Who is responsible for Arsenal’s summer of discontent in the transfer market?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

After a mixed pre season and a horrendously disappointing summer in the transfer market (as per usual) the Gunners now face a potential injury crisis before the season has even begun. And this is before tonights pointless internationals.

Many fans are speculating that the club will not be able to get through a tricky Champions League tie against Fenerbahce, let alone win a long-desired trophy.

The big question is? Has Arsene Wenger become even more stubborn? The lack of urgency to sign new players is very worrying indeed, (even if he has a few rabbits up his sleeve, players should have been brought in before the Asian Tour and Emirates Cup). Anyone can look at a player, in fact, that’s all he seems to do. The Gunners have been linked with over 100 players this summer and signed none.

I’m not quite sure what their transfer policy is. Who is in charge?  Why are none of these players ever signed? The Gonzalo Higuain debacle played out like a Carry on Movie. The S deal looks dead as the Uruguayan is doing a Wayne Rooney and holding out for a bumper pay rise before sealing a dream January move to a club with ambition, so not Arsenal. The latest news is the Gunners are now looking at Michu or Eden Dzeko. When that fails, do they go for Darren Bent?

If a team wins the league, you strengthen the team with 2 or 3 new additions. If a team struggles to finish in the top 4 you strengthen the team with 4 or 5 new additions.

Some serious changes are needed within the club, and not just on the pitch. We’ve been crying out for a new Patrick Viera for years, when in fact it’s a new David Dein the club needs.

After doing the stadium tour yesterday courtesy of Casino Choice it broke my heart to see how far we have fallen. The club is built for success with a beautiful stadium, class and history, but a board who have no interest in success on the pitch. We will rise again, but not under the current set up.


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  • http://Google slitttle

    Season tickets sold, that was main target!
    Query waiting list, whem my friend rang up last season he was answered with “how many do you want”!
    A good manager with efficient club dealer targets the possible and gets it done quickly before anyone knows. Wenger lists a hundred possibles that everybody hears aboutand there is no clever Arsenal official to tie up any of them,
    So we start the season with the same old team that has,nt one real leader or player to scare the opposition, playing boring keep ball.

  • http://sackWengersackgazidissimples Phil barnard

    Wenger out parasite

  • rellends

    the owner, the board and ultimately the manager. i notice the club is giving away digital memberships today. i don’t even want one even if it is free. if it goes tits up on saturday then i can see the stadium turning very toxic very quickly. utter fucking shambles.

  • Darren

    How many times. Its not the boards fault when Wenger decides none of these players we’ve been linked with are not better than hes own squad. ( in hes eyes ) Its not the boards fault he persists on playing people out of position. Bendtner, Podolski, Ramsey, Sagna. They are only the players who are still at the club and i can pick off the top of my head. The list could be longer than your post. Its not the boards fault we get knocked out of every competion in March/April for exactly the same reason as the previous season. Normally defensive frailties. Its also not the boards fault he comes out and defends the indefensible and embarrasses us as fans in interviews. “this squad is capable of challenging for the tittle” hahahaha Stop lying Arsene.

  • ste

    All Arsenal have done this transfer window is try to buy players they know they have no chance of buying its just a case of looking busy while doing nothing all smoke and mirrors. Or its just another tactic to sell season tickets the club is linked to every big name player on the planet but fails to pull off any deals

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @Phil – Absolutely. I wanted him out 3 years ago. We are stuck in Deja Vu land. He is past his sell by date and has been for years. Every player who leaves (RVP & Cesc) said they weren’t any tactics from him, which explains why we struggle to consistently struggle to beat the big boys.

    He should go upstairs but not get involved with transfers.

  • skins

    I believe Wenger has lost his bottle in the transfer market. Too frightened to spend big, should that player fail it would reflect badly on him. His way is to buy cheap and sell for a profit. We keep paying.

  • Wingman of Mayhem

    Someone, please remind deluded Wenger that Arsenal finished just ONE POINT ahead of Spurs last season. While Spurs is clearly building a much better squad this season, we’re becoming much weaker right now. WENGER OUT!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Arsenal linked with Higuain – Reports say will sign before weekend, 3 weeks later still plodding along, then ends.

    Arsenal linked with S – Will make mind up before weekend – 3 weeks later still plodding along, then ends

    Arsenal linked with Gustavo – Will make mind up before weekend – this is podding along nicely, then will end

    repeat process with every player we are linked with

  • http://Yahoomail Gabriel

    All those responsible are no any other person than wenger. The board over trust him. And this year will be a massive year for him. Arsenal will never smell top four with gilord and podosik. Hence they are only good to make noise. Tottenham is not making any noise and their is in a good shape.

  • OzGoonerGuy

    I can only think these transfer deals turn to custard due to sheer incompetence. If AW thought the squad was fine and bought no-one, you could understand it. But to say the squad is too thin and do nothing is just exasperating.

    It’s no wonder our best and ambitious players leave, and it will only get worse. Once we miss 4th, there will be a mass exodus. It’s not fair to our good players that management sits on a mountain of cash and doesn’t fill out the squad.

    We have a manager and club management that won’t do everything in their power to win. I compare this to Juventus, the other team I support. Excellent targets selected and acquired weeks ago. And they won Serie A last season. And they come out and say ‘winning is more important than being nice!’ An attitude missing from Arsenal for far too long.

