Who is the World’s worst diver?

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

What can be done?

After last week’s Champions League farce in which Didier Drogba and Cristano Rolando played a pivotal role in the final destination of the trophy, one can not hide from the fact that both players disgraced the game of football for different reasons, and despite the governing bodies effort to eliminate diving, it seems these two players are on a one man crusade to bring the ugliest side of football back into the game. What can be done and who is the worst culprit?

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  • Tef1on

    Are those stats real?

  • Patrick

    Really tough choice. They’re both physically big guys which makes it even more ridiculous when they go down so easily. I might have to go for Drogba just because Ronaldo, despite his diving, is better to watch.

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