Why Sir Alex fears King Kenny

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Whilst Liverpool supporters around the globe collectively cheer the appointment of ‘King’ Kenny Dalglish as permanent Liverpool manager, at the same time an equally loud groan could be heard coming from down the East Lancs road in
Manchester. Manchester United fans might not pay any significance to the freshly announced appointment of Dalglish, but Sir Alex Ferguson will.

But, why would a manager who is set to be crowned champion of England again and possibly Europe, be so displeased with his fellow Scotsman taking charge?

The answer is relatively simple. Ferguson knows he cannot get under the skin of Dalglish like he may with other managers he has faced. Ferguson has been able to get into the psyche of most counterparts he has faced, and whittled down the wills of many great personalities during the crucial parts of the season in the quest for silverware. The near comical scene of Kevin Keegan ranting during Newcastle United’s doomed 1995/96 title bid was all down to Ferguson’s constant sniping in the press. The United manager has even managed to get a rise out of Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho in the past, whilst famously Rafa Benitez listed a number of ‘facts’ during a press conference during Liverpool’s failed title push in 2009/10.

When Ferguson took charge of Manchester United in 1986 it was his sole aim to ‘knock them off their perch’ referring to the dominant Liverpool team who had conquered the 1970’s and 80’s. Dalglish was in charge of Liverpool at that time and went on to win the league and cup double in both 1986 and 89. At this time United had limited success and Ferguson was famously only one game away from the sack. But all things changed when in 1991 Kenny Dalglish left Liverpool and Liverpool’s period of dominance was over and United’s about to begin. But Dalglish resurfaced at Blackburn Rovers and in 1995 he guided them to the Premiership Title ahead of Manchester United. During the season and in particular the run in, Ferguson tried his famous ‘mind games’ on Dalglish but to no avail: Dalglish kept the press at distance speaking of the old Liverpool mantra: We’re only focused on the next game.

During the upcoming season, should Liverpool and Manchester United be involved in the hunt for major trophies, Ferguson will undoubtedly chance his arm at swaying the Liverpool ship and getting a rise out of Dalglish to completely destabilise the clubs direction like he did to Keegan and Benitez. But Ferguson may as well save his breath this time around. Why would he bother trying to anger Dalglish through the press when Dalglish is famous for being awkward towards the press and repeatedly saying the same old school mantras he took from the quiet and unassuming managers he played under, Bob Paisley and Joe Fagan. He won’t get a reaction, maybe only an amusing quip from the satirical Dalglish.

Ferguson may be a knight of the realm, but there can only be one King.

Michael Healey.

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  • Bill

    Nice one.

  • Rob

    100% right.

    BTW we’ve seen that already this season. Fergie even decided to dodge the whole press altogether… even MUTV

  • Shot2991

    Too much hype around “King” Kenny at the moment, Scouseland seem to think he is going to bring back the glory days lmao

  • chris

    really enjoyed that, good sign off as well

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    i think Liverpool fans to need to calm down dear. You’re on a good run, all teams go through that. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you’re ready to challenge for the league, Europe and the world.

    The season is over 38 games, not 15.

  • Sam

    To Mystical Mike

    Sorry dear we are not dreaming ahead for future glory.
    And we don’t really rely on only 15 games, we all know and Dalglish know that EPL is 38 games. But so far the Dalglish achievement this season has been fantastic.

    Dalglish record is brilliant not only these 15 games but also whole his management career.

    Reds fans are not dumb man, we all know about those 38 games, our team have achieved 18 titles before Red Devil for 22 years don’t you see and Kenny has much experience of championship, probably more than Sir Alex.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, wondered how long it would take before someone mention how many trophies you’ve won.

    Can you remind me how many Premier Leagues you have won please?

    I’ll bet you Liverpool don’t the Prem in this decade!

  • Jay

    Fergie fears Kenny…..?

    No…. Just no.

  • glenthe red

    fergie fears him alright, so will all the other PL managers, he’s a born winner, natural ability and he doe’s not have to rely on sly tactics like fergie. Besides winning all those trophies is not really an achievement with all the buying power Man u have, fergies best achievements where at Aberdeen. I’d like to see him do the same at west brom or some other smaller club in the PL, fergies a charlatan, kenny is the king.

  • Martin

    Same old shouts from Liverpool fans season in, season out.

    “We’ll win the league [next year]!!!” I honestly don’t know how you STILL haven’t gained perspective on how far away you actually are after this season. Without the distraction of the Eurpoa League you MIGHT break back into the top four and POSSIBLY win the Carling Cup but stop assuming that every year will be “your year”, it’s getting ridiculous now.

    I don’t see how Sir Alex Ferguson would fear any other manager ever. The most successful manager in football FACT

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