Why does everyone hate Arsenal? Is it jealously?

by Luke McGee

Monday, January 31st, 2011

“It’s a disgrace, it’s a f***ing disgrace, those bloody foreign Arsenal players are a disgrace to the game of football”.

Oh dear, twitter went a little bit crazy yesterday. Twitter always goes crazy whenever an Arsenal game is televised, particularly on ESPN, which seems to be an anti-Arsenal propaganda machine (not that I’m paranoid or anything).

Yesterday we saw Sebastien Squillaci being quite rightly sent off for pulling down Huddersfield’s Jack Hunt. The challenge was in my opinion 50% cynical and 50% clumsy, but 100% down to SS being about as handy in defence as a gravy boat full of runny excrement.

This incident prompted twitter’s first outburst; “rugby tackle from the ‘football’ team” said one uninformed keyboard crusader whilst others accused Arsenal of cynical tactics. I would agree with them, if their remarks were not exactly parroting something said by the contemptible Chris Waddle moments earlier.

Where was I? Oh yes. Red card – very annoying, but entirely the defender’s fault and fairly indefensible. Fine.

Roughly an hour later, the hapless Danish show-pony Nicklas Bendtner was fouled in a similar manner to Hunt, resulting in a penalty. However, the Huddersfield defender wasn’t sent off.

Even ESPN couldn’t find a reason to somehow blame this on Bendtner, the Arsenal fans, the Arsenal directors or Satan himself; that Frenchist Arsene Wenger.

However, within seconds of the incident Cesc Fabregas and Nicklas Bendtner tossed the dogs a bone. They motioned for Clattenburg to brandish a red card.

To their credit, ESPN didn’t make too big an issue of it, but twitter, my god.

“Disgusting, Arsenal moan about people cheating, diving, tackling hard but look at them. LOOK AT THEM!!! They make me SICK”.

Why is motioning for a card such a sin? I mean, it’s not great, that I’ll concede, but in a game full players who dive, elbow and kick players not even near the ball, is trying to ensure that a referee doesn’t bottle a decision really so awful?

When a player snaps another player’s leg in two, the media and fans (particularly if the player is English) immediately start gushing over the poor defender who was only trying to win the ball back off of a foreign bully who wasn’t playing fair.

Remember when Ryan Shawcross tried to kick Aaron Ramsey over the roof of the Brit? How quick were ESPN to defend the player and condemn Wenger for criticising what was an unnecessarily heavy challenge?

When Gerard and Rooney spend an afternoon falling over in the opposition’s area, isn’t this a greater crime than trying to ensure that the referee doesn’t bottle it, and blow a huge decision.

Perspective, please.

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  • Stan

    it’s taken Alan Hansen 6 months to finally admit Arsenal are a decent side. ESPN will do the same once we win a trophy. It really is that simple.

    Everyone loves United remember

  • feygooner

    Anyone would have asked for a red card after Squillaci was sent of for a similar challenge. Hypocrisy.

  • http://twitter.com/monkeyhotel Luke McGee

    Blimey, two comments that agree with me. I was NOT expecting that. Thank you.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    it’s the old Arsenal haters bias, they all love Cockney ‘Arry redknapp cos he sells nice cars and has English players.

    The media are jealous of what Arsenal have built up over the past years.

    It actually goes back to the days when we were Woolwich Arsenal, our chairman at the time was the Roman Abramvich of that day, we only got promoted to the top division because he owned half of London. We haven’t been relegated since!

  • king gooner

    it’s the f***ng neanderthal anglo philes-they can all go to hell-man u arse lickers the lot of em….

  • cyp gooner

    sorry public but f**k them all how can the FA allow a team like Arsenal get away with all this cheating and conning Refs they should be closed down as a club HA HA !!!! COME ON U GUNNERS!!!!!!!

  • Joe Brown

    I’m a West Ham fan and I don’t hate Arsenal at all. I think they play the best football in England and have a financial a model every club should follow – I certainly wish ours did. It’s almost certainly because Wenger’s French that the media sneer at him – there’s a lot of underhand xenophobia in English broadcast media, and that rubs off on the punters who listen to ‘experts’ like Hansen, Shearer and everyone on TalkSpite who drone out the same crap every week.

  • marino

    I found it silly for Cecs and Bendtner to ask for a red card. There was a hugh difference between the two incidentes. It is ruining the game to give a red card for all incidents in the box. Bendtner was not in a goal scoring opertunity as he was not in control of the ball. Yes, he was brought down and penalty awarded.

    I saw a game in the German Bundesliga on Saturday. A player was clean through the goalkeeper brought him down inside the area. A penalty was awarded and nothing more. It was a fair try from the keeper to get the ball, missed it and took the player down with his body. In England the keeper would have been dismissed and the game ruined.