  • Tomas

    Nothing is going to change until Arsenal as a business are hit where it hurts – revenues. No amounts of “Wenger out ” or “spend some fu….g money ” chants is going to affect the way this club is being run. For one, Wenger has been a subject of some of the worst derogatory language from the fans( regrettably so) over the years , so he is quite immune to advers publicity. For all his brilliance and business savy that anabled him to guide this club’s move to the new stadium, it’s his stubbornness and inability to adapt that stand in a way of improving Arsenal on the pitch. It’s not that he doesn’t want to win, of course he does, but he wants to do it his way and his way doesn’t work any more. There are no more valid excuses for not improving the squad, the infrastructure is in place and planty of funds have been available( read the Swiss Rumble article). An overpriced transfer market can’t be at fault for the richest cash club in England for not getting the right players to complement the already talented squad. The lack of vision and direction is staggering. One day Wenger bids 40 million for Suarez who isn’t for sale, and the next he’s holding trials for an unknown 27 year old . I’m afraid Platini might’ve been right when he said Wenger has become a business man and stopped being a manager . Well, I’m no manager but I know one thing for sure, you can’t play cash mr Wenger.

  • http://www.kreativtype.co.uk Terry Smith

    The first sensible article I’ve read since we became Emirates bound. I’ve long been an advocate that we lost our way in the transfer market long ago, in fact when David Dein was sacked around the time we won our last trophy. Your comment: ‘Some serious changes are needed within the club, and not just on the pitch. We’ve been crying out for a new Patrick Viera for years, when in fact it’s a new David Dein the club needs.’ was true seasons ago, I have quoted him as being our other ‘unsung Mr Arsenal’ and it’s only becoming evident now… Wenger should never have taken the board’s bribe and taken Dein’s job at all, it’s been a shambles of penny pinching and bargain hunting with Gazidis & Co happy with European footie. I think we don’t just need someone like David Dein, we actually need the man himself… His vision was to compete with the likes of the emerging Chelski, Sh*tty as well as Manure long before the other boardroom toffs. All else seems futile. If we want the likes of Viera, Fabregas, Bergkamp and Van Persie here again at Arsenal we need the man who’s influence can seal those deals, David Dein… He’s the man who brought our most successful period to Arsenal but in my view his job was never finished…

  • http://www.wamba.com Jack Wamba

    I feared 2013 was going to be another summer of transfer agony for Arsenal fans. But I didn’t imagine that it would turn out to be this diabolical and depressing. It is a horror tale of how Arsene Wenger, a dick-head of a manager has ganged up with rotting (hog) balls like Ivan Gazidis and others (hog balls) at Board level to completely sink Arsenal FC. Could Robin Van Persie have figured out the evil scheme of these leeches and took to his heels in time? With the signings Spurs have made, I wonder whether Wenger, the dick-head will celebrate “winning” the fourth spot, especially if they (Spurs) keep hold of Gareth Bale. To hell with these thick-skinned IDIOTS at Arsenal.

  • james

    i am a spurs fan (cue abuse). i understand your frustrations but i also think wenger does a fantastic job with the players he has. that squad had no right to come third and fourth in the last 2 seasons. maybe you should trust him. i know you want to be challenging for the title but be realistic, chelsea and man city have thrown fortunes at their squads and united have had the benefit of the greatest manager in history. it is clear to me that the stadium move has seriously compromised arsenal’s financial firepower and unless something changes it is going to be another fight for fourth between spurs, arsenal and liverpool

  • Philip

    We are into the season with 1 recognised striker, even if we signed another one 2 is bit enough to challenge on all fronts. Now there’s talk of Jenkkingdin going out on loan. Leaving us with 1 right back. Wenger gets more deluded every year

  • Iain

    Wenger’s at fault we have let half out squad leave from last year fair enough it was dead wood but the squad is thin mark my words early exit from the cups and a nice towards the end of the season to get us all excited , no chance with a title challenge or any other challenge the squad is at the bear bones yes we beat man city last week but that will be followed by a draw against villa Saturday , get some fucking bottle wenger Liverpool took 20 million hit on carrol and 15 hiton downing pay the going rate get the supporters dreaming !!!!!

  • Arun Dasgupta

    Wenger is not serious and has no ambition left for the team.He has a great partner in Gazdi. I wonder whether Arsenal can survive without their fans and followers. It’s time for the owners to do something otherwise we may become Liverpool of today.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    this is what it’s come to, just checked Newsnow and saw this heading ‘Arsenal given new hope in transfer pursuit’, foolishly I thought it was about S or even Gustavo, but no, it’s Julio Cesar, wow, we are so desperate for a new signing that anyone will do right now

  • OzGoonerGuy

    Well signing Cesar is such a no-brainer it should have been completed weeks ago. But this is the way Arsenal transfers work today, and why Cesar is viable for us. There are no other clubs bidding for him, he needs to move from QPR, but the deal is still likely to flounder because Wenger will only pay well below market. It seems the contract duration and wages are a stumbling block.

    This is typically where the deal will fall over for the want of 1m one way or the other. Yet it could be the difference between silverware or nothing. The knock-on benefits are worth a fortune to us. If this deal had been done earlier it may have swayed players like Bernard and Gustavo to sign for us.

  • http://www.wamba.com Jack Wamba

    The dark clouds and ‘gloom’ hanging over Arsenal FC at the start of the 2013/2014 season illustrates again how Arsene Wenger has completed his ‘mutation’ from a soccer Manager to a clueless Big Penis! In Ivan CEO Ivan Gazidis, Big Penis (Arsene Wenger) has found a Big Vagina to that will always ‘accommodate’ him. These two will ‘fuck’ each other and Arsenal fans (ever filling the Emirates Stadium) for eternity!!

  • Adam

    David Dein used to handle the player negotiations, on Arsene’s behalf.

    However, with Dein long gone, Arsene has nobody to fight his corner in the board room. Kroenke,Usmanov and Keswick are only interested in lining their pockets, and Hill-Wood seems to not give a toss anymore.

    Arsenal could become the new Nottingham Forest – good for years then drop down the leagues. Clough stayed too long with Forest, and Wenger has stayed too long at Arsenal.

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