a lighter note, when a team is successful , which Man Utd are, something City and their fans are not used too, as yet, the then the fan base becomes world wide as well as country wide as 76,000 plus fans every home game including mid week games is testament too, if fans wish to travel from outside Manchester from the London area the massive support from Ireland area and as far away as Malta then good luck to them we are very honored and proud to welcome them to our family at Old Trafford and have them support our great team, Manchester United. As we say at OT, PLAY BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL AND THEY WILL COME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE ….

  • matty

    @brian taylor
    thanks for your lovely comments..here in malta its a man utd family base with many man utd players and staff comin over the island and us as supporters manchester is our second home cause we come every year…come on utd…BELIEVE!!!

  • Jay

    So if united have say a 75 million strong fanbase (conservative estimate from Deloitte in ’05), then roughly 27 million of them are from Manchester. Pretty sure that’s not correct.

    These stats are pure garbage.

    United have an absolutely huge worldwide fanbase and without seeing birth certificates for all 75 million of them it’s pointless trying to say how many are from Manchester or not.

    It doesn’t even matter where they come from anyway…

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