Why should City be Given special treatment?

by Patrick Curry

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Man City have been given special permission to bring in Martin Fulop on loan until the end of the season to cover their goalkeeping injury crisis.  Why exactly has this been sanctioned?  They got themselves into a mess and they are now being bailed out with the chance to sign a keeper with Premier League experience just because they didn’t have anyone else in place.

No other teams have received this special treatment.  When Manchester United had no centre-backs earlier in the season, they played Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher in central defence against Fulham.  Chelsea had a goalkeeping crisis of their own and they went with Ross Turnbull and academy product Rhys Taylor on the bench.  City are still in with a shot of Europe so them getting a back-up keeper (irregardless of whether he is Sunderland’s 1st or 3rd choice) to cover the loss of Given is completely unfair.  It gives them an advantage over Tottenham, Aston Villa, and even Liverpool.

A further point to mention is Fulop’s previous association with Tottenham in regard to the London team’s impending fixture at Eastlands.  Handed the chance to shine against his former employers and deprive them of a spot in Europe’s elite competition, the Hungarian will doubtless relish the chance to prove himself.  If other teams have to use academy players when they suffer an injury crisis, why should things be any different for Mancini and City?

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  • Southernblue

    As a Manchester City fan I do sympathise with the point made above. It is definately City’s own fault that they find themselves in this position. It is yet another example of the incompetence of City’s senior management.
    However, it is not City’s fault that the FA seem inacapable of providing a level playing field for all the clubs in the EPL.
    Time and time again we see examples of where there apears to be one rule for some and another rule for others.
    I’m sure that City won’t be the last team to be handed an unfair advantage. In this sense the inconsistency of the FA in applying the rules does actually [provide a level playing field because you never know when the FA are suddenly going to go mad and hand some unsuspecting team an unexpected boost.

  • Mark Smith

    I don’t understand why Man City have bought players they are not confident in playing? Why sign and continue to pay third choice keeper Gunnar Neilson if they wont play him? Why have the FA agreed to this Fulop deal? Its outrageous.

  • gaz

    Ok! Goalkeeper is a Specialist position and our reserve’s reserve keeper is the only 1 available the others are not on pro contracts (youth keepers) so we field our only goalkeeper.
    you are O’Neil and this is what you say “take out that keeper at the first op i don’t care if you get booked”…. “Take him out Ding (Carew)” its not law you need to pick 2 keepers for your squad but you need the option too? what happens if Gunnar get injured in training you muppets!! you lot should be happy we was not allowed Hart back our own player who is under contract… And good luck Inter

  • Andy

    Yawn – read the rules.

    Goalkeepers are not comparable to defenders and are considered ‘specialist’.

    On our books we have only one fit goalkeeper and no one to put on the bench except a 15 year old kid who isn’t registered with the Premier League.

    Anyone who thinks that we shouldn’t have had enough cover with Given, Taylor and Gonzales. The only stupid thing we are guilty of is not putting a clause in Hart’s loan for a recall.

  • Alan

    Gunnar Neilson is 5TH choice for a start! and there are no other senior keepers on City’s books although they have 5 in all, as many as any other club and more in most cases!. The same was done for villa in 2007 and Man utd in 2001 with Andy Goram and would also be done for any other club in the same circumstances as it is in the premier leagues rules that u must have TWO I repeat TWO senior keepers not youth keepers. This kind of drivel is sheepish crap that the writer has seen from some where else. Total rubbish, looks like more jealous City bashing to me.

  • Steven

    Special treatment? all we have taken over the years is crap from everyone and especially The Fa.
    We’re chasing 4th spot not playing for nothing, and our 1st choice keeper is injured our 2nd choice out on loan our third choice injured also and another young! keeper injured leaving Nielson who has no experience in the Premiership atall, and is also still a very young goalkeeper. Mancini has made a very good decison, why chance a young un-experienced goalkeeper with 3 games to go racing for 4th spot?
    Bringing Fulop is fair, Nielson is our 4th choice keeper, Fulop has premiership experience and will do a fantastic job for the next 3 games.
    And as for United playing Carrick and Fletcher in defence is the same as our situation in the Carling Cup semi-final for 2 rounds playing a midfielder (Vincent Kompany) and a youth player (Dedrek Boyata) so fairs fair then. If Manchester United we’re in this situation now they WOULD be allowed to loan a emergency keeper and nothing would be said about it cause it is Manchester United a team wo thrive off special treatment. Peace it together!

