Why Everton will never join the elite

by Michael Healey

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Let me just state one thing before I continue: Everton Football Club are a traditional English big club. A club that enjoyed having players such as the late, great Dixie Dean who is still the only man to score 60 goals in one season. Players like World Winner Alan Ball, England goal scoring legend Gary Lineker and modern day England Forward Wayne Rooney. The club enjoyed its golden period in the middle of the 1980’s winning the 1985 Cup Winners Cup final in Vienna. But during the 1990’s the club flirted with dropping from the Premier League, needing a stirring comeback from 2 goals down against Wimbledon in 1994 to remain only one of two clubs to have played in every single season in the top flight along with Aston Villa.

What of the modern day Everton?

Current Everton manager David Moyes joined the club in 2002 from Preston North End and has performed minor miracles considering the clubs financial infrastructure. Since being in charge Moyes has consolidated Everton’s position in the Premier League, regularly challenging for European places each season, even qualifying for the hugely coveted Champions League spot in 2005 at the expense of Merseyside rivals Liverpool. The club have also a talented squad at their exposal. Players such as Tim Cahill (bought for only a mind boggling £1.5 million from Millwall in 2004), Mikel Arteta, Jack Rodwell and Leighton Baines.

Despite all of the positives there is an underlying current of frustration building at Everton. The clubs chairman and avid fan Bill Kenwright has been unable to find a buyer to help push the club along. Everton fans have asked the question why a club of their size, with more trophies than both Manchester City and Chelsea, have been overlooked by foreign consortiums looking to own a Premier League club. The reason may be a straight forward one: Merseyside is too small for the club to expand.

The reason behind this is down to the fact that Everton do not have an international fan base like neighbours and arch rivals Liverpool. It is an ongoing joke on Merseyside that most of Liverpool’s fanbase is mainly made up of outsiders coming from other parts of the UK and abroad alike. But the truth is if Everton had that kind of fan base outside of the county, they could be more of an attractive proposition for a prospective buyer. Another key element is that Everton have continuously looked for somewhere to build a new ground although it would almost certainly be a foolish thing for the club to do at this moment in time due to the fact they struggle to fill their current home, Goodison Park, for every match.

One final point to be raised is regarding the clubs supporters. Evertonians are fiercely loyal to their club but a trend that has emerged over recent years is starting to spiral out of control: aligning their hatred of Liverpool with ‘supporting’ Manchester United. This trait is seen more in younger Evertonians than the older generation, but it is something the clubs supporters should look to eradicate. The best example of this is seen in Everton old boy and boyhood fan, Wayne Rooney, now of Manchester United who has recently caused a stir on a social network site, writing ‘United till I die. Everton till I die’.

For a genuine traditional English club’s supporters to be cheering on Manchester United due to their hatred of Liverpool is a sign of the times for one of Britain’s finest clubs and one that the clubs supporters should shake off and continue to help push their club to bright, pastures new.


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  • Thomas

    What a load of bollocks this article is. ‘struggle to fill Goodison’ we averge around the 35-37 thousand mark each and every year and there are currently 4,000 sets that have 60% or more obstructed viewing priced at 30-33 pounds a ticket all clubs would struggle to sell them. Get your facts right before you try to slag another club off.

  • John

    This article is nonsense based on the fact EFC have no worldwide fan base if this was true why have Man City been bought? Have they got a worldwide fan base? What a total load of crap and as this we should stop aligning our hatred of Lfc by ‘supporting Man Utd’ just because we don’t despise Man Utd in the same vein as those dick heads from across the park, arseoles like you are vilifying Everton fans for not being mindless stereotype football thugs who should hate everything about Man Utd just because of rivalry between the two cities. What a complete Knob.

  • Dixie

    Laughable nonsense. Everton are the 4th most successful club in England. The club do not ‘struggle to fill Goodison’, they are averaging 36000 in a stadium that barely holds 40000. That’s 90% capacity most weeks, something only a few Premiership clubs can boast of. It’s comparable to Spurs, and close to Chelsea. It’s more than Man City averaged, before City moved to their new stadium.

