Why should we have to put up with bland pundits?

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

So Stan Collymore has decided to come out and criticise the Match of the Day pundits and the Walkers Crisps salesman. You might have though that Stan would just be happy to be back on TV after his sacking from the BBC for his car park sexual antics – although he does have to share a studio with Jim Rosenthal now, so maybe there is some justice – and one suspects personal bitterness is a major motivation behind his comments.

But, bitter or not, the one time the British transfer record holder has a valid point. The MOTD sofa is chummier than a tin of dog food (other brands are available from all good retailers). The problem is that they are all just so bloody comfortable. There is no real rotation, so week after week messrs Hansen and Shearer know they can show up, offer some bland statements, pick up their cheques and piss off to the golf course.

Hansen at least has the ability to offer incisive comments when he can be arsed, but most of the time he is happy to sprawl on the sofa and blurt out Football Manager attributes ‘pace, power, skill, the boys’ got the lot’ and play up to his cliché regarding defending. As for Shearer, is it wrong for the licence fee payer to expect more analysis then ‘he really should be hitting the target from there’. Doesn’t everyone one this? How about an analysis of his technique to tell us why he missed the target.

But why should they step up and put in some effort? They know that, no mater how bland, they will be on the sofa next week. Is there anybody at the BBC that evaluates their performance? I find it hard to believe there is. Does anyone think Shearer is a good pundit? Why has Martin Keown risen through the ranks – what does he bring to the table apart from competing with Richard Keys as the hairiest man on TV? Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone on the sofa that wasn’t an ex-player? Or, if that is too radical, a big name ex-player? A great player does not necessarily equate to a great manager or pundit, as Shearer has so kindly shown for us.

Of course it’s not just the BBC that has baffling choice when it comes to pundits and commentary. Clive Tyldesley? Graeme Souness? I’m sure everyone has their own personal pet-hates but regardless, where is the accountability? Why is it just a big old boys network?

People watch MOTD for the goal: I don’t know anyone who actually watches it and thinks it tells them anything they didn’t already know. But it doesn’t have to be this way, this bland nothingness. Let’s have a revolution. I’d rather have Stan the Man spouting rubbish but at least having an opinion next to someone I have never heard of with a good knowledge of football then watch the same old rubbish week after week, year after year.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Stan Collywobble is a ‘know it all’ annoying Brummy fan who won’t listen to anymore but himself. He does speak sense but I find him totally annoying.

    Sky should just re-name the brand Man Utd TV, Jamie ‘There’s know 2 ways about it’ Redknapp is way to positive, we want intelligent analysis, why bother with dull ex players who state the obvious!

    As for the BBC, dull, dull, dull!

    The main problem is there is no charisma in the footballing world. The other people with any once of charisma are Gazza, Jimmy Bullard & Ian Holloway, but even he has had to grown up since Blackpool got promoted.

    There’s always the manager of Tottenham Terry Tibbs, he’s alright but is far to busy doing dodgy deals.

  • jackieemushoe

    I still prefer MOTD to Skys…’What a friller Richard’…Jamie Redknapp he bores the an*s off me…why is he there are the grooming him to replace the hairy one? He can’t even speak properly get him off.

  • Stevie

    Paul Merson is a legend, should b on TV more, he’s the Carl Pilkington of the football world!

  • Mike

    Get Merson on. Signed. I liked Clarence Seedorf as well- very articulate.

    At least Ian Wrights not on there anymore 🙂

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