  • George

    Before you start rattling off a load of anti-City nonsense it might be a good idea to have a grasp on the basics of football and an understanding of the FA’s guidelines.

    Goalkeepers fall under a different category to outfield players on account of the fact that it is a specialist function and you can’t simply move another player into that position. This is why the FA guidelines have clear “extenuating guidelines” for goalkeepers. Any team in the same position would have done exactly what CIty have done. And the FA are totally within their rights and their guidelines to grant this request.

    Yes, had they allowed City to buy Hart back from Birmngham you might well have reason to complain, but sensibly the FA block this move. Sadly someone didn’t see fit to block you’re ill informed “bigoted” posting.

  • Blue

    No other teams have received this special treatment? One of City’s rivals for fourth, Aston Villa, were given permission to sign an on-loan keeper from Crystal Palace last season outside the transfer window in identical circumstances. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your story.

  • MidlandBlue

    What a stupid article, check your facts and engage your brain before publishing crap like this. As has been pointed out, numerous teams have been allowed to get cover for a specialist position in exceptional circumstances. If 4 from your top 5 keepers are unavailable then I would call that pretty exceptional.

  • Tony Daley’s left boot

    Numerous teams? We got Goram, aged 79 or something similar. Where are the other examples Midland Blue? Plus Goram was not exactly a Prem quality adequate replacement at the stage of his career. With City’s wads of cash they shouldn’t be in that position, so giving them the chance to bring in a Prem-experienced ‘keeper as cover is bound to piss off their rivals. Not letting Hart go back was common sense given the advantage City would get by recalling him so why is giving them Fulop any lesser? If Chelsea made do with Taylor, City should have to stick some kid on the bench and get on with it. Hope we slap your lot on Saturday.

  • Deano

    Well Patrick, what do you have to say in your defense?

  • HeavyRiffs

    Tony Daley’s left boot, you Sir, are a goon. What on earth has the fact that City have loads of money got to do with it, should they buy 10 goalkeepers each year just to make sure.
    As countless people have mentioned, City aren’t setting the precedent here, the FA and several teams before us have already done that…
    Patrick, you’re a goon also and your article is badly researched and smacks of jealousy, go sit with Tony Daley’s left boot.

  • Patrick

    Cheers for the comedy feedback HeavyRiffs (& others). You might not be aware but this is basically a fans blog not articles from paid seasoned journos, and the views expressed are merely the opinions of real fans on current issues. My opinion happens to be that City have got very lucky here as they already have a keeper they chose to sign (Gunnar Neilson) and he should be starting with an academy product or a lower league keeper as back-up, not a keeper such as Fulop with a good few years of Prem experience to bail them out, while Neilson, who they actually own though have no faith in, sits on the bench. City chose to loan Hart out without a recall clause in his contract so they screwed up there but my axe to grind is with getting someone in ahead of Neilson. He’s your available keeper. Use him.

    As for the whole specialist position, that didn’t seem to apply when Chelsea had injuries in that department earlier in the season. they just promoted an academy prospect. And Man City also have an extremely competant academy (producing the likes of Daniel Sturridge and Vladimir Weiss). Surely they have an academy keeper who could fill the bench for the last 3 games. If Fulop makes saves that earn them 4th there will surely be some recrimination as with the Tevez/Sheff Utd affair.

    I’d be interested to know what non-City fans think about this whole palava.

