Will Ian Holloway light up the Premiership?

by Michael Somerville

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Blackpool Get Their Miracle

He’s mad, barmy and funny and yesterday Ian Holloway made it to the big time. For the first time in four decades Blackpool are in the Premier League and the famed tangerine dream is well underway. Of course the staggering £95 million (the biggest windfall in world sport) that they will receive has to be invested in a new look team- and therefore extremely sensibly.

I still think that the financial club model used by West Bromwich Albion is the most commendable in world football. Playing within your means should always be applauded, especially in the present climate, and Holloway would do well to carry on that tradition created in the Black Country. The thing is; his transfer budget has more than octupled.

Blackpool legend Sir Stanley Mathews would have been proud.

Holloway has recently expressed his desire to be seen as a serious manager, somebody who isn’t laughed at, derided or sneered at,

“I’m not a clown, an idiot or a madcap. I am just a human being who likes to encourage other people.”

Good timing too as after a journey that has been punctuated by bizarre behaviour, quips and hilarious anecdotes; Olly has reached a very sensible and personal peak!

Fielding a 4-3-3 formation at Wembley is unbelievably brave, especially against a team of Cardiff’s stature that included two very decent strikers in Michael Chopra and Jay Bothroyd.

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  • Stevie

    one of the best things ever to happen to the Premier League. At last we have someone with genuine charisma, Redknapp aside, there’s not that many of his type at the top level.

    Well done to Blackpool, get there by playing great football too!

  • William

    I hope Blackpool have the courage to keep playing good football too, even when they get the occasional hiding. Too many sides near the bottom stick one man up front and turn up to away games seeking not to lose, rather than win.

  • Mike

    The Premier League needs a small club to do well in the league. Like really well. Not like Stoke but a club who plays brave football and gets results. Blackpool could be that team 🙂

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