Why Manchester City are well equipped to win the Premier League

by Paul Connolly

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

On these pages yesterday there was a spectacularly ill-thought-out piece suggesting that Manchester City had no chance of winning this year’s Premier League.

The author’s reasoning? Manchester United win it most years, so they will win it again. City don’t win it most years, so they won’t. City don’t have strength in depth. And, most astonishingly muddle-headed of all, City manager Roberto Mancini has caved into pressure to bring Carlos Tevez back into the City fold and this will help derail City’s challenge.

Oh, where to start with this gallimaufry of idiocy?

The easiest pot of moronic slop to deal with is that Mancini somehow capitulated to Tevez. Even Alistair Campbell would have been proud of imparting that much spin on a story. In truth, the capitulation came from Tevez after Mancini’s show of strength was backed to the hilt by the club’s senior management. Mancini, for the time being at least, is unassailable. Every player at City will know that he’s the boss – nobody will dare step out of line. And should Tevez be required – and with City’s three main strikers all scoring at the weekend his participation in the rest of the season is by no means certain – he will be keen to impress potential suitors. Having an eager Tevez to come off the bench is not a bad option.

Which brings us to another prize specimen of ill-nourished thinking in yesterday’s diatribe. That City do not have the strength in depth. Let’s take a look at City’s bench against Blackburn. Micah Richards, Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko, James Milner and Gael Clichy. Oh yes, very weak. Not heard of any of them.

Let’s look at United’s against Norwich. The terminal sulk, Berbatov, the Cabbage Patch Twins, Rafael and Fabio, and Park Il-Sung. The very names strike fear into opponents.

Next, City’s team has no experience of winning things. Leaving aside last year’s FA Cup let’s have a look at Mancini’s record shall we? As player and manager he won five scudettos, including three in a row with Inter. What about Yaya Toure? Were his years at Barcelona barren? Has Edin Dzeko not won a championship in Germany? Let’s not even mention Tevez’s success with United. No, let’s not.

Where I will agree with yesterday’s correspondent is on the matter of absolute fact – United have a more comfortable run-in. That is, apart from away at City, where City will be looking for revenge for their referee-assisted departure from the FA Cup.

I’m not saying City will win the league – this is still City after all, anything can happen. But, they’ve endured their January blip to remain in top spot. To dismiss their chances for the hotch-potch of apparently random reasons suggested yesterday is sloppy, ill-informed and just plain deluded.

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  • George

    Finally someone with a bit of sense, how is it you write on here whilst clueless morons write in nationwide newspapers!?

  • http://www.iamplayr.com Josh Tarrant

    Will be interesting to see what happens. Going to be a good run in.
    Think that United will shave it. For one reason only – Fergie. If he was at City – it would be them. He was the difference last season and will the difference this season.

  • Scottie F

    WTF Josh??

    The ‘difference’ last season is that we were finding our feet as a relatively new team, for the last couple of years, where the team had been ripped out by short lived managers, to start again!
    And the Rags?
    Kept a core team for years now! They might bleat on about injuries and us being 2pts ahead only, but this is a City team reborn with new players, in relative terms!

    So suck on that!!

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