  • Alan

    In the 2000/01 season a 36 yr old Andy Goram played 2 games for man Utd a they had the same situation as City have now (they also had youth keepers the same as Villa who brought in a foreign keeper in 2007) he had gone there on loan well outside the transfer window as an emergency, the same situation as at City. That year Utd won the Title are you seriously suggesting that this Title should not have stood? These examples are only the ones that I know of, there have probably be more that were totally inside the rules of the game like City’s is. The only fans who will agree with you are ill informed fools like yourself or those who have an axe to grind for one reason or another.
    As for Chelsea just promoting a youth player to play your talking Sx+t Ross Turnbull, the third choice for Chelsea played the 2 games while Cech was out. He is a keeper with similar premier games to Fulop, if our 3rd choice was available (Taylor or even our 4th Gonzalez) he would be playing and no back up required as we have the young Nielson just the same as them but if we didn’t a youth player would have been allowed to sit on the bench for a couple of games with new terms, but unfortunately we were left with only our 5th choice which by the way most premier clubs do not even have!
    You thankfully are of the idiotic minority who are ill informed sheep, reading totally bias crap like you’ve spewed out here. ignorance is bliss eh!

  • Patrick

    Where above do you see me suggesting a title should recinded Alan? It’s morons like you who put words into people’s mouths unthinkingly. I’m suggesting City get back-up for the already exisiting Neilson, not someone to replace him. Turnbull played 2 games while Cech and Hilario were out. Gunnar Neilson would be required to play 3. Big difference. City should be made to use their resources and get adequate back-up instead of drafting in a replacement.

  • Giuliano di Sagrata

    Wow, this has certainly got the fur flying! What did Shakespeare say: “Methinks the lady doth protest too much!” Sorry you’ve been on the receiving end of some sad little dribbles of Man City bile, Patrick, with your very sensible remarks. But I guess it’s only to be expected.

  • Alan

    ‘If Fulop makes saves that earn them 4th there will surely be some recrimination as with the Tevez/Sheff Utd affair.’

    You don’t even know what you writing do you fool!! You are suggesting RECRIMINAION after the fact as in Shef Utd’s case. Therefore you surly feel the same about Utd’s title or are at the very least smearing it. City have as many first team keepers as any team in the prem, they have is no other senior back up you nugget what don’t you get about that! What would Chelsea have done with no Turnbull Mr football genius? They would have loaned a keeper thats what! Or are gonna tell me they would play a youth team player in net? Cos if you are you are a bigger fool than I thought.

    I see your math is great, there is a big difference between 2 and 3 is there, hmmm.

    Giuliano answer that Turnbull question then. What would Chelsea have done in the same situation? you know they would have had to loan the same as City! Same as Utd did, and Villa. Now tell me the difference as these teams all had youth teams as well!

  • Lynton

    Could these city fans be any more bitter? It’s clearly not enough that they’ve artificially inflated the transfer market and pushed wages up to a level that is far from viable they feel they’re owed favours by the premier league as well.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I read this morning that City actually have 5 keepers on their books. Surely the youth keepers should get their chance. And what’s the point of signing that Nielson bloke, he must he gutted!

    Man United didnt complain when they had no center backs.

  • Patrick

    Okay Alan, let me spell this out to you like you’re a child as you’re clearly not getting my point.

    Turnbull was Chelsea’s LAST CHOICE SENIOR KEEPER. Neilson is City’s LAST CHOICE SENIOR KEEPER. Chelsea used an ACADEMY PRODUCT on the bench for 2 games (Rhys Taylor). City should have to use an ACADEMY PRODUCT on the bench too. Instead they opt to whine to Premier League (much like you and all the other City fans are whining here) and get not just a back-up keeper in but an actual replacement for Neilson, who they bought but clearly don’t trust. That is my issue, and if that’s not plain enough for you then I don’t know what to say.

    Nice way to make your point with resorting to name-calling by the way. Demonstrates the level of intelligence I’d expect from someone unable to understand my above post.

