Will Pathetic Arsenal ever learn?

by Jack Hayes

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Deary me. Talk about your ridiculous weeks. Firstly, Chelsea’s volleyball team scraped a victory against a solid Bolton side, who deserved at least a point from the game. Then Arsenal’s title challenge was ended for the third time by a resurgent Spurs side, who deserved their win. Man United are getting a little too predictable, 0-0 against the noisy neighbours, 30 seconds of the game left, Patrice Evra puts the cross and and yep, you guessed it, ickle Paul Scholes is there to head home the winner. As Sir Alex once stated, United never win easy. My feelings for Spurs then headed a long way north as they BATTERED Chelsea and should have won by 3 or 4 goals if Pavlychenko had his shooting boots on. I don’t think I have ever hated a team so much, but then loved them so much in the same week. To cap off a perfect game JT gets himself sent off. The weekend was ruined however by the most pathetic performance I have seen by an Arsenal team, second half they were sloppy in possession, didn’t close down and basically bent over. Even though it was basically a meaningless game for the Gunners, where’s the passion? Where’s the pride? If Wenger needed any more reasons to dip into his pocket this has to be the final straw. Can you imagine a team with Adams or Vieira at the helm crumpling so pathetically? Arsenal needs a leader, and no Fabregas isn’t the answer.

Now the title race is back to its customary two horse race, attention has to be shifted to the bottom of the league. After failing miserably with my title predictions, I’m going to have a little go at the bottom.

As has been well documented, Pompey are down so I’ll ignore their games and focus just on West Ham, Burnley and Hull. On Monday West Ham travel to Anfield, and I’m going out on a limb here and punting for a 1-1 draw, without Torres I can’t see Pool scoring more then 1 and Diamanti will cancel out Gerrard’s opener.

Even with home advantage I can’t see Hull getting anything from Villa, the Villan’s winning this one comfortably 3-0. I also can’t see the Tiger’s getting anything against a Sunderland team who are playing well recently. West Ham will follow up their draw at Anfield with a win against a Wigan team who can’t play well twice in a row. Liverpool will be too good for Burnley at Turf Moor and Burnley will carry this poor form into their clash with fellow promotee’s Birmingham, who will pile more misery on Laws and in turn get their season back on track with a simple 2-0 victory.

With the Europa league final in mind Roy Hodgson will give 8 of his players a well deserved rest, West Ham for once won’t be complaining and will take full advantage, securing a vital 2-0 win. Wigan will draw against Hull leaving the table looking like this with one game to play:

West Ham- 38
Hull- 29
Burnley- 27

I fear that my predictions have left the last day of the Premiership pretty much redundant, with Hull, Burnley and of course Pompey sent packing to the Championship.

Moving on swiftly, I forgot to mention some classic ITV commentary from last week; “John Carew is a handful, quite literally”. I was unaware John Carew was a member of the Borrowers.
And finally I’ll leave you with my favourite joke of the week (apologies if you’ve already heard): What’s the difference between the Iceland volcano and Cheryl Cole?
The volcano’s still blowing Ash.

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  • dexylongshot

    West Ham- 38
    Hull- 29
    Burnley- 27

    I wish, i think it will be a lot closer than that between West Ham and Hull.

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