Why English football is in decline

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Roberto Manchini has told Joe Hart there is a big chance that he will be playing second fiddle to Shay Given all season.

As we all know, Hart was exceptional for Birmingham last season, as we are repeatedly reminded, and he is likely to be England’s number 1 for the next decade or so. The thing that gets to me is that the future of English football, not just Hart but players like Mancienne, Wilshire, Cleverly, Wellbeck, Rose and so on, are all having to go out loan (If their clubs actually let them) to get first team football at smaller clubs, instead of mixing them with the first team at their parent clubs for them to gel into a squad.

I understand that managers only concentrate on their clubs and not of the players’ international duties, but if something doesn’t change soon, we will be at the same standard of teams like Romainia.

You can also talk about the 25man rule but thats a completly different topic, but my main point is that managers such as Manchini, Wenger etc should either play these players and mould them into their squad or for the sake of the players future, or sell them so they can play first team football for another club instead of being sent on loan or sitting on the bench. The only reason like i say i doubt this will happen as the manager will do whats best for the club, and the club only.

A quick example of this is Spain roughly 8 years ago when they brought all their players through such as Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Cassilas etc, at the time they were good players but not World Class, yet they all played for the first team at Barcelona and Madrid. 8 years ago they were a decent side, now they’ve got the experience of playing first team football for a big club for all those years, they are now world beaters.

Thanks to our guest author CovWolf from BBC 606

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  • Darren

    our under 21’s got to the Euro final (lost 4-0 to guess who) our under 19’s got to a final and a semi final, so whats the problem? The talent is there.

    Look at Spain, Pedro made his debut in the World Cup semi final, imagine Sven McClaren doing that!!!! Our excuse has always been they are not experienced enough, which obviously makes them feel like s**t, hence why they always under perform when they are given their chance.

    Ashley Young is sensational at Villa yet below average when he puts on an England shirt.

    One word, freedom, play without fear, our boys cant do that

  • Adam

    Ashley Young another good shout, he wasn’t even considered for the 30man squad. If you cast your mind back to May, Capello said that he was only going to pick players on form, yet Hart was named in the PFA team of the year and was 3rd choice behing Green and James who both struggled at club level, Gerrard who we know is an excellent player, though had an awful season with Liverpool but is ahead of any other Midfielder with Lampard, and Upson same excuse as Green but IMO is a poor CB but is standing in front of future talent cropping through, such as the lad who players for Blackburn, Phil Jones I think his name is.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Messi, Xavi, Deco etc.. wouldn’t of made it in the Premier League, they would have been told to go away and beef up.

    I’m an Arsenal fan and everyone is quick to slag us off for not having any English players, there;s a simple reason for this, Wenger likes players with technique, very much like the names above. Do u think Fabregas would of been given at chance at United or Chelsea? No way, for Wenger deserves credit for at least trying the play the game the right way.

    Pundits and experts are to blame as they love saying phrases like Arsenal don’t like it up ’em, I’m referring to big Sam and his terrible way of kick & hoof style of football.

    I still can’t believe his name was mention as a potential England manager!!

  • Mike

    Big Sam as England manager? Seriously, the backlash would be horrendous for the FA!

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