  • Patrick

    Just in case you were under the impression I was alone in my opinion Alan (and others), have a look at who else is bemused by the deal:


    Care to call Martin O’Neill a fool or a goon or say he knows nothing about football? City have done well to exploit a loophole in the all too often exploited FA rulebook but they shouldn’t have been allowed to. No way is Fulop back-up and Mancini knows that.

  • Alan

    No name calling from you then eh!

    ‘It’s morons like you who put words into people’s mouths’ Ring any bells you sado!

    The points you are making in the story is that special treatment was given to City, your proven to be 100% wrong on this, as this has happened for other teams in the same situation and on different occasions . Why do you ignore this? You say ‘No other teams have received this special treatment’ you’re a liar pal as proved!! So you see your whole blog is based on a lie, so what are you on about you joker? Why would people listen to you as you are Cleary wrong? That’s a FACT

    You are the type of person who would slap someone in the face and when slapped back would wonder why, that is clear from your resorting to name-calling comment you forgot the ‘moron’ statement did you?
    Also martin O’Neil was a goon last week was he not when he stated that the penalty they received was a defo a pen even after viewing it in slow mo when it was clearly not! Now got and trawl the internet looking for other like minded fools who agree with you!

    Ill put this in caps lock maybe you will read it properly then eh!


  • Patrick

    Good point Alan, you’ve got me on the name calling. I’m happy to admit that though as your general writing style is pretty moronic. And you’ve clearly trawled the internet and found a gargantuan 2 examples in 20 years where this loophole in the FA rulebook has been exploited, so well done. I’ll admit the inital article was not massively fact checked, but then this is fans site for opinions, not a national newspaper. And fans do talk a lot of crap as you’re so handsomely proving (more of which later).

    So, I took your well-worded advice (‘Now got and trawl the internet’ – sic) but I checked a bit more on Turnbull. His ‘plenty of Premier League experience’ amounts to 27 games in 7 years. He benched warmed behind Schwartzer for 7 years and most of his goalkeeping experience is on loan with Barnsley and Crewe. I wouldn’t call that top-level experience. Gunnar Neilson is actually an international, albeit with the Faroe Islands, so I return to my original point, and one that ‘goon’ Martin O’Neill seems to agree with, which is why have City been given special dispensation to sign a keeper in the first place and why have they bought someone not just as cover for Neilson but as a replacement?

    Had Turnbull been injured and Chelsea been left without a senior keeper, they may well have invoked the FA loophole City have done, but they had a senior keeper (Turnbull) as do City (Neilson), and they chose to play him and use academy back-up on the bench, unlike City who have no faith in their own signing and go out and get a replacement.

    And just to give you a balanced view of the opinion of other ‘like minded fools who agree with’ me, here is a small cross section of the responses of fans of a number of teams, not just those involved in the race for 4th, taken after Sky Sports reported the story


    Seems most fans (bar one Sunderland bloke) agree that it’s a joke ruling. Might it be that as a City fan you’re getting a bit one-eyed? Go back to the top and read the first response to the blog for a balanced reply of a City fan Alan. Remember though, a lot of fans do speak a lot of crap Alan…

    …. which brings me to my final point, and this is key to your crap-talking antics so read carefully. You said in the middle of your fantastic caps log paragraph ‘NO NEED AT ALL FOR LOAN AS TAYLOR IS BETTER THAN FULOP ANY HOW’, so effectively you’re saying that if someone your team signed were good, then there would be no need for a loan. But as Neilson is not good enough, even though you signed him and he is a fit, senior keeper, you should be allowed to get a replacement. Just because he is not good enough. Now read that back. A couple of times. And now read it aloud. And see how it sounds. You, ‘pal’, most definitely are a moron.

  • Alan

    My writing style? u knob. You write a totally untrue made up sxxt blog and try to cover this up by saying I’m a moron for a typo or the grammar is not good enough, well Mr grammar Nazi, you know fxxk all about football and it shows, your probably doing A-level journalism or some other course relevant to where ever your from. Pat the football genius and his great ‘writing style’ Hilarious, I love it!
    The only people who didn’t know that Goram went to Utd and that this is a totally legal rule that has been used before are ignoramuses like you and your for some reason bitter pals (loophole what a fxxktard). Maybe you should practice your ‘writing style’ on something you have a clue about cos football clearly isn’t your game.

