Why Arsenal will win the Premier League next season

by Kenny Lomas

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Arsenal’s flame may have petered out somewhat in recent years, but Wenger’s boys-turned-men came awfully close this year to winning their first league title since 2004. They may not possess the same tenacity as Manchester United but they are as good as anyone in the league on their day, as we seen last Saturday with the victory over United that could help Chelsea retain their title.

That victory may help ease the sting of falling at the final hurdle, but the pressure on Arsene Wenger to deliver is still there. The stubborn Frenchman has stuck to his guns with this team, insisting that they will come good. However, the lack of experience at crucial times in the season has showed time and time again.

Sir Alex Ferguson on the other hand has had to rely heavily on Ryan Giggs and to a certain extent Paul Scholes, but it is these players that will give his side the edge when it comes to those all-important games. When United’s veterans do retire, there will be a host of experienced players in their place with the likes of Rooney, Evra and Vidic boasting a wealth of title winning experience.

Anyone who has watched the Gunners this year will tell you that they are in dire need of an experienced centre back and goal-keeper. Arsenal haven’t really had a top goalkeeper since David Seaman, and until they do it is unlikely that they will become a championship winning side. Manchester United struggled for years to fill Peter Schmeichel’s shoes, and will be in the same position if Van Der Sar decides to go ahead with his retirement.

One thing Arsenal does have over their North-West rivals is a young, talented starlet in the name of Jack Wilshire.  When Cesc Fabregas does eventually head back to Spain Arsenal need not worry as they have already found the perfect replacement.  If Cesc decides to stay then he and Wilshire could form a formidable partnership that could dominate England for years to come.
United’s future doesn’t look quite so rosy. With key players on the verge of retirement, the large amount of debt that the club is saddled with, the rise in fortunes of United’s bitter rivals Man City and the looming retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, United fans must be understandably worried that their dominance may well be coming to an end.

If Arsene Wenger swallows his pride and invests in a couple of experienced players then Arsenal may just have what it takes to become the new force in English football , just don’t tell that to Manchester City.

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  • http://none AussieGooner

    Your headline suggested you were going to reveal some secret insight. Instead it was just your hopes and desires playing out their fantasy. Give me evidence with that kind of headline. Evidence or at the very least a strong opinion. For example, in my opinion, We only need a little bit of improvement in performance and maturity to be crowned champions next year. Or, I believe Jack is a better player at 19 than Cesc was at the same age. Or, the video I’ve seen of Japanese sensation Ryo should see us threaten opposition on both flanks next year, should Wenger be able to secure a work permit for the youngster. Or, TV will be back next season to give us some much needed solidity at the back. You get the idea, right?

  • winner

    wwooww!! u mean to say dat nxt year arsenal would win penta coz dis year dey really won so-called quadruple. your content is really good if it’s read as joke. u know aresene,arsenal nd fans have 1 problem dey r tooo optimistic and your thoughts are reallyshort sighted. u r forgetting dat next year man utd will sign few players (good 1’s) nd v have replacement for fergie in pep nd jose nd stopper v buy is gonna be some1 good as v have learned from our past but u r goin to have szcz who does makes mistake at top level. our back line is strongest nd is never gonna get weak while urs, u decide. yep giggsy nd scholsey r irreplaceable but we will get sum1 gud nd ur logic dat u r gonna win next year is illogical coz games r not won from midfeild (control) but from forwards v have both good yep our midfeild is weak thats why v havent been able to control games nd since we have good forwards nd defence we r at top.

  • winner

    and funny thing is that you still want youngsters, 1 little secret y man utd r good coz v have mixture of both golden oldies and youth nd I m sure that you havent seen our players at youth level coz they r really good. nd 1more reason dat u r over optimistic is that u r not seeing some1 else dey are chelsea.

  • Kenny Lomas

    Hi, I’m new to Dexy’s Den so please be easy on me! The aim of the article was really just to compare Arsenal and United, and as a United fan myself I thought I would air my concerns about the future of our club. I actually thought Arsenal might win the league this year, but it’s obvious they need a couple of players that have been there and done it. If they do, and the current squad stays together then I believe thy could be serious contenders. As a United fan I worry that these big name replacements simply won’t come, due to the enormous amount of debt the club is saddled with. Maybe we will still dominate for some time, but our dominance has to end at some point, and I believe it’s steadily drawing closer.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    one minute we are 5 players short and Wenger should go (I’ve never said that) now all of sudden we beat United, who had bigger fish to fry, and we are close again.

    We need 2 center backs, Samba, Cahill, Jagelka, not kids, Scott Parker & a goal scorer, as RVP won’t last a whole season without getting injured. Sort that and we may be in with a shout.

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