Who will be this summer’s transfer box office hit?

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

As with most summers there a whole range of transfer rumours, ranging from barmy (Tranmere’s Dale Jennings to Bayern Munich….what? That actually happened?) to downright insane (Tevez to Corinthians – all this talk about running out of time to complete the deal is nonsense, there is no way they would have ever been able to afford him) and this got me thinking; just which rumour has the potential to develop into an outright summer box office hit, with all the twist and turns and last minute drama that any good blockbuster offers

There have of course been some crackers in the past– Robinho to Manchester City was amongst the most exciting transfer deadline buys back in 2008, while Tevez and Javier Mascherano to West Ham and Rafael Van Der Vaart and Dimitar Berbatov in and out of Spurs respectively had all the elements to make fans forget the frankly nonsensical Twitter guesses and “rumoured to be”, “apparently” and “linked to” articles in rags up and down the land for a moment as they basked in the drama the transfer window brings.

But are there any real sparks waiting to explode into fully-blown fires this summer as the new season looms on the horizon, or is Ashley Young to Manchester United about as good as it gets for this year?

Well, for starters Cesc Fabregas and Tevez have surely got to be struck off the list. For any real summer blockbuster to be just that there needs to be an element of surprise and these two have been rumbling on for too long already. Sure it would be big news should either man finally secure a move away from the Premier League, but where is the excitement of Brian Swanson camped outside a stadium having seen a Real Madrid player arriving at Stoke, for example?

No, for a real summer hit it needs to come out of left field, to make you question what you think you know about football, and frankly this pairs saga’s have gone on to leave all but fans of the clubs they represent interested.

Samir Nasri to either of the Manchester clubs is where things start to get interesting. Sure the element of surprise isn’t there but the “will he won’t he” move to a Premier League rival spices things up nicely, especially in the context of Arsene Wenger wrestling to stop the walls from caving in at the Emirates at such a crucial time in his career with Arsenal.

The tussle to persuade Nasri to stay with the club against the attraction of a club that can use the lure of trophies is stuff the transfer window is made of, but still there is one team who could explode the transfer window with a single signature on a cheque.

Manchester City. Just after the end of last season Harry Redknapp revealed he had spoken to someone inside the club and said they had a couple of names lined up that would “blow” the rest away.

A bottom-less pit of money? Check. No proper business done as yet? Check. An expectant fan base? Check. Champions League football waiting? Check. All paths lead to some pretty big business, and I for one can’t wait until the floodgates open.

That is yet to happen, but there is little chance the Abu Dhabi millions won’t be splashed this summer. The owners did allude to the fact they won’t be spending huge amounts like they did upon their arrival, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some good old fashioned last-minute transfer deals at Eastlands this time round.

Desperation (although there is still plenty of time to get some good business done) crossed with expectation is a lethal mix, and there could be some real fireworks from the north-west before the summer is over.

Sergio Augero, Alexis Sanchez, and even a money spinning move for Christiano Ronaldo (although those who get free bets never took this one seriously) have all been mentioned, and when it comes to City, it is certainly a case of expect the unexpected.

If you bet with paypal you will know that the Augero move is looking most likely at the moment, but even if that falls through, Manchester City are now box-office, and there activity this summer will reflect that. So sit back, relax and get ready to saviour some gossip, hear-say and hopefully some actual transfers. This one could be a belter.

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