    I cant even be arsed going into Fulop’s experience but it not much more that Turnbull even though he’s older, Or that your can’t seem to get it in your think head it doesn’t mater what mister self confessed sour grapes man says the rule is in the game TWO senior keepers. truth be known I wasn’t even arse to read most of that cxxp u wrote as you clearly lie through your teeth to try to make yourself look clever, but Ill tell you this, ya can’t polish a turd son.

  • Patrick

    What did I make up about Fulop going to City? And what did I make up about Chelsea putting an academy product on the bench? And it is an ‘special treatment’ so I didn’t make that up either. But I shouldn’t attack your writing style cos it says enough about you without me having to point it out.

    If knowing f*** all about football puts me in the same catagory as MON then that’s fine cos you clearly think that teams should be able to get cover in for a keeper mid-season simply because he’s not good enough. That’s says all I need to know about your football knowledge. And if the rule is 2 senior keepers then why did Chelsea have Taylor on the bench? I’m sure a football genius like you can tell me the answer to that. Or maybe you could just toss in another hackneyed cliche as you’re clearly a professional turd (polisher).

  • Jj

    Alan, if anyone is a knob it’s you mate!

    Did you not watch Soccer Saturday this morning? Even the four ex pro’s agreed with what Patrick is saying.

    City have 5 keepers on their books. It’s not our thought they are all crap. END OFF.

  • Alan

    ‘What did I make up about Fulop going to City?’

    That this was special treatment, that’s what u made up as it this CLEARLY is not the case as it has been used before by other teams, and is within the rules according to the F.A but u seem to think u know better than them. ANSWERED

    ‘what did I make up about Chelsea putting an academy product on the bench?’

    I never said they didn’t . But he was a full squad member not academy. ANSWERED

    ‘And it is an ’special treatment’ so I didn’t make that up either’.

    I afraid you did as it isn’t, however many journalist you read or TV programs you watch the F.A make the rules not the media!

    ‘If knowing f*** all about football puts me in the same category as MON then that’s fine.’

    Have u been smoking crack you do know fxxk all, as its clear you are taking ALL your info from stories you have read or watched (You’ve let biased opinions shape your own). Same category as O’Neil I don’t think so, what are u on? Martin O’Neil is a great Manager your just a grammar geek. He says himself in the couple of quotes that are taken out of his interview that, ‘the words sour and grapes’ might start coming to mind wonder what he meant by that? what do you think?.

    ‘you clearly think that teams should be able to get cover in for a keeper mid-season simply because he’s not good enough.’

    Not that they should get cover but they DO and CAN it’s in the RULES!! (remember Villa and UTD or is your attention span not that long). It doesn’t mater if he’s the best keeper in the Fxxkin world, why do you keep repeating the same sxxt it was wrong the first time and its still wrong now and will still be wrong on your next post. Go and put Soccer Saturday on (whatever that is) and listen to the sheepish bias retards so you can get your opinions!

    ‘if the rule is 2 senior keepers then why did Chelsea have Taylor on the bench? I’m sure a football genius like you can tell me the answer to that’

    Your right I can. In fact my 9yr old can! He was already in the first team squad and was a reserve keeper for yrs to boot
    Rhys Taylor ‘was an unused sub for three games in the first team during the Christmas and New Year period 2007/08.’ Opps looks like your info was totally wrong doesn’t it ,as he wasn’t promoted he was a first team player, and 21 yrs old not 16. This is off Chelsea’s own website he was in there squad since 2007. He had also played in the reserves since the end of the 06/07 season. Do you feel like a fool? Well you should cos u are. Do your self a favour stop listening to BIAS reports. ANSWERED

    All your questions answered (shame you couldn’t answer mine). I have no doubt what so ever you will not give a millimetre as you are a clearly bigot who will come back with the same cxxp you already have done repeatedly.

