Who is the best pundit?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Inspired by comments on the ‘Ramos Revolution’ blog, I decided it was fitting to have a blog on those big mouths, who don’t actually manage or play and don’t live or die by what results happen on the pitch.


Andy Gray

Don’t you dare take a bow, son! If I have to listen to you lick Alex Ferguson’s arse anymore, I think I’ll destroy my TV set. I don’t care that you’re both Scottish and have dined on Haggis and Scotch since infancy, I also don’t care that you had a decent playing career. Your punditry stinks and any team playing against Man Utd will ever get a positive analysis. Put your adult toys down and let someone with an ounce of a footballing brain do it. Even Gorilla man Keyesy could do a better job and he’s a Coventry fan!!


Alan Smith

Your P45 is waiting for you. Your miserable, monotone voice could be slightly bearable if you only had something decent to say from the gantry. Unfortunately, you have the voice persona of a knat and every week show a little more how little you know about the game you once played with such a deft touch – not! You can take Brian Marwood with you to the drop-in centre too


Alan Green

Alan Green – Stand up sir! You have opinions and are not afraid to use them, whether they are right or the ramblings of an inmate at the Priory. Your commentary is always entertaining and I for one always enjoy the most boring of games when you are commentating on it. Yep, even Bolton vs West ham.


Robbie Earle

Robbie Earle – Why oh why!! Comes across as nice guy, which I am sure is true and seems, genuinely, to love the game but a football pundit, he aint! Constantly flawed views on games and, again, doesn’t really have an inspiring tone about him. He seems to lack a bit of passion when it comes to the commentary side of his punditry.


Gary Linekar

Controversially I am a fan of his banter with Hansen. Now it maybe that Mr. Hansen is the reason for this but, although I admit, some of his cheesy one-line endings are cringable, I do quite enjoy his role as ‘chairman of MOTD’. He has opinions and is genuinely depressed when England lose but never seems to lambast individuals or criticize too much, which I think is a good attribute for his position.


Alan Hansen

Arise Sir Alan Of Hansen – Even when he’s blatently been on the razzle the night before, he is accurate in his assessment of a game. Obviously focusing on the defence, he seems to be spot on when it comes to analysing faults or good defending in post-match. Although, he never went in to management, it was his choice not because he wasn’t good enough, unlike Gray. Long may he continue his tenure at MOTD!

Well, I’ve done some, please feel free to add more or elaborate/agree/disagree on my opinions of these guys.




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  • Stevie

    Hansen all day long. Pace power technique! The man is smooth and knows his stuff. Gold medeal.

    Linekar. Had a personality injection which certainly did the job. Funny cheeky and a likable chap. Silver medal.

    Alan Green. Passionate, knows his stuff too. When BBC’s coverage of the Euro’s went down Alan Green commentary was far more entertaining then the planks at the BBC.

    Chief idiots: Jim Beglin, loves United, lick lick ars. Des Lynam, used to be king, is nothing with out Hansen and his team.

  • Parks numero uno

    I think Jamie Redknapp does a good job on Sky,especially when he puts Andy(hasnt got a clue)Gray in his place. He understands the modern game much better than Andy Gray.

    I really cant take Andy Gray seriously. He talks a load of guff!!!!!

    When Mascherano got sent off against United last season,Andy Gray said that he had every right to argue with the ref in the manner that he did.

  • dee

    R u having a laugh? Jamie Redknapp is to nice, way to positive, always sees the best every situation, even when England failed to score against Andorra in the the first half he said at least we were getting forward.

    He seems to be every game too!

  • Parks numero uno

    Its good to have a positive pundit, we all moan about our teams we dont need fat,overpaid has beens telling us that our teams are effing shite!!!!!

    Anything is better than Ian Wright!!!!

  • http://aloadofcobblers.blogspot.com Danny Brothers

    No-one beats Alan Green for radio commentary…you feel like you don’t really need to be at the game when you listen to him and that’s an art in itself. As the article said, he’s not afraid to give his opinion and he beats John “that’s Everton’s 4,053rd corner since 1993” Motson any day.

  • Parks numero uno

    am i the only one that is gald that motson has retired because all the stats etc….. was getting very boring. I think Ian Darke is a pretty good pundit/commentator

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Redknapp is a nice bloke but to nice. Graham Souness has the biggest ego, watching him Hoddle and Gullit together is hilarious, no chemistry what so ever.