    Everton can easily become ‘part of the elite’ – Man City, a club with nowhere close to Everton’s trophy-winning and consistency in being a top division club proved that. You just need the right rich person to come along and wave their magic money wand.

    That is, if they only way you measure a club’s worth is by how much money they have.

    Finally, Everton do not have this love of Man Utd. That is a complete myth. Wayne Rooney remains a largely hated figure amongst most Evertonians. Rooney says all that ‘Everton till I die’ crap on his Twitter, yet he wouldn’t dream of socialising in Liverpool as he knows what the reaction would be to him. Do not for one minute think that clown is a real Evertonian are indicative of our support. And as for hating other clubs more than we love our own – we have never had banners at our stadium mocking our local rivals, like Man Utd have, or Man City have had on billboards. We love our club far more than we ‘hate’ any other, so get your facts straight and get a clue.

  • ART J

    I agree with Thomas , Sunday’s game against Chelsea has only obstructed view tickets available for home fans .Chelsea will not take the full compliment of away tickets , whichis where the only empty spaces will be seen . Everton’s travelling support is second to none and is a sell out for nearly all away games , The fan base is there , a refurbished Goodison is what is needed , along with a board of directors who can support one of the best managers in the league to a level he and the loyal fans deserve .

  • Chucky

    Of course it’s a load of bollocks, just read the bit about ourselves and Villa being the only clubs to play every season in the top flight. Actually, Everton have played all but four seasons in the top flight and currently have the second longest consecutive run in the top division (behind Arsenal). However, we have definitely spent more time in the top division than any other team.

    If you know your history!!!

  • Bazman

    The Cup Winners Cup was won in Rotterdam. We beat Rapid Vienna.Please get your fact straight.Another wannabee journo

  • http://pulp_friction@hotmail.co.uk leon

    what a load of crap!
    seriously, why bother writing articles, it’s clearly not your thing.

  • Merv

    The great thing about football is that it divides opinions so much.

    By reading this don’t think it was made to offend Everton supporters just a view from someone who doesn’t support the club.

  • Seymour butts

    Seriously deluded the tool who wrote this. Like Chelsea, citteh or blackbum are massive clubs? Get a life saddo!!!

  • bluestemstem

    Hmm where too start with your article. Maybe you should research your subjects prior to posting your articles, that may stop the stupid comments from people who get pissed from inaccurate information. Why don’t you write an article about your own team instead of breaching subjects you clearly have no knowledge of. Oh by the way listening to banter from dickheads in toilets doesn’t constitute research! Best of luck next time looser.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Touched a nerve have we Everton fans?

    Fact is it’s probably true that Everyon have no chance of breaking into the top four.

    Even if Arsenal drop out both Liverpool and the spuds will b way ahead of you.

  • billy

    ok, so there are a few errors in this article, but there maybe an element of truth here.

    Why hasn’t anyone bid for the club? There’s no denying Everton have a proud history and a loyal fan base, but do you really think football fans in other countries know or care about Everton? The answer is probably no.

    Manchester City have a massive fanbase. I’m sure their owners looked at Everton but decided against it.

  • toffeetower

    I’m not going to waste time vilifying this article for it’s blatant inaccuracies (I once wrote for a fanzine myself and realise not everyone can share your opinion).

    Instead I will say the following:

    I really couldn’t care less if Everton don’t have the world-wide following the likes of United, Chelsea, Liverpool and City have. It’s something that frankly I think we can manage without.

    I’d much rather see 40,000 local fans fill Goodison Park than people from other parts.

    Also the notion that Everton will never be part of England’s footballing elite ever again is a bit short-sighted. After all you are talking about a club which, since the appointment of one of the most methodical, dedicated and talented managers in the country, have near enough consistently finished in the top half of the league year-in, year-out (one season even breaching the coveted top four utilising a fraction of the finances rival teams have used to attempt the same feat).

    Everton have everything going for them apart from a self sustaining stadium and mega rich owners. I personally wouldn’t swap our manager, fans, academy or history for that of any other team in the Premier League. Everton are, I believe, one generous benefactor away from achieving that which you have denied them in your article, that is a chance to rejoin the country’s group of elite football clubs. They have everything else in place, apart from the stadium and finances. When that day arrives, you’ll come very close at least to swallowing your words.