    There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me about all this and that’s the anti City shxt since the ADUG took over. The bullsxxt stories every week constantly having a go at anything & everything. English football has been a monopoly for certain teams for much 2 long, greedily grabbing the money spending fortunes that others can’t, same clubs year after year getting stronger and stronger while others become week and face going out of business if they don’t keep up or the same if they do try to keep up, a no win situation, I’m happy my team got lucky with the take over it makes the stale Premier League that bit fresher. I realise there will be jealousy its no different as to if the ADUG had taken over Sunderland, West Ham or any other club people would hate them to.

    Now Patrick go and structure some sentences with ya internet pals.
    P.S don’t forget to treble check the grammar and spellings. LOL

  • Patrick

    See Jj’s comment above Alan. End of.

  • Alan

    Nah mate, your wrong about everything and it has been 100% proved that way. FACT! Thats end of.

  • Alan

    Alan Alan Alan,

    Look in the mirror and what do you see? A twat, that’s what. You are a disgrace to the name.

    Alan J

  • Patrick

    Jesus Alan, even your own name sakes are turning against you and telling you how it is. You’re a lone voice mate and your ‘100% FACT’ has only been proved by you to yourself only in your own head. Ex pros, current managers, countless other fans agree with me. Surely that should be end of?

    By the way, cheers to Alan J and to JJ for pointing out the obvious.

  • Alan

    Do you think these ex pro’s have looked into this you spaz? or are they asked questions that they answer, if they are given wrong info by the likes of bitter txxts like u what do you expect them to say if they don’ have the FACTS?

    I’ll repeat cos your simple.

    Special treatment? No as this has happened many times you dick, what can’t you grasp about that FACT?

    Chelsea’s Ryan Taylor (first team player) was already on professional terms (TWO SENIOR KEEPERS ALREADY THERE) therefore Chelsea could not loan a keeper even if they wanted to but as they already had there own third choice why get someone else’s anyway? FACT.

    The last two points above are your whole argument u numpty and they are both 100% wrong, FACT and it doesn’t mater how much TV you watch or how many ill informed pundits talk shxte (cos they do not have the full FACTS)you are still wrong, even if more of you little one line mates leave thick headed comments on here, you are still wrong as these are FACTS, where are yours? GIVE ME YOUR FACTS, you can’t can you? All you can state is this person said or that person said your right. Pathetic!

    What is the obvious these two morons have pointed out? Is it that one calls people a twat because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Or how about the other retard who watches so much TV he thinks that every thing on it is gospel?

    By the way, if what I’ve said is not fact let me now why? You can’t though cos these are 100% FACTS.

    P.S I hope I’ve said the word FACT enough that it sinks in that thick scull of yours and your silly mates who for some reason keep popping up with there bitter little pearls of wisdom!

  • Patrick

    Brilliant! I knew you’d be back Alan. You just cannot keep a good man down!! FACT!!!!

  • Pablo

    Don’t know if I want to get in between Alan and Patrick here but I have to say this.

    Patrick, you asked for the view of someone other than a City fan. I support Everton and in February 2006 the Premier League gave us special dispensation to sign Sander Westerveld on loan from Portsmouth as Nigel Martyn, Richard Wright & Iain Turner were unavailable. We still had John Ruddy, a goalkeeper we had signed that season, as well as our youth keepers but the Premier League allowed us to sign someone with a bit of experience.

    It also happened in 2002 when we were allowed to loan Espen Baardsen for 1 match when Richard Wright was injured.

    City aren’t receiving special treatment at all, they are simply exercising a rule open to everyone.

  • Patrick

    Hi Pablo, cheers for provided a reasoned, rant-free opinion. I have to admit that in hindsight, and given the examples to the contrary, my initial posting was not factually correct. Teams have received special permission to bring in keepers as cover and so City aren’t receiving special treatment, they are indeed exercising said special rule.