  • Goonoo

    It goes back a long way, the hate thing. Probably stems from when we really were boring, boring Arsenal, winning in a very functional, flair-free way. So, yeah, a bit of jealousy and general disdain for our former methods methinks. More recently – good old fashioned Xenophobia.

  • surrey gunner

    We don’t care

    Most football presenters on the TV and journalists are ex players, have very superficial football knowledge and on the whole on are not the sharpest penny in the jar. So I don’t really care what they think. There are some exception: Armfield; Platt and Lawton, there are others. One of the better known football commentators described the Spanish football team as playing “tippy tappy football”!!!!. They are the same journalist who describe the English team going to the world cup as the “Golden generation”!!!!!

    They hate Arsenal because:

    We have a French manager, he isn’t Italian, or Portuguese or from Scotland.
    We have a manager who is more intelligent than they are.
    We have a manager and his coaching team who have thought more about football
    We play football in a style which doesn’t fit into the English game
    We introduced those funny foreign methods into England, you know not drinking after training, diet etc.
    But most of all we love Arsenal because of Chapman, Bertie Mee, Wenger and players like Henri, Veira, Adams, ……………….
    The spirit of Arsenal forever.

  • goonerbegood



  • Mike

    can anyone confirm the latest rumour? I’ve heard than Man U are going to compete with West ham and the Spuds for the Olympic Stadium. Seems they think it would only be fair as their fans then wouldn’t have to travel so far for home games 🙂

  • afc

    it’s because we are a good team and the have a French manager who’s extremly different to any other manager in the the prem, have you seen England play football is a joke it’s actually embarassing to see, where as arsenal have adopted a forein style of play which England players just cannot get there heads around, basicly I’m saying the only people that hate us is English players and comentators,

  • crusader

    Do most football fans hate the Arsenal? I would say without a doubt that most people love to see Arsenal on the box more than any other team in the Premiership. Neural fans who know anything about football love the way they play.
    Cesc Fabregas does get carried away sometimes and should not have tried to get the player sent off. The ref with the hairpiece Mark Clattenberg should have sent the Huddersfield player off without hesitation. Fair do’s to Huddersfield who did really well however.

  • CastleNYC

    You have to consider that Arsenal is the MOST profitable team in all of football, England or anywhere in Europe and America. Arse picks youngsters with huge talent and grooms them through loans and training and if they dont get injured, they become superstars at a discount ( wilshire, walcott, nasri,fab,ramsey etc..) They may not win lots of trophies but wouldnt you rather just have money in your packet than silverware in your cabinets? Arsenal for life!

  • MistaKen

    Couldn’t care a dot who hates us.

  • Big Fidge

    There’s four of things I put it down to.
    1) The constant whining by AW and the players that they are constantly fouled and battered by everyone else, when they commit just as many fouls. And that the world is against them (see this blog as evidence) when a similar case could be made for every big club.
    2) Frustration! Frustration that despite being the best footballing side in the Premier League and not far behind Barcelona on a European scale, there’s little end product – they don’t score, don’t dominate, don’t win as much as they should – games and trophies. Also frustration that every football fan in the country can see they need a goalkeeper, centre-half and striker, but AW doesn’t. It makes you want to grab him by the shoulders and shout ‘Buy a f**king keeper NOW’, even if you don’t support them.
    3) This fallacy that AW just buys young players for cheap and builds them up to become great. He’s spent roughly £260million on players. That’s a heck of a lot of cash. And this includes £8m on Francis Jeffers, £13m on Sylvan Wiltord, £6m on Richard Wright and £10m on Koscielny. Granted, there are bargains like Kolo Toure (£150k), Fabregas (free), Clichy (£150k), Van Persie (£2.75m) and, dare I say it, Sol Campbell (free, first time), but it works out about 50-50 success rate.
    4) The the biggest reason I don’t like Arsenal is because I’m a Spurs fan.

  • CastleNYC

    I agree with Big Fidge (as much as it pains me to do so)- I was not aware of all those signings and big fees you mention that AW paid on several players i havent even heard of. I agree, Arsenal is the highest quality team in the EPL and a keeper and 2 centre halfs is really all we need to win every trophy.Im upset that AW didnt make any purchases but Arsenal will make top 4 again this year and continue to bring in tons of cash for years to come. Not too shabby.

  • Josh

    I often find that when I quiz people about disliking Arsenal, they actually very little reason. I think you either really appreciate the Wenger method (not spending hugely, nice football etc) or you really resent it. Also, I think people are genuinely a tad frustrated that Arsenal fans can come across as smug sometimes…and for good reason. Arsenal play lovely football, make stars and have a rich history. They’ve managed to successfully move to a bigger stadium, just another reason for the likes of Spurs and West Ham to resent us. Is it jealousy? Maybe. But, what Arsenal fan cares? Mourinho has built a career out of them vs. us, so maybe we should embrace what hate there is!

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