Will Arsenal ever be title contenders under Wenger?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

It is true to say, that Arsenal have the biggest collection of Victor Meldrew fans in the country, we moan, we moan, and by Jove we moan. The thing is, we know how very, very close we are to greatness. It’s obvious that if you miss out on winning the biggest prize in football, you need to locate the reasons why. They are pretty obvious to everyone except the manager. Who is, as we all know, a very stubborn man.

Gary Neville was spot on in his pre match analysis last night. Players playing out of position, no power, no balance, its possession football with no end product. Wengers obsession with Barcelona is costing us a decent title challenge. Arron Ramsey is not a winger, Santi Carzlola is not a winger & Mesut Ozil is not a winger.

Speaking of the latter, if Wenger is going to start with Ozil every game, then he needs to build a team around him. Play him behind the striker, add some steal behind him. He needs players to run off him, players with pace. At the moment he is passing sideways. Steve Claridge raised some serious and justified questions on Arsenals record signing on 5 live after the game, which has seen the Gunners draw a worrying blank for the 5th time in 6 games. He’s a luxury player with no end product. I agree, he reminds me of Alexander Hleb, another over rated player, all flicks, tricks with zero end product. What was his record at Arsenal? 7 goals in 89 games and 13 assists? Shocking stats for a winger. Ozils lack of work rate is not suited to a league of such intensity. His inability to shoot is also a major concern of mine. We have a more than capable replacement in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a player with pace and power who has the ability to turn a game with his mazzy runs and direct attacking play. Unlike Ozil, he is willing to shoot, can get behind defenders and scares the hell out of the opposition.

Liverpool came to the Emirates last night knowing exactly how the Arsenal team would line up. Brenden Rodgers even said if West Ham can do it, so can we. Great managers set up differently for different matches, as much as I dislike Mourinho, he’s the master at that, where as Arsenal are just plain predictable.

Until Wenger drops either Ramsey, Ozil or Carzola and actually buys the right players to strengthen the squad, then I’m afraid its another battle for Champions League football. Only then, will we be in a position to say, well I don’t believe it!
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  • Dharma Steve

    Wenger is authentically deluded. The league table of the last few years and this year are the evidence.

  • http://www.dexysden.co.uk Dee

    yep, totally agree. Its too early to say, as no doubt we’ll go on a run, but what is evident is, there is no plan B. Plan A is predictable, either use Ozils strengths and build a team around him, or don’t play him, its not working!!

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