    However, what I subsequently brought up, and I still stand by, is that they should not be allowed to bring in a replacement for their exisiting keeper. Rather then rule should be used to bring in cover. Otherwise why have the keeper on their roster?

  • Patrick

    That can’t be true Pablo, if that was true I’d look like a complete moron and I am really smart as you can plainly see. Everyone has said I’m right, just ask the other Alan or Jj these are highly intelligent people (I can tell this by their writing styles).

  • Alan

    Yes the rule that everyone else has used to their advantage should now be change cos it’s City!
    Don’t forget the other thing oh sorry things that you were wrong about, Chelsea promoted a youth player to the bench when they didn’t (which hero pundit did you get that pearl off)and that I resorted to name calling when it was you! In fact you have been right about nothing yet have a little group of Pat groupies the’re a daft as you.
    Even when you are proved wrong you still didn’t have the grace to admit it, Why? Cos your a bigot, another poster has also spotted your bigotry above. Sad, sad man.

  • Jj

    this might be true Alan Alan Alan, but you’ll be playing the likes of Locomotiv Ploptiv next season, how does that make you feel Alan Alan Alan?

  • Alan

    OK actually you retard, I’m a City fan not a glory hunter like u, u knob knob knob, are u Chelsea unless Utd can take the league this year? Do u fancy being an Arsenal fan next year cos they have a younger team that may do better in the long run? Who are the pundits telling to support Jj? Don’t put me in your fake supporter bracket you sado.
    Your question points to you being are a sad plastic fan, it’s as if your saying you would be gutted if the team you decide to support (cos they win more than most) didn’t get into the Champs League. Another pathetic glory hunting knob knob knob, what’s the x3 about? Do you stutter fxxktard?

    I support a team that’s used to this kind of thing it doesn’t really bother me at all as 4 yrs ago u could have bought our full team twice over for the price we paid for Robinho. So to say its good being a City fan at the minute would be an under statement and in comparison to winning on the last day of the season yet still getting relegated to the third tear of English football it feels great, because I’ll tell you that, that is the type of thing that does kinda stick in the throat not finnishing 5th in the world best league. Oh but you wouldn’t know about that as it wasn’t on TV this week was it, Paul Merson never told you about it eh?.

    Pats wrong Jj (even though he still won’t fully admit it) and you look a twat just like him how does that feel?

    Spurs were the better team and deserved their win and the CL football, I wish them all the best and sincerely hope they conquer Europe as it would be a breath of fresh air for real fans to taste victory once in a while. Not that all top 4 teams aren’t real Supporters but large numbers follow them for one reason and one reason only, and u seem to be one of them Jj.

    P.S Pat that’s called being graceful in defeat.

  • Jj

    Alec, I’m a proud Arsenal fan, our club has soul and a history, where as yours is joke.

    Good luck against some part timers in the Europa cup. Oh how we laughed!!

    London football rules

  • Dexy

    Alan me old son, would u like to write a man city blog for us? Yr obviously a proud blue. Let me know and I’ll mail you

  • Patrick

    Graceful like pretending to post as me Alan (the comment at 4:50pm – not my work)? It might have escaped your notice but I did hold my hands up following Pablo’s comment and admitted the article was not correct. It was worth it though just to raise your blood pressure.

    By the way, you’re the one who looks like a complete moron for pretending to post as someone else and for your continued screeching rants at me and JJ. A reasoned post like Pablo’s will get a reasoned response. The shrieking rubbish that comes out of your mouth (‘Another pathetic glory hunting knob knob knob, what’s the x3 about? Do you stutter fxxktard’) is not going to get that.

    Oh and just to round off this amusing debate, I’m a Spurs fan Alan. Ha. Ha. Ha. Last night felt brilliant. Jj is a Arsenal fan. Both our clubs have history and tradition. Yours has none of that and f*** all class (bit like you really). Enjoy Europa League mate. London football rules.

