Who is the bargain of the season?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Wheeling and dealing

Like most seasons recently, this Premiership season has been littered with many players coming and going. And like every season, there is always that one special player who was picked up by a club for a price so low that, by the end of the season, it was inconceivable that he was ever priced at that level.

So who are this years bargains of the season?

Hull managed to snap up a deal in Geovanni on a free transfer. His performances before Christmas were inspirational and helped Hull to a flying start to their Premiership campaign. However, recently he has experienced a dip in form which has led to Hull dropping all the way down to the relegation zone. Another Hull bargain came in the form of George Boateng, who only cost them £1m. Using his Premiership experience, he was also instrumental in guiding an inexperienced Hull side into the top 4 early in the season.

Newcastle have been pretty poor this season considering the talent that they have in their team (not unlike Tottenham). However, one player that has caught my eye is Jonas Gutierrez. Bought for £2.5m from Real Mallorca, He has been the only bright spark in an underachieving side. Hopefully Shearer will utilize him effectively and help Newcastle survive the drop.

This bring us nicely to the new kid on the block, Frederico Macheda. Signed from Lazio soon after his 16th birthday for a minimal amount, he is a recent graduate from the Manchester United reserve team. Having only played two 1st team games, he is the most inexperienced of the players mentioned here. However, his value cannot be underestimated. His arrival could not have come at a better time. Manchester United had been on a two game losing streak and their hold over the top spot of the Premiership looked to become over. In steps Macheda who, in his debut, scores a magnificently taken winner in injury time to secure victory. He repeated this feat again in his second game and is beginning to draw comparisons to United’s former super sub Solskjaer (who, incidentally is the reserve team coach).

Though it may be difficult to pinpoint one player as the bargain of the season, my choice would be Macheda (and it is not just because I am a United supporter). Earning little over £1,000, he definitely receives the least in terms of wages of all the contenders. Combined with his role in Manchester United’s recent results, they have been better with him than without. It remains to see how he (and indeed the others) fares in the remainder of the season before making a judgement, but if he continues to performance at his current level, then by the end of this season his value would have risen the most.

Others of note: Beatie, Schwarzer, Silvestre, Friedel.

Note: I realise that Marcheda was not purchased this season. However, he made his debut this season and was not brought through the youth system.

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  • stevie

    James Beatie all day long.

    Silvestre is the worse signing of the season, plus did we sign him last year?

  • Matt Quinn

    Seriously??? Macheda??? Honestly??? Is this a joke.

    Hes played 45mins, scored a very good goal, scored a lucky goal.

    He then played 90mins in the FA Cup semi’s and looked very poor, and out of his depth and lacking in any star quality. Compare him to peers of his age- ie. Rooney at Everton and he doesnt compare.

    If anything i would compare him to Neil Mellor. Scored a couple of belters for Liverpool and is now plying his trade in the championship. I expect Macheda to follow suit.

    This is typical Manc bias and blindness. Villa have Nathan Delfouneso who is younger than Macheda and has scored 4 in 7 games this year. I dont hear many mentions of him.

    Jack Rodwell at Everton looks a cracking player, as does Collison at West Ham. Macheda is merely a footnote of this season until he starts appearing regularly… and looking at his ability and the returning players for United, i doubt this will be soon.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I think what the author is clearly saying is that he may well prove to the bargain of the season, those 2 winning goals he scored could be the goals that win Man United the League. Instead of taking 6 points they would have taken 2 which would have put Liverpool in pole positions as they have a better goal difference.

    I think 3 of Fulhams back 4 have been sensational this season, Schwarzer Hangeland and Hughes have been great buys. The obvious one is James Beatie as he has given Stoke’s front line some quality. He scores important goals and sets goals up too…

  • Ash

    I agree that those two goals could very well determine where the Premier League will end up this season, but to call him THE bargain of the season is a bit much. His impact you could be legendry but I echo what’s already been said on the here that Fulham’s Hangeland and Schwarzer as well as James Beattie deserve those tags.

    And as for Gutierez, although theres no doubting his ability, how hard would it be to look good in that Newcastle midfield this season? Butt, Nolan and Barton arnt exactly the most ellegent of footballers to compare him too are they?

  • dexylongshot

    If we were doing this article at the half way stage, Zaki would be winning Egyptian handshakes down but he has vanished since December. Beattie has possibly kept Stoke away from a relegation battle, this could be the biggest bargain of all if you consider what could be at stake, 60 odd million if they went down.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Ashavin is a snip for 15m, especially when United paid 30m for Donkytov!

  • Dave

    Stephen Ireland has to be the bargain of the season for me. The impact he has had on Manchester City’s season is immense and he cost them nothing as he came through the farm system. Can’t get a bigger bargain than that!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    he was Man City last season, so he can’t be the bargain of the season. Quality player though, should be in the running for player of the season, he’s had more of an impact then Ryan Giggs has

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