    Motson has lost it to be honest. Long live Linekar!!

    And don’t Wrightie, he’s a legend!!

  • Matt Quinn

    Disagree about Hansen… all he does is list things. Pace, power, penetration. He has not said anything insightful for years. Gavin Peacock and Lee Dixon offer more knowledge than Al.

    Also, Alan Shearer has to be the most inane and dreadful pundit ever. He adds absolutely nothing of value and just spouts cliche after cliche. Why he is considered for top manager roles i will never know.

    Also, i disagree about Alan Smith. Think he has a fine dry wit and offers some insightful punditry while retaining the charm of the common man. Something Shearer has tried unsuccessfully to tap into.

    I also love Adrian Chiles who shows that you dont have to be an ex professional to comment on the game. If only more would take note.

  • Parks numero uno

    you cant beat Jimmy Hill!!!!

    What a legend!!!!

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  • Martyn

    Matt Quinn, with excepton of your paragraph about Shearer, which is spot on, the rest of your comments can only be tongue-in-cheek. firstly, dissing Hansen , then complementing Alan Smith, Lee Dixon and Gavin Peacock and then Adrian Chiles. Either a very deluded but loyal Woolwich fan or just no idea.

  • dexylongshot

    Lee Dixon better than Hansen???

    Dixon is so biased when talking about his beloved Man City, proper horse blinkers.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Lee Dixon is pretty good but he is not better than Hansen. Hansen is the best pundit by far, he’s dry wit works really well with Linerkars cheeky style, and even though Lawerson is negative and sarcastic as hell it really works when those 3 work together.

    Gazza was the best!

  • Matt Quinn

    No, i wasnt being sarcastic. I honestly prefer listening to Lee Dixon and Gavin Peacock as they offer more insight. I admit that their voices are rather monotonous tho and they suffer from a charisma bypass.

    I also honestly think Alan Smith is very dry and interesting to listen to. Im from Birmingham so his accent probably doesnt annoy me as much as others….but for me Smiths and Adrian Chiles accents are far better than any cockney, scouse or geordie voices we have to put up with.

    I just dont like Alan Hansen anymore. Gary Lineker is a smug love-rat and Shearer is awful. The whole BBC set-up needs a shake-up… i would only (controversially) keep Lawrenson.

    When you watch Soccer Saturday thats how you want punditry. Excellent anchor (Stelling), humour (Kammy), old pro’s stuck in the past (Marsh, McLintock), guys with something to say and arent afraid to say it (McInally, Nicholas etc)… similar to Ireland RTE and Alan Green on the radio really… some real opinions!!!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I can’t believe it’s this long for someone to mention Jeff Stilling. Now Jeff is a god, a very funny intelligent man with great insight, he’s also very likable, Le Tiss, Merson & co are compelling viewing, I’ve sat there for hours listening to their comments, it’s real banter, like an old school mens club.

    I’ve seen Richard Keys host a function and he was hilarious, really sharp witted, but the problem is Andy Grey tries to steal the show and won’t listen to anyone else except himself.

    Speaking of the BBC hasn’t Peacock left to become a Vicar?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    why isn’t someone like Gabriele Marcotti on the box? he’s knowledge is second to none, you name any player and he would have heard of him.

  • Matt Quinn

    I also forgot the God of Punditry….. Guillem Balague.

    A lovely man who i would like to cuddle.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    would you cuddle him more than Messi?

  • http://aloadofcobblers.blogspot.com Danny Brothers

    Shocking that I missed Stelling! He is the true king of Saturday afternoons now…there has never been anyone like him on the results programs…I do think if he given Match of the Day he would be different because his personality is suited to the madness of goals going in etc.

    On Saturday he aparantly brought out a singing James Brown dolls whenever the Hartlepool player James Brown scored!

  • Dan Church

    The James Brown doll was the stuff of legends. The look on McInallys face said it all, i was wetting myself as were the entire team in the studio, and made even better by the fact that Brown (the player) scored again the next minute….how sick of this are we going to be by may ???? not at all Jeff. Genius.

  • dexylongshot

    I commented on it at the time on another thread, the best show on TV…..after Katie & Peter.

  • Martyn

    Yeah Stelling rules. He is very loyal to Hartlepool and extremely funny. The banter in the studio is very good. And yes, Peacock has left to become a vicar in South America I believe.

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