  • Patrick

    Actually as a Spurs fan I suppose I must be a real fan in your eyes Alan. That’s got to stick in your throat a bit.

    But if it makes you feel any better, I will fully admit to you, Alan, that my article was wrong. But it got you going, that’s for sure.

  • Alan

    ‘Graceful like pretending to post as me Alan’

    I love it, you are a few sarnies short of a picnic aren’t u. Maybe idiots like 2 sentence Jj thought it was you but everyone else surely new it was a piss take. Surely not even a wing nut like u would think that, brilliant! Your special son.
    You just can’t stop making a fool of yourself can ya.

    ‘I’m a Spurs fan Alan. Ha. Ha. Ha. Last night felt brilliant. Jj is a Arsenal fan. Both our clubs have history and tradition. Yours has none’

    My club has no history or tradition you ignoramus you mean you only know bits of your own (if that) history and have no interest in other clubs history other wise you may have known things such as City have the biggest crowd ever recorded in English Club football or Trautman playing through a cup final with a broken neck and winning to boot! how about this, in 1936 (just before the war) as League winners City were invited to Germany to play the German national team in the same stadium that Jesse Owens won all his medals at the Olympics. The great zeppelin Hindenburg had just burst into flames days before, this was one of the Worlds most high profile disasters, the Germans wanted to regain some face by thumping City, their national team did manage to win but by 1 solatry goal. Frank Swift (Keeping Legend) played out of his skin (He was later to die in the Munich air disaster). City were expected to do the Nazi salute for Hitler but Captain Sam Cowen and the rest of the team had discussed this and refused to the shock of the whole German Nation jsut before kick off, only eleven hands were raised in salute that day. The next year the England team played the Germans in the same Olympic stadium, they did do the salute. Now that’s history and something to be proud of! There is much, much more of it 2. History lesson over.
    Your gloating says a lot about you also, ha ha we won you lost, your pathetic but this fits you as well as the bigotry does.
    On Jj, he is a complete moron who only knows what some TV programme or papers (The SUN I‘ll bet) tell him, you can tell this by him only ever typing 2 sentences! He was probably a Liverpool fan till he knew they couldn’t get in the Champs League.

    ‘A reasoned post like Pablo’s will get a reasoned response. The shrieking rubbish that comes out of your mouth.’

    The thing is you were already told that this has been used many times but still wouldn’t
    admit you were wrong (then started the name calling) but even when you gave in a little you still referred to it as ‘special treatment’ when it is not. Oh by the way nothing has come out of my mouth as unlike yourself obviously I don’t need to say out allowed what I’m typing. LOL.

    Now for your last snide remark that my team has ‘f*** all class (bit like you really).’Just because there is a City hate agenda in the media since the take over i.e. Every thing they do is slated as not right (they can’t win), they do well they bought it, they do bad there and it’s they spent all that money and look at them. 99% of this shit you read/see is total bollocks. It does end up getting on your nerves when Ill informed fools like yourself talk utter crap mirroring this shite, as this IS what you have done. Truth be known the top spending teams are usually always at the top of there Leagues in every Country in the World (including Spurs!) the titles and cups have been bought for many years with only the odd upset here and there.
    I have no class eh, you’re the dip shit who has defended your lies till it was so obvious that not even the dimmest reader would think you were right! Now that’s what I call no class matey!

    P.S (again) You haven’t got my blood pressure up in the slightest or even got me going as I just love ripping wallys like u and ya mates to pieces, thanks dumbo!

    P.P.S You are funny though.

  • Patrick

    Too long to bother reading Alan. Laters.

  • Alan

    Dexy if you can live with my ‘moronic writing style’ I’ll give it a go.

    Patrick don’t worry I’m glad you never read it because I made the mistake of putting the year (history) as 1936 when it was actually 1937 and we know 1 is a big difference in your eyes! So you may have pulled me apart on that, phew. LOL

  • Patrick

    Sweet, we’re going to get an Alan blog! Be interested to see what that’ll be like.

  • Patrick

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