Who is the most hated team in England?

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

No one likes us, we don’t care

After reading the comments on a recent blog I was inspired to re-write an article I had read in the Sun back in August.

The paper took out a national survey amongst football fans to see who is the most hated team in England.

The first team that sprang to mind was Millwall, I for one have been to the old Den in the early 90’s and believe me, it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. I’m talking about the days when ‘No one liked them, they didn’t care’. To hear 14,000 hard nuts singing whilst caged in the away end still sends shivers down my spine. It was the only game I’ve been to when I didn’t actually want my team to win. A 0-0 draw would have been fine, except Niall Quinn had other ideas as he popped up with a last minute goal to give us a 2-1 victory. The walk back to the station was absolutely terrifying; a Police escort was needed as we dodged bottles, bricks and threats from thousands of thugs who wanted our blood.

That was then and this is now. The game has dramatically changed, with much needed cash injections from TV companies and corporations alike. Men only no longer watch football, families, kids and women now follow their teams too. Firms no longer operate on the scale they did back then and terraces are a thing of the past.

With all the money in the game you’d actually think that Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea were the most hated team in England, or Manchester United with the jealousy over their worldwide fanbase, bulging trophy cabinet and “Winker” Cristiano Ronaldo.

Surprisingly enough it wasn’t Millwall or even a Premier League club that topped the poll, it was Leeds United who beat Man United into second, with Chelsea coming third.

The rest of the top 10 was made up of Wolves, Millwall, Burnley, Bolton, West Ham, Stoke and Scunthorpe.

The survey, which was commissioned by sales training company Sandler Training, left Leeds officials and fans — who believed they might have had some sympathy after recent events— in shock.

A Leeds spokesman said: “Everywhere we go everyone sings ‘You’re not famous any more’.

“I suppose this just shows that other teams haven’t forgotten about us. But we are surprised that the survey says we are the most hated.”

Football experts believe the club has been unable to get rid of the ‘Dirty Leeds’ tag that the team acquired in the Don Revie era of the 1970s because of their tough tackling and “win nasty” style.

Shaun Thomson, of Sandler Training, said fans look at Leeds and immediately think “they are arrogant and big-headed”.

He added: “To change the perception of other fans, Leeds must stop living up to the negative image that’s been created around the club and start doing things differently.

Times have changed indeed as you’ll be surprised to note that Arsenal or Spurs did not make the top 20, in fact, the Gunners were actually second to Morecombe in the fans favourite club poll.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Spurs with their white Reboks, ponytails, Chaz and Dave sing a longs are obviously the most the annoying.

    Scunthrope? Where’s Cardiff in that list?

  • Martyn

    I refer to Martin Tibbetts comment on the Marmite FC blog. You cant really hate a team, as the very nature of the word is too aggressive for a sensibel football fan but Martin’s comments on why he dislikes Woolwich are echoed 100%.

  • Andy

    It can be such a personal emotive subject, as a long life Posh fan (Peterborough Utd) my hatred didnt go any further than the A14 and C*mbridge, watching the premiership as a casual observer, it was more the managers Ferguson & Wenger who got me hoping that they lost, Fergie has calmed down quite a bit and at times albeit begrudgingly admit when his team were outplayed and fairly beaten, but Wenger …………. a whole different story, what he can and can’t see from the touchline defies belief sometimes.

  • Neil

    As a Walsall fan, I have to say, most Saturdays, I hate Walsall

  • Mark

    Got to be the scum of Franchise FC!

  • andyd

    I went to Fellowes Park for Walsall vs Newcastle in the 1975 FA Cup. As a young boy at the time, I also hated Walsall when they won 1-0 that day

  • MickeyQuinnstash

    the Geordie scum!

  • Stevie

    erh, didn’t Mickey Quinn play for Newcastle?

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