Why Ronaldo should be sold

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

It’s time to move on

Whenever someone mentions Cristiano Ronaldo, a few things come to mind: his feet, his theatrics and the number 75. 75. That’s the number of millions that Real Madrid are apparently willing to offer in exchange for Ronnie’s services. The question that comes to mind, especially for a United supporter, is whether we should sell him for the 75 million pounds?

On the outside it seems that Ronaldo is the complete player that he makes out to be. Goal scoring, assist giving, he seems to be the whole package. At the beginning of the season, it seemed that Man United could not win without him. However, with the ascendancy of Rooney and the arrival of some promising youth players, Ronaldo does not seem to be as indispensable as he once was. On top of that, imagine the players that we can buy with 75 million pounds available. Benzema, Valencia and Tevez can all be bought, and they should be more than able to fill Ronaldo’s gap.

However, there are some issues that we need to consider before we actually let him go. When Ronaldo is not happy, he does not put in the effort and performances that we expect of him. Since the season is nearing its end, Manchester United will need to get the best out of Ronaldo to secure victory in a closely contested title race. Let’s not forget the possibility of the Quintuple. We will have to do what no British club has done before to precede into the semis in the Champions League: win at the Estadio do Dragao.

Another factor to consider is who is the buyer. Real Madrid can have him for 75m, but if Manchester City were to put in an offer, then selling should not be an option. Why do you think Henry, Van Nistelrooy and others were sold to foreign clubs? You do not want your star players to come back to haunt you in the following season.

Many people I have spoken to consider Ronaldo too valuable and irreplaceable to be sold. How would United find a player of his caliber to replace him? However, I urge you to consider that at the end of last season, the constant will-he won’t-he debate noticeably affected both the players and the fans. This trend will continue as long as Ronaldo continues at Manchester United. He is not the kind of player who has undying commitment to his club and, until Kaka, will be susceptible to the lure of money. Combined with the fact that he may have peaked, if the right offer comes in, maybe it’s time to let Ronaldo go.

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  • Mike S

    I heard that Utd and Real have reached an agreement with Ronaldo, i that he will be going to Madrid (i heard this through the BBC not The Sun) so it probably based on fact not fiction.)

    Having said that 75 million is a huge amount, and yes you’re right, Valencia Football Club could almost be bought with that money, including David Villa and Silva. I’m thinking for next season sign Frank Ribery to play on the right, Bayern Munich are 4th in the Bundesliga, which means no Champions League for them, and any interest from Utd would certainly make Ribery think about his future. 30 Million should do it.

  • http://reassessthepress.wordpress.com Sam

    Not too sure about sayin Ronnie has peaked..when his inevitable transfer does happen and he entertains a new set of adoring fans, he’ll show that form he had last season again. Despite his bizarre temperament of late – not celebrating when he scored at the beginning of the season and on field sulks when he loses the ball or doesn’t get the decision he feels is his god given right – his abilities are undeniable. Strength, speed, power in the air, on both feet, long range shots, deadly finishing…it goes on.

    But the mention of Benzema, Valencia and finally securing the tenacity of Tevez who shows Ronnie exactly what it means to wear the red of United, would certainly soften the blow of the winker leaving. Good article.

  • Tom Starley

    When playing he just doesn’t look like he wants to play for Man-u any more. He lacks Rooney grunt for the ball, its the only over thing he needs.

  • Dexylongshot

    I said before xmas that I would sell Ronny if the money was stumped up, i agree totally with the comments above, if his heart isn’t in it, let him go. Ribery has been 1st class all season and will be the nearest thing to Ronny (apart from Messi) in terms of brilliance. Would deffo secure Tevez as well.

  • shoups

    please do not sell ronaldo

  • Rodrigo

    Hello, I finded this link in the Youtube. It show Cristiano Ronaldo singing. It’s very funny.

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