Why is the transfer window so dead?

by Ashleigh Rose

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

It doesn’t matter how much I refresh the ticker, nothing seems to change. From Sky Sports transfer centre to the Yahoo timetable the stories are not changing it what seems to be an awfully quiet transfer window. I’m hoping that the past three weeks have been the calm before the storm and that with a week left, the market is going to go crazy and old Andy Burton on Sky Sports News can have another day claiming to have texts from the world of football when it’s really his Mum.

I must admit I love deadline day, and have sat until past midnight on every window without changing from SSN, hoping to catch the last minute drama of whoever has just managed to fax their paperwork in on time – I love that in this day and age they are still relying on a trusty fax machine, could that just email it over with an iphone? However the Premier League have someone spoiled that this year by having the deadline at 5pm on the Monday, even so judging by what’s already happened (or not happened) this year there won’t much going on anyway.

The headline act so far has been the returns of Patrick Vieira and Sol Campbell. Vieira joined Man City in what we are led to believe is the biggest transfer thus far this window (officially it’s undisclosed – a pet peeve of mine, what are they hiding?) and Sol secured a bizarre return to Arsenal for the rest of the season. Away from that though, only Liverpool’s bargain buy of a player who wasn’t good enough for Atletico this season and a couple of decent loans from Everton of Donnavan and Senderos have made any real noise. It’s so bad, that there has been intensive talk of Kenwyne Jones somehow being a £10m plus player. Really?

With City’s millions and Birmingham’s fresh investment we were led to believe (stupidly by the press) that some sufficient movement was set to happen this January. But can football really be finally be effected by the credit crunch? After all we are twenty days into the window and Tottenham actually haven’t brought anyone, while Portsmouth can’t giveaway their prize assets even in their hour of need.

It seems teams are now more reluctant then ever to splash out in January unless absolutely necessary and even when they do loans are a far better way of judging a player then a million pound odd transfer. The debts that the top clubs are now finding themselves in are getting worrying and there is a real danger that we could see a Premier League club end up in administration or worse bankruptcy sooner rather then later. Which in turn, makes club put inflated values on players in the hope that if they have to sell they they will dam well get more then enough money for them in the process (see Kenwyne Jones again). Which means we get a window like this, where I actually find myself getting excited that Khizanishvili has joined Reading on loan for the rest of the season.

Surely if things continue to be this quiet, then the whole window idea will have to be scrapped and we go back to the good old days of buying a player whenever they can. What would Andy Burton and Sky Sports do then?

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  • dexylongshot

    Why is this thread so dead?????

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    3 days to go, it’s going be a mad panic on Sunday. City will waste another 30 million on someone cos they can.

    Arsenal will huff and puff with no puff to sign someone before Spurs pay double the price just to get one over them!!

    Can’t wait…

  • Ash

    Not a popular topic this one eh?

  • Magikal

    LoL u got high hopes daz…city won’t buy anyone…united are becoming more and more like arsenal in terms of spending money….and chelsea….they just aint what they used to be in the transfer market…

  • Dave

    I think the window should be aboished and go back to the good old days when you could buy players whenever you wanted to.

    Its great that teams arent spending stupid amount of money on players as it may encourage them to start producing their own talent.

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