Why Leeds fans hate the scum

by admin

Monday, February 21st, 2011

“You have to respect Sir Alex’s achievements at United though, don’t you?”

Well no, not at all actually. I can’t understand why any normal person wouldn’t hate the scum. They represent everything that has been wrong with English football since 1990. The evil empire, and not a football club, but a Chinese tourist’s idea of what a football club is like.

Hating the scum is nowhere near as important as loving Leeds, but it’s a big part of it. It’s a big enough part that I would never wear a red t-shirt, or in fact buy anything that’s red. It’s the reason I never say “Un*ted”, because unfortunately everyone assumes I mean the red United.

I hate them because of the constant moaning and special treatment – Fergie time, and what other manager would be allowed to defer from his contractual obligations and never speak to the BBC? What other club would be allowed to have referees on the payroll (allegedly)? I hate them because you go on holiday and people ask where you’re from, and when you say England, they seem to assume you’re a scum fan. They always seem to scrape by with injury time winners. I hate them because they have more “fans” in China than they do in the UK. I hate them because on match day when their games are televised, scummers are walking around wearing the shirt. Why aren’t they in the pub watching, could it be because they don’t actually care?

Ignoring the violence between the Houses of York and Lancaster, the hatred is there because scum are the anti-Leeds. They have been given everything that Leeds have been denied. Don Revie and Matt Busby were great friends and achieved great things in the game, but only one received a knighthood. Jack and Bobby Charlton, obviously brothers, both world cup winners, and only one received a knighthood. Jealousy? No, it’s like that ugly bloke you know who seems to bag all the girls, it’s about injustice.

If you’re thinking this hatred is a one way street, let me tell you that it’s not. Tune into any of their games on the TV and you will hear “we all hate Leeds scum” breaking the silence in the theatre of wet dreams. I love that when we were two divisions below them they were still bothered by us enough to sing this.

So am I being irrational? I would argue that there’s no point in a football club without rivalry. Football needs rivalry and hatred; it’s what makes it interesting. Clubs are defined by who they hate. Everybody loves to be hated, and I love to hate the scum.

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  • west derby red

    Speaking as a Liverpool fan I can’t wait for Leeds to claim their rightful place in the Prem. A lot of managers in the prem defer to AF and their teams dutifully role over whenever they play Man United. Leeds would never do that and would always give them a tough game. Leeds are a proper club with proper fans and we need you guys in the prem

  • Ben Stanley

    Well thank you very much that is a huge compliment. Couldn’t agree more though. So called title challengers Man City go to places like the Emirates and Old Trafford happy to take home a point, and OK I see that that’s the Italian mentality. But how can you say you’re going for trophies if you don’t have a go, and go forward to try and win whoever you’re playing. OK In both instances in the FA Cup Leeds had nothing to lose, but still, I just think if we can do it, their over paid players should be having a go too!

  • Jim Barnett

    Well said Ben. As a Leeds fan living in Bradford, I get asked by City fans (Bradford that is) why we hate Man U instead of local rivals such as Hudders and Sheff Utd. I used to reply with the ‘it stems from the 60’s/70’s’ argument, but over the years I’ve changed my tune. I have supported Leeds since 1991, just in time to witness the red empire. You have hit the nail on the head…they are simply the antithesis of what we are. Let me add to some of your points:

    – we hate them because they are arrogant
    – we hate them because Ferguson and Busby are treated like messiahs by media pundits whereas Revie never got the credit he deserved
    – we hate them because of how Cantona transformed their attack
    – we hate them because of how our youth team beat their’s in the ’93 final yet their’s went on to become the basis of their treble-winning team while ours languished (Wilko’s fault in many ways)
    – we hate them because they got lucky against Bayern Munich whilst the ref got bribed when we played them (fact)
    – we hate them for harranging referees and never getting penalised
    – we hate them for their feeling of entitlement to winning trophies

  • Dave Heaney

    Wouldn’t it be easier to say we hate them because “We are Leeds”!

