Why use waster Walcott?!

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Sunday, June 12th, 2011

   Whilst watching England’s latest debacle unfold, I kept hearing blunt phrases and outbursts hurled at the TV such as ‘That Walcott is bloody useless!’, ‘what’s he doing now?!?’, ‘Oh God not Walcott again’ and ‘DO SOMETHING WITH THE BALL YOU MUPPET!!’. Then I realised it was my voice. For if there’s one thing I know is guaranteed to happen in an England match, it’s that Walcott will have a stinker. He always has. Put the kid in an England shirt and it’s like putting Winnie the Pooh in charge of honey distribution. In other words a complete disaster.

   Your probably thinking, ‘yeah but he got that hattrick against Croatia’. Well aside from that game (in which by the way, he was utterly useless for the most part), his England career has been a complete failure. Can you remember anything notable that he’s done in the famous white of England? No. Because it has never happened. And I’ll tell you for why: he can’t pass, he can’t shoot (the 3 goals v Croatia are his only international goals to dates) he can’t cross, he has no composure, and as Chris Waddle said, he doesn’t have a footballing brain. In my opinion he is an Olympic sprinter in a football shirt. Sure I’m being very harsh, but unfortunately my friends it’s all true. Other people just won’t admit it.

   I’ve had to sit by as time after time he gets thrust into the England starting line up at the expense of better players, the most recent of those being Ashley Young who has starred for his club all season and has played very well for his country when called upon. And has Walcott starred for Arsenal? Has he earned his place ahead of Young, Lennon, Johnson, Beckham and even Downing? No! When he’s played he’s been distinctly average, and in parts of the season he was kept out the Arsenal team by Andrei Arshavin and even Emmanuel Eboue! Now that’s embarrassing. Not the sort of stuff that should guarantee you a regular starting spot for England now is it?!

   I feel I’ve let out all my built up Walcott rage, so I’d like to end on a positive note and show that I’m not a complete monster. Theo Walcott is a nice guy. He always comes across as very polite and well-spoken unlike a lot of people in his profession. Also he’s young and still has time to develop his game which, from an England fans point of view is encouraging. And finally while I’ve given him a bit of a pasting here, I totally understand that the pressure of being the new ‘England wonder kid’ has been a bit too much for him to take. Wayne Rooney got through it and we all hope Jack Wilshere can too, but the expectations placed on him have been far too high and frankly unfair. For after all, he’s just not very good.

Tommy Stoten

'Ouch Stoten, thats not very nice!'

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  • deacon

    stoten, thats not very nice at all. haven’t you heard of constructive criticism? if you so damn good at coaching why don’t you take over from Capello? theo is a very good player and it hurts me to find unknowledgeable people like stoten destroy the future of england.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    i think you’re being very harsh!

    Pace is a valuable asset in international football as the opposition will play deeper as they are terrified of players like Walcott getting behind their back line.

    That’s why he starts every game.

    I think you should do another blog entitled how on earth did Man City pay 23m for James Milner!

  • Tommy Stoten

    Come now D, I have a lot more knowledge on the subject than you give me credit for, although I dont believe I ever mentioned that I was a coach… And constructive criticism is all well and good but sometimes people just need to hear the harsh reality. And boy, if your gonna offer me £4.2million a year to what that Postman Pat looking prat cant ill sign the contract right now! As mentioned above, the pressure we all put on Walcott was unfair. Hes poor. Were doing the same to Wilshere now, but luckily he actually IS as good as we think. If more people spoke their mind like me D, people like you would have something to cheer about.

    And Mike, you make a fantastic point. Pace is about as valuable an asset as there is, and we all know he has that in abundance, but is that really enough to get you regular starts at INTERNATIONAL level? I dont think so. And if it is, why dont we stick Usain Bolt on the left?! At that level you need ability too, and as we see so often, he gets found out when it comes to playing internationally. Spain have some lightning players, but they are left ut for the ones with good technique etc. We should take a leaf. Also yes, Milner…£23m?! Never. Not as much of a waste as Lescott though. Or SWP. God that club has wasted a fortune. Doesnt bear thinking about…

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