Why Manchester City will fold under pressure

by admin

Monday, February 27th, 2012

It was a sure thing that the millions of Pounds pumped into Manchester City would play a huge role in their attempt to challenge for the Premier League title, but no one could have predicted how successful they would be in such little time.

With the arrival of Roberto Mancini came big money signings, Champions League football and an FA Cup ; all in the space of two years. But is he about to add a Barclays Premier League trophy to his honours list with the experienced red half of Manchester nibbling at the feet of his Sky Blues? Quick answer, no.

Not to take anything away from the achievements of City this year, especially their outstanding home form, but in some sense they are well out of their depth and inexperienced when it comes to handling the pressure of being the country’s top team. But then again I could be wrong; they shocked the world of football when they humiliated their neighbours at Old Trafford earlier this year.

As Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson have shown in the past 20 years, it takes something special to capture the Premier League title. Passing Liverpool’s league accomplishment last season was a huge moment in the Red Devils history and they will stop at nothing to secure a 20th league trophy when the season comes to an end this May. United’s experience in this competition comes from the trust that their manager shows in his players, whether it be relying on a 38-year old Ryan Giggs to take three points at Carrow Road or even believing in a young unknown Federico Mecheda to score the winner against Aston Villa in 2009, which proved to be a title winning game.

In comparison to Ferguson’s relationship with his players, it is a different story down the road at the Etihad Stadium. Roberto Mancini has recently gone back on his statement regarding Carlos Tevez; “he will never play for the club [Man City] again”. This, to me, looks like the first sign of panic from the Italian with his decision to recall one of the clubs most prolific strikers after a very unwilling apology. Although it looks like a World dominating team on paper, with the likes of David Silva and Sergio Aguero, you have to wonder if they have that team mentality and depth in squad that has proved so incisive for many successful Premier League teams.

By taking a glance at the up-coming fixtures for both teams you would be cautious to place any money on Manchester City being the fifth team to have their name engraved on that Premier League trophy, with testing matches against Arsenal and Chelsea, and difficult visits to the Liberty and Britannia Stadiums. Whilst United’s biggest threats come against Spurs and of course, City.

A date for the diary is Monday 30th April 2012; the day the title will swing back into United’s hands.




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  • Mick

    Yawn….. surely you could put your powers of clairvoyancy to better use by predicting the lottery numbers bi-weekly, you’re missing out, fookin numpty.

  • Rag running ragged

    Talking like a 4 year old kid

  • http://thisisourcitymanchester.blogspot.com/ CiTyBlUe

    It was a sure thing that the millions of Pounds pumped into Manchester UNITED would play a huge role in their attempt to challenge for the Premier League title.

    By J.H Davies followed by James W. Gibson and the Gibson family then Louis Edwards and so on down the line of investors like United Fan Shareholders then John Magnier and J. P. McManus who became majority shareholders, then came the Glazer family after the United fans tried to sack Alex Ferguson.

    United are no different in buying glory right as far back as the Busby Babes and before.


  • Bebobblue

    written by another deluded Rag fan……. The fact Tevez has returned to City has more cause for concern at United

  • NANA


  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I’m with the author, year after year United pull it off, even with an average squad like their’s they still win title after title.

  • Lee

    What a load of tripe. Poor reporters wishing they knew about football. Yes you are right in some respects but what you fail to grasp is that Mancini has bought proven winners who have won various trophies for other clubs. We have a world cup winner and loser in silva and dejong. Yaya has won the league with barcalona, ex arsenal players who know what its like to win the premiership and various winners of other league and cups from around the world. Roberto has won plenty in milan so the fact you feel we dont have the mental strenth to win i think we have proved that by the position and performance this season we can certainly win the league. Utd have managed to hang on in there with 2 old age pensioners and another that sleeps with them. When it comes to it why can people not accept that utd is on the decline and now its time for new faces. The old days of the same 4 teams dominating are long gone, just look at arsenal, chelsea are in disarray and utd have no depth and being drained by thier owners. I know this wont get posted but at least i have made my point, maybe i should apply for your job of a lazy journalist and get paid for publishing rubbish like this.

  • Neil Crosby

    The clue to the experience of the author is is the name. Bandwagon jumping springs to mind when four Man United players with all of 50 PL games between them have come out to say City lack the know how when it comes to winning the PL. You couldn’t make it up. The best team will win the league this season and it’s not Manchester United.

  • Lee

    You also need to update your league table its 4 games out of date but Im not surprised after this lazy article. You cannot even copy and paste an upto date league table.

  • Kippax Lad

    Some kid with journo pretentions repeats what the rag media would have us believe. Why not try coming up with a fresh perspective rather than repeating stuff you see popping up on your newsnow feed?

    As the cliche goes….nothing to see here, move on.

  • Robbie

    There’s no sign of nerves or fatigue in the City camp though, maybe They are just an exception like Mourinho’s Chelsea were? They too were “inexperienced” yet won it. City looked like they could throw it away in January with clogged fixture list and lots of players injured, suspended, or in Africa, but they pulled through it and seem to have regained some of their swagger. However they are presented with more difficulty away fixtures than United and United’s only hope I believe is City slipping up in everyone’s nightmare away fixture Stoke City, then at Arsenal and Swansea.