  • Michael

    Was this done for a bet.

    One of the worst articles I’ve ever seen. So Man City are in the elite are they. Go and have a look at their trophy cabinet!!

    It’s all about money then is it? If that’s the case does that mean Arsenal are shite because they don’t have bags of cash like United, Chelsea and City!!!!

    Have a look at how many times our ground has had away tickets sent back to Goodison. You’ll probably find about 6 clubs have bought the whole allocation from us. Then go and look at how many times we have sold out!!

    So do us a favour you small minded sky premiership fool and write some other shite and try and get at least a few facts correct

  • Dixie

    Man City have a massive fanbase? Lol since when?

    They’ve had crowds of at least 3-4000 or more under capacity on many occasions this season, their best 40 odd years.

    Certainly no more than Everton. Seriously, what do any of you know of worldwide fanbases, outside of your own Sky-shaped perception of Everton?

    Stop confusing flavour-of-the-month with ‘big team’, ‘elite team’ and all this nonsense. A decade ago City were only just getting out of League 1. We’re only 5 years or so removed from City being a skint bottom half of the table club managed by Pearce and Keegan.

    Why doesn’t anyone buy Everton? Perhaps because Kenwright is fussy over who he sells to? Or maybe he simply doesn’t want go sell. Who knows, you take your pick. Got nothing to do with the clubs size. Why didn’t the billionaire sheik buy Liverpool when they needed buying? Henry is wealthy but he hadn’t got Man City money. That alone proves it’s not all about club size when it comes to being bought.

    As for Mystical Mike – no nerve touched. We must be significant enough for somebody to write stuff about us. Interested you enough to reply.

  • Shanks

    Full of nil-researched bollocks
    What would Moyes have done with a tenth of the money wasted by Benitez?

    Try writing in a vein more suited to your talents…
    This is John
    John can run
    See John run
    Can you run like John?

  • Andy

    what a pile of shite.

    International fan base ? what has that got to do with being successful.

    Believe me, chelsea did not have this international fan base before Abramovic.

    Take it from me, dont write a but football again, you have been brainwashed by SKY and their version of the game

  • EvertonfanHawaii

    4th most successful club in English history, longest serving top flight club along with Arsenal, most home games sold out, no fanbase outside the UK? Have a club named after them in the Chilean League and used to have one in NZ (how many British clubs can say that!!!) Hmm strange that Everton were one of the first British clubs to tour the US oh and by the way I live in Hawaii yup no international fans either huh. Facts obviously are not your forte tosser.

  • Lyck

    First of all, I’m a Swedish Evertonfan since the 80:s and I can tell you that not a single one supported Chelsea here before Abramovich took over. And nobody supported City here 5 years ago. It is the foreign takeover and the potential sucess that follow that increase the international fanbase and not the other way around.

    And clubs like Blackburn, QPR and Fulham hardly have a great international fanbase, do they?

  • WZA

    Interesting to see the author is “a massive Liverpool fan” (consensus here seems to be that he’s “a massive knob” too). Maybe he was there when Utd fans unfurled their 19 banner? Actually probably not cos they only have Norwegians sat in that section of the ground.

    This article makes me think the Egyptians did right by banning the internet. So poorly written. Worry about your own team and we’ll worry about ours.

  • Sweeney

    “…only one of two clubs to have played in every single season in the top flight along with Aston Villa…”

    If you are going to write utter shite, at least get your facts correct. Both Everton and Villa have been relegated from the top division in the past.

  • Rampus

    I think all that needs to be said about the original post has been posted.
    The main reason we don’t have a “buyer” is because we have a chairman and current “custodian” that genuinely cares about the club.
    Blackburn, West Ham, Birmingham…the list goes on…….of clubs with new investors and see what it did for them.
    I would be certain that Bill has had many offers from a string of parties that wanted the club for their own agendas but were not right for the club.
    Bill will only sell to someone who he thinks is better placed to take the club forward than himself – I for one support that stance.

