Why Liverpool fans should be sorry to see Torres go…

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Monday, January 31st, 2011

Fernando Torres’ love affair with Liverpool is over.

Less than four years after snubbing Chelsea for a move to Anfield – to play for, in his own words, “a club of champions, one of the biggest there is” – the Spain striker is heading to West London for a reported fee of £50m.

A transfer request from Torres is believed to have persuaded the Liverpool board to part with their talismanic forward, leaving the Reds supporters furious with a player who once claimed he would never play for another Premier League side.

There are many who are happy to see him go.

The striker made an incredible start to his Anfield career. After a record breaking debut season Torres finished his second campaign with the club by bagging his 50th league goal in just 84 appearances and helping Liverpool to second place in the league.

However, with the departures of Xabi Alonso, boss Rafa Benitez and, most recently, Javier Mascherano, Liverpool have failed to build on the achievements of the 2008-09 season and, this season, under Roy Hodgson, plummeted to unfamiliar depths.

What was Torres’ reaction to Liverpool’s troubles? To lead the line with determination, passion and vigour for the club he told everyone he cared so much about? To work relentlessly for 90 minutes each week to salvage Liverpool’s season? To look vaguely interested?

No. Instead Liverpool’s prized number nine sauntered around the pitch, his mind elsewhere. He refused to chase lost causes. He showed no desire to hassle and harry defenders, to try and force a mistake. He gave up making probing runs down the channels, or dropping back to link up with the Reds midfield.

When Liverpool were vying for the title Torres was the name on everyone’s lips. The dangerman. The deadly finisher. The striker who humiliated Nemanja Vidic, one of the best defenders in the league, at Old Trafford.

When Liverpool needed him most, when their squad was ripped apart by injuries and Hodgson was desperately trying to patch the team together, Torres went missing.

Torres’ transfer request signified what was obvious to everyone. Liverpool, in Torres’ mind, were no longer ‘the club of champions’ he believed them to be when he signed. And he wasn’t interested in sticking around to change that fact, either.

The £50m reportedly paid by Chelsea is £30m more than Liverpool paid for the striker in 2007. Not bad business for a wantaway.

Yet, the departure of the petulant, self-important Torres is not a good thing for Liverpool.

Torres’ decision to jump ship and head to Premier League champions Chelsea reveals the perception the Spaniard has of his former employers. No longer are Liverpool a trophy-winning, major force in the English and European game, according to Fernando Torres.

That’s his opinion. Fine. But his move to Stamford Bridge will be noted across Europe and across the world.

Who will be the first world-class talent to snub an Anfield switch after seeing Torres move to Chelsea? How can Kenny Dalglish or the Liverpool board convince genuine top-draw players – (not young Englishmen such as Andy Carroll, tempted by a huge payday) – that the Reds are a club with genuine ambition and worth joining, when they have seen Torres, arguably their best player, go off in search of trophies elsewhere?

Just as the departure of Alonso, Mascherano and Benitez were all significant moments in Liverpool’s fall from grace, the transfer of Torres could well signify the end of the Red’s residency at the top end of the table, for the foreseeable future, at least.

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  • steve

    friend,i am a Liverpool fan..Torres is a top class and in my opinion is way better than Drogba.but that’s not the point.point is that his timing is very bad.he recently said,16-17 days ago,that he is 100% commited at LFC as he was when he joined.and 15 days after he hands a transfer request..he could have left at summer under roy hodgson and ownership problems rather than now.the club has new promising owners,new manager giving his 100% for the club and players like Suarez coming in.the club will start rebuilding from zero and it’ll take us some time to be where we deserve to be.i understand his move but where i am 100% against it is the timing.also he handed a transfer request 2 days before deadline day..that’s also bad.i am very optimistic..we’ve payed huge for Carroll but he is young,talented and english.a duo of Carroll-Suarez can make us forget what a bad thing Torres did for us the last days..YNWA

  • Phil

    I can remember the last Liverpool favourite who left supposedly to win trophies. What a sad figure Michael Owen became. What I can’t understand is Torres joining a team of old men, a team on it’s way down, a team lying in 4th place, only 3 points ahead of Spurs and only 4 ahead of Sunderland. I hope Torres enjoys the Europa cup next year, at least he’ll get a game!

  • alfie

    I agree with most of what you said but I do not blame Torres. We promised him big name players. Suarez was too little too late.
    It was Torres who galvanised Liverpool to blow out Real Madrid 4-0 and he terrorised the defenders of the “scum” and Chelski. If we had brought in two or three quality players it might have been different. We should have kept Benitez. Now we have lost the best striker in the world. His second goal against Chelsea this year was just fantastic. I am sad he has gone and wish him well. I doubt we see his likes in the near future. What a privilege its been.

  • chris

    last season torres only played 22 out of 38 games okay did manage 18 goals but we scored 61 in the prem andy carrol is on target for exactly the same one of the top goal scorers at 21 even though missing 5 games, still has international experience to come and 4 years younger, not a bad signing at all, with carrol and suarez i doubt well be top 4 this year but sure we will be next gutted we didnt get adam, hopefully get a world class defender or two in the summer leaking alot this season.

  • Bill

    Hang on Alfie it was the Hicklets that promised the earth and failed to deliver, John Henry has come through but the backstabbing Spanish shit has done the dirty when we have started getting in decent players.

    I have a distinct impression Martin Broughton has had his fingers in this particular pie for some time. The FA should investigate for tapping up.

  • Stan

    50m for a player who is out of form, out of shape and was sulking is a brilliant bit of business.

    Don’t forget, before Torres came to the Premier League he was a 1 goal in 3 man. He might not click at Chelsea

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