  • http://wehatecityfans.com Scott

    great read, author really knows his stuff!!
    “City is their name,
    City is their name,
    32 years and won f*ck all
    City is their name”

  • Boris

    Roberto Mancini has recently gone back on his statement regarding Carlos Tevez; “he will never play for the club [Man City] again”

    That’s the moment this biased article lost it’s last crumb of credibility. Whilst the most lethal attack force in the country were adding another 3 goals to their account, Tevez was in London – Presumably looking for a restaurant. The fact that Tevez is back in the country has got the rags recoiling in fear – A masterstroke of Fergiesque proportions by young Bobby.

  • Happy To Be Blue

    Mancini, as a manager, has already won more than Ferguson had at the same age.

    Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that Mancini is new at this. As a City fan, I have seen more false dawns than I care to remember but this time it feels different……………very different!

  • Boris

    This is also new ground for Fergie. No club in the PL era has ever had 61 points and a GD of +37 after 26 games and NOT lead the table.

  • Terry

    I notice that its only the United players gobbing off to the media & on twitter trying to play their own version of Fergy mind games. The City players have remained silent & just got on with the business of winning games. The fact that they are resorting to these tactics to try & unsettle City says one thing to me. They are the ones feeling the pressure.

  • Jem

    The internet is scary. Every little prick on the planet with some webspace now think they are a sports journalist. This is tripe. City may or may not win the league, but even if they don’t, losing a 5 point lead (2 now) isn’t exactly crumbling under pressure, it’s a lose and a draw. If Utd win by a point or two then they will have won because they fought a little harder then City. Why are people (in general) trying to make comparisons with Newcastles collapse, there IS NO similarity.

  • http://newsnowmancity seaside blue

    we were talking in the pub the other day about how it s so ironic that when ya ya and kolo are away the rags get there hardest fixtures off the season they still strugle so the refs make it even easier by banning mario and vincent and barry as well as allowing offside goal at sunderland penalty at anfield not seeing clear handball at everton the list goes on IT STINKS SOMETHING SMELLS LIKE PATRICK VIERA SAID srange how SKY never broadcast his comments HEY

  • Walter

    I agree with Jem

  • Ian

    We (City) will crumble because United players and fans say so!!!!!!!!!!! It’s funny how we are seen as the favourites and will fold under the pressure. However, I keep hearing that United have seen it and done it all before, therefore, they must be the favourites, but still thay have to catch us? Surely the pressure is all on United and looking at the game at Norwich it is showing!

  • pablo

    Vastly more experienced Utd…let’s have a look at their list of premier league winners shall we…

    De Gea…No
    Phil Jones…No
    Chris Smalling…No
    Tom Cleverly…No
    Ashley Young…No
    Danny Wellbeck…No

    City must be shaking in their boots.

  • Kealen

    Wit only 2 points separating the two teams and 12 games to go, the title can go either way. United have no advantage though, they came through and won the title last year but have shown that they are not the team they used to be and deep squads like Barcelona and City can take them apart. If the Glaziers don’t spend big money this summer this will be the closest United come to another league title for a few years, luckily for the Glaziers their American football team is the priority and United is a business venture, they don’t need to win the league they only need to generate revenue and pay off the Glaziers debt.

  • Del

    We had a period of coming under pressure in January, mainly down to dodgy refereeing decisions. I am not going to highlight them as i usually do because most of them have been well publicised already. Even neutrals are starting to notice the bias that we have witnessed for years.
    However with all that we are still 2 pts clear and i suspect that there will be more controversial decisions to come but all this has galvanised our squad even more. The players have been called mercenaries, that was not the impression i got when witnessing a team scoring two goals in the second half (FA Cup) having had a player wrongly dismissed . City to win the league by two points

  • Blue Carlos

    Haha, more holes in this piece than a cullinder. Go back to the drawing board. Its only yooonited fans that think Bobby has lost the battle with Tevez. Everybody sees it as it is, he’s come out of it a hell of a lot stronger and with more respect from all camps. Refresh my memory, when did Tevez play for us last? Was it before or after mancini said he wouldnt play again? Fool!!
    We all know Tevez is back for legal reasons and legal reason only. Unless you’re a one eyed rag grasping at straws. That is all

  • http://www.mcfcforum.com MCFCforum

    Will bookmark this page and come back at the end of the season.

    Oh, and there is so much wrong with your Tevez/Mancini bit, that I can’t even begin to explain it.

  • Sick as a Swan

    While you can dream you can still glimpse that trophy heading to Greater Manchester but an introduction to that sore bed fellow reality will tell you that you haven’t got a hope in hell.

    Keep clinging on to that dream though because seeing the look of disappointment and betrayal on your cockney faces will make it all the sweeter. It will be interesting to see who you glory hunting fans will switch their allegiance to next.

    Uniteds days of buying titles are over now they are focused on reviving the near dead. Giggs, Scholes, what next Roy Keane? Got to love it.

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