  • ben richards

    A great article! Sometimes it’s hard to encapsulate exactly what it is that infuriates me about Manchester United. I think for me, the epitomy of it is, Leeds were away at Old Trafford, in the relegation season I think, I was listening on Radio 5 Live and Alan Greene referred to them as “United” realised his gaffe and then eloquently proscribed that, “I call Manchester United, United because they are the United…” This is why I hate them. However I do have a lot of respect for the real ‘Red Army’ because I am sure the hatred is mutual; these are the ones singing “We All Hate Leeds Scum” at their home matches and of course they do have a massive following of true supporters. Like a previous poster mentioned it’s the idiots who wander round in Manchester United shirts on a match day; not desperate to watch it, even if it’s on a tiny, fuzzy screen in a crap pub… In fact, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that whenever I see ANYONE in a Manchester United shirt I automatically assume they know next to nbothing about football! I’m not alone right?

    Anyway, I could, of course, go on about them, but all I want to say is kudos to the Liverpool fan here, and respect for the large away following you brought to the Carling Cup tie last season. MOT.

  • Ben Stanley

    Well what the Bradford City fan has to understand is that it is pointless forming rivalries with nearly all the clubs in Yorkshire, because they’re all tiny in comparison with Leeds!

    The fact is you could go on and on with fine justified reasons, and if you got stuck, wait a moment, and more will come flooding back.

  • Ben Stanley

    And what better example could I have been handed than Wayne Rooney facing no FA action for his appalling elbow on Wigan defender James McCarthy. If that was a player for ANY other club, the punishment would have been serious!

  • Richard Speight

    “Well what the Bradford City fan has to understand is that it is pointless forming rivalries with nearly all the clubs in Yorkshire, because they’re all tiny in comparison with Leeds!”

    And you accuse Man Utd of being arrogant! It’s not just Old Trafford where you hear the chant of “We all hate Leeds scum” and often it’s both home and away fans singing together.

  • Jay

    What a small club mentality you lot have.

    I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragic, enjoy another campaign in the Fizzy Pop League before your inevitable final month choking session.


  • Lee

    Is the point about Busby receiving a knighthood and revie not a joke? I suspect the reason revie didn’t find himself kneeling before hrh could well be related to his 10 year ban from football for bringing the game into disrepute no? Or the fact that he was involved in match fixing? Just a couple if ideas. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/greenslade/2011/mar/14/sunday-telegraph-daily-mirror

  • tom padfield

    saying that manchester united are ‘scum’ is a sign that leeds are weak, the only thing wrong with united is their owners, but leeds, 12th in the championship was it? man u, 2nd in the prem, top english goalscorer this season and a much more successful past and future.


  • Ben

    I am the author of this post.

    I was once in Yates in Manchester on a Saturday afternoon, Sky Sports News was on the TV. They mentioned the current LUFC score and everybody in the pub in red shirts began shouting: “We all hate Leeds scum.”

    As a covert Leeds fan in Manchester I loved it. But the point here is the feeling is mutual. We call you scum, you call us scum, so your “weak” argument is flawed. The rivalry is something to celebrate, I think.

  • Biggles

    I believe that Revie’s massive failing was how he walked out on his country to take the middle east money…that’s what galls me really.
    Leeds fans need to just forget about United and start supporting their own team more. I live in York only 25 miles from Leeds and the huge number of fans that have never been to Elland Road to see a game is staggering.
    As for Ken Bates…wll long may he reign…Leeds will always be in the lower leagues with him there…great stuff Kenny boy!
    As a United fan our biggest rivalry is with Liverpool not Leeds…get over yourselves, you really are small fry now and to prove it you’ve become a “selling” club…just look at the recent players that have left. Ha ha ha.

  • Ben

    A scum fan from York, thus rendering your views invalid

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