  • Adam

    This is actually the worst article I’ve ever read.

    And in summing up when you suggest Evertonians support United.. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Considering Liverpool and United have this ‘big’ rivalry, I find it funny that there is always big kick offs when Everton play united, every year. Not forgetting the battle of Everton Valley on YouTube.

    Everton have more trouble with United than Liverpool do. The whole
    ‘supporting’ united thing is purely to wind up the Kopites.

    I knew Kopites were easy, but this article really does make me laugh at the calibre of the average Kopites intelligence. Don’t quit your day job.

  • Pablo

    Just clicked on Michael Healey’s name and read this;

    “My name is Michael Healey and I am from Liverpool. I am 25 years old and I am a massive Liverpool fan and regulary attend Lthe games. i hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave sensible comments.”

    Do us a favour mate and stick writing blogs about your own club. Stop begging Evertonians to side with you now that United have “knocked Liverpool off their f*cking perch”.

    Pathetic mate.

  • elliot

    I love the fact that this Article is mostly true!.. David moyes stated on sk sports last week”finishing 7th is like winning the champions leauge for everton” so what a load of bullshit that is how about that?!.. I support villa and we sell every ticket every week even obstruckted view!.. Everton will never be a top four club! To be honest I think your club is very sucessful but not no more!.. Need to grow up and face fact like our fans you are a top 12 club!.. At our ground this year you sang mostly about gerrard and liverpool. I think this is disrepectful have u not got any song to back your own players!.. Great aarticle micheal!

  • Andy

    A bitter article written by a bitter red. What’s all this rubbish about us supporting United? We hate Liverpool, we hate United. There’s only one side that we ever want to see winning the league and that’s Everton.

    We’ve won the league more times than any other English club bar Arsenal, Liverpool and the record holders, United. Until Spurs did last year, we were the only side to break into the top 4 outside of the sky 4. And we did it without spending the money that Spurs, 295 million since 2003 and City, 475, million since 2003.

    As for an international support, my kopite mate describes their support as exotic. So were the ‘girls’ in the Grafton.

  • Colin Kirby

    I find the article incredibly naive and quite banal. Every pundit is trying their hardest to put their finger on the reason why Everton FC have not been bought out simply to make themselves feel the most brightest amongst the other dimwitted commentators. There is no one reason why EFC remain ‘independent’ it is, for the time being the way it is. Everton will continue to seek additional funding and I really hope they succeed for both the fans and david Moyes and I hope, as they always try to do, they do it in the right manner. Liverpool FC’s record in Europe is diminished and counts for nought after their fans role in the catastrophy at Heysel stadium. An episode wiped clear of any remembrance at Anfield. The City of Liverpool should seek no glory from Liverpool FC after Hysel debacle which has brought nothing but eternal shame on to a great city

  • Ken Rushton

    Read the first paragraph that was enough! doesn’t even know where we won the Cup Winners Cup – it was Rotterdam not Vienna!!!!!!

  • Pablo

    Re: elliot May 18, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Moyes, that manager Villa are trying to poach, said that after the way we started the season and the position we were in in November that 7th would feel like winning the champions league. It may have been a silly statement and I don’t know any blue who sees this season as anything other than a massive let down but he was speaking about how poor our early season was, not what an achievement the end was.

    As for “top 12 club”, that’s a really poor attempt at a wind up. We’ve finished outside the top ten ONCE in the last 7 years, Outside the TOP 8 TWICE in the last 7 years. Do your research.

    Where are Villa in the league again?

  • sean allinson

    Not that mystic michael. The club does not exist that has spent every season in the top flight. Whilst we have spent more time there than anyone else, we have spent 4 seasons in the penultimate division, whilst Villa have even been down as low as Division 3. Arsenal have the only unbroken run in the top division, having cheated their way into Div1 in 1919, they are yet to be relegated.

    As regards joining the elite. Like any club, a billionaire would change everything, and perhaps might do very soon.

