Why are we booing our teams?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

A season of boo’s

West Ham were the latest team to come away from Stamford Bridge with something after yet another disappointing performance from Chelsea.
The Blues have already dropped 14 points at home, the same amount as the whole of last season.

3 wins, 4 draws & 2 defeats is hardly the form of champions, yet the 1-1 draw leaves Scolari’s Chelsea 2nd in the league, a point behind leaders Liverpool, who are hardly convincing at Anfield themselves.

Stamford Bridge was a fortress under Jose Mourinho and Avram Grant as Chelsea went unbeaten for 4 years, a run of 86 matches.

In stark contrast, Chelsea haven’t dropped a single point away from home, winning 11 conservative games including 8 in the Premier League, scoring 21 times and conceding a measly 1 goal in the process.

As the boo’s rang round The Bridge I found myself questioning the state of the game today. Is this a new phenomenon or has it always been with us?

Liverpool, Arsenal & West Ham respectively have all received the same treatment this season. Are we expecting too much from our teams? Do we expect them to win every game?

Chelsea are battling on all 4 fronts and are still favorites to win the league. So why are their fans booing?

Does this run much deeper, are we finally getting bored of the Premier League and what it stands for?

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  • Stevie

    yep, it’s all about money now, players are getting paid so much that fans do expect them to win every game.

    The big4 are not having it all their own way this season and the fans can’t handle it.

  • dexylongshot

    Oh boo hoo, poor old Chelsea didn’t secure another 3 points at The Bridge against the Irons, how the heart bleeds for them! They we’re lucky that Carlton Cryuff didn’t do better with that 1 on 1 in the dying moments! This gets right on my wick, all this booing, learn to accept that your team can be pony once in a while, i’ve been accepting for years.

  • Dan Church

    Well West Ham fans do kind of have to accept that fact Dexy….all teams have an off day, when Man Utd lost to AC Milan in both legs of the Champions League semi a couple of years ago, i was soooo frustrated cos it just felt like we didnt put the effort in or wasnt bothered about it, passing the ball along the back with 2 minutes to go. But you have to accept that you cant always play at a blistering pace and win every game 4-0. For the smaller teams, they have to take the scratchy 1-0 wins and look forwards to the occaisional 6-1 or 9-4 result to come their way..

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    This is the first season in ages that is actually competitive. Look at Fulham and Bolton, a few wins and you’re in the top 8. It’s great and much more exciting. Why should the so called big teams win everything, they eventually will but lets give everyone else hope.

    The reason why the fans are booing is as Stevie correctly points out, they can’t take it. They’ve had it their own way for so long, the top teams are dropping points left right and centre. Stoke, West Ham & Fulham have all gone to Anfield and got a point, not to mention Hull who were very unlucky not to win.

    I can’t understand why Chelsea were booing though,So what if they’ve lost 2 games out of 95, you should support your team, saying that it’s probably those glory fans who have only been going since 2005.

  • Jamie Farrier

    The Chelsea fans booed because their team had a golden chance to see their team go back to the top of the league, but they blew it. Or rather, West Ham were resolute enough to come to Stamford Bridge and earn themselves a draw.

    Let’s back up a bit and put this in to context. Leicester lead League One by two points and have a tricky fixture against Peterborough this Saturday, and there’s every chance that Posh (who are in the playoffs) can go to the Walkers and take a win*. Meanwhile, second-place Millwall are placed against bottom club Crewe. Would you blame the Millwall fans for booing their team if they missed the chance to go top, if they knew that Leicester had also dropped points? It’s entirely understandable.

    Different league, different clubs, similar situation. Just because it’s Chelsea it doesn’t mean the fans should be roasted for demanding the same graft and consistency from their team.

    *Apologies in advance to Danny Brothers for propagating a Peterborough victory.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Chelsea have won 11 away games on the spin, now that’s consistency!! I bet they have more points at this stage of the season then last.

    We forget that the players are actually human and not robots. Booing your own team is a disgrace!

  • Steve W

    I think a large reason why the players are being booed is because they have become detached from the fans.

    I read Stanley Mathews’ biography and how he used to travel to England games by train and was hauled over the coals for buying a scone and cup of tea and charging it to the FA!

    Whilst I accept we wouldn’t want to go back to those days I do think the players are so far removed from the fans. It’s not the money, I am all for people earning as much as they can and as entertainers they do have a high ‘demand’

    I think the reason the fans no longer like the players is because of their behaviour and frankly any team that ‘boasts’ of ‘men’ like Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and John Terry all examples of thoroughly unpleasant people are not likely to have the support once things dont go well.

  • tef1on

    “Why are we booing our teams?”

    Cause I’m paying £60 a ticket £4 a beer £3.50 for a stale hot dog, then there is the Mrs who’s ticket is also £60, her bottle of water £2 and her stale hot dog £3.50…

    So thats a total of £133 to watch absolute shite!!!

    £133 to watch Bendtner run to the corner flag every time he gets the ball, £133 to watch Eboue tackle his own player then pass to the other team, £133 to watch Gallas picking his nose while attackers run around him.

    If you paid £60 a ticket to watch Britney Spears and she came out wearing an 1800’s dress with no cleavage and then started to lip synk reading poetry… would you boo???

    I rest my case…

    I pay for my opinion

    Thats why i boo!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    If you are paid a hundred grand a week and consistently fail to beat the first man with a corner, miss gilt edged opportunities to score and generally pay poorly I think you can expect to be booed. I see no problem with fans booing, lets face it, in this day and age where the clubs and players see fans as a necessary hindrance to their plans, its the only way they can make themselves heard (other than not turning up, but see a previous blog as to why that will never happen)….

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    ‘people are fragile things you should know by now, be careful what you put them through”

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