  • elliot

    Yes pablo u have done your reserch but as I said in the comment above we know were not a a top four team but on the other hand uv got you going on thinking just because we had a poor start to the season were made up finishing 7th look at liverpool ur rivals!.. They had a worse season but still managed to pull through an finish up there!.. Not hard when uv got a stronger squad than them!.. They way u comment back maybe you should have your own article!.. Its all about the debate!

  • Pablo

    elliot May 18, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Liverpool are one place above Everton having gotten rid of an out of form striker in January and spending £55million on two more. I wouldn’t describe them as “up there”, whatever that means.

    Evertonians are under no illusion that we’re close to breaking the top 4 but we’re a place up from last season and 8 points off Europa League. The fact of the matter is that this finish looked a long way off half way through the season leading Moyes to make his comment. I don’t support the comment in any way but just wanted you to know that Villa are in no position to patronise or criticise so geg out of this debate please

  • http://seanpatrickbell.site50.net/wordpress/?p=4 Sean Bell

    Everton will only join the elite of they get a billionaire owner; same as any other club. It’s interesting that in the 1980s when the Big Five of Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Spurs were the elite, it did not mean that other clubs could not compete for the major trophies. Ipswich were runners-up in 1980-81 (to Villa) and 1981-82, Watford in 1982-83, Southampton in 1983-84 (all to Liverpool); Wimbledon won the FA Cup, Oxford and Luton the League Cup (when the big clubs actually bothered about it).

    Sadly it is all about money these days, and a cleverly assembled side will never win the League or conquer Europe like Cloughie did without it ever again.

  • Shanks

    L E Ot
    Cn u nt fkn rten Nnglsh?
    Mass debater, RU

  • Stevo

    I can’t believe a Liverpool fan would spend time and effort writing an article about the fans they refer to as “bitter”.

    Double standards of the highest order

  • elliot

    Shanks your most probly from the wirral u inbread!.. Its a side for everyone to comment so stop thinking you run it!.. That is all!

  • elaine

    Elliot claims he is a Villa fan,but the way he talks you would think he supports Liverpool,he probably does,mind you Villa are run by a couple of Liverpool rejects!! The fact of the matter is most seasons Everton finish above Villa,and while Liverpool nearly always finish above Everton they spend around 3 times as much on players and still win Sweet FA!! Villa have spent more and are well below us so get a life you sad Liverpool loving so called Villa fan, I wonder who you wil support Sunday when the two teams you love most meet?

  • Phil Jeffries

    Who wrote this load of rubbish? Everton have always hated Liverpool more than United. So when you have had your noses rubbed in it for years that ‘we’ve won 18 championships’… why not take the piss when United win it for the 19th time??? Liverpool fans hate it… so we play on it! End of…..

    As for the stadium… the only time we don’t get a full house is when we play teams like Wigan, Birmingham, Bolton etc. Even then we get more tickets which we use. Plus we have so many obstructed view seats it’s a joke! The reason we can’t sell the club is not down to fan base, it’s down to not owning our own brand new stadium. City are the exact model of Everton prior to them being bought. United are the ‘out of towners’ but City had a new stadium built. Everton don’t just need 100m in investment on the pitch, but 200m on a stadium. End of argument.

    Whoever wrote this is either looking to provoke an argument or is a complete idiot.

  • Phil Jeffries

    I’ve just seen you are a Villa fan!!! What a waste of my time even replying to this… Villa are an average club who O’Neil did well to bring up to ‘our’ standards for a while. Everton are so much bigger than Villa and we do watch your games you know…. so we do see the hundreds of empty seats you numpty!!! Go and ‘twitter’ with Gasper Carrot you knob!

  • elliot

    Listen elaine fuming because she goes the game and her other half does the dishes!

  • elliot

    Says phill who is still trying to be a ball boy u tit!

  • elaine

    Elliot thinks he is a comedian no one is laughing, Villa are shite and thats a fact,this is about Everton so why some sad Villa fan chooses to get involved I will never know,maybe its cos Villa are so shite and not even worth discussing!!

  • Shanks

    L E Ot
    It’s Wirral, no “the” in the name
    Standards, young man, as Cloughie would’ve said or, in txt spk
    fkn L, Tchers 2day

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