Will Stan finally get the message?

by Gary Taylor

Friday, October 28th, 2011

So another Arsenal AGM passes with more waffle than you would find in Belgium.

One thing we did learn was the need to oust Peter Hill-Wood from his role as chairman because, from what I saw, he was a joke.

I mean the old boy could barely read out the resolutions of the meeting from his notes and he missed out the agenda of re-electing Stan Kroenke, the majority shareholder, on to the board.

Way to impress your boss, Pete!

In all honesty, Hill-Wood is nothing more than a figurehead at the club now and his role has been reduced since the arrival of Ivan Gazidis, who effectively runs the club for Kroenke.

But enough on the boardroom dinosaur and onto more important mattes – the future of Arsenal Football Club.

Well we now know we have an owner with a tongue but who is unwilling to inject major capital into the club even until 2014 when commercial deals with Nike and Emirates are to be re-negotiated.

And the reason is the self-sustaining model that the board are obsessed with even if it means penalising the fans by increasing ticket prices to watch a failing team.

It is staggering to know that around 95% of the club is owned by two billionaires, one of which has not even got a place on the board and is one of the richest men on the planet.

I and a wave of disgruntled fans don’t want billions injected into the club, we just want enough so we can compete when it comes to signing the top talents from across the globe and don’t have to pay thought the nose to watch our team.

In the current environment of self-sustainability, Arsenal have to wait for the Manchester clubs, Chelsea and to a certain extent Tottenham, to complete their dealings before we move into the transfer market.

I’m sick of hearing Gazidis talk about the healthy financial position of the club. It angers me!

Why is all this money sitting in the bank not being spent on the world-class players we so desperately needed after the departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri?

Why the bloody hell was Juan Mata not signed up in July? The guy was desperate to come to the Emirates but no, apparently he was not worth splashing the Nasri money on.

One thing is for sure, if David Dein was running the show, Mata would have been at the Emirates along with Gary Cahill because that is what Dein does.

I hope that by being at today’s AGM and feeling the tension amongst the fans, Kroenke finally addresses the situation and appeases the fans before it’s too late.

I and many others will continue to back the team because Arsenal is our club but there is only so much we can take until we crack.

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  • george

    Sorry if running the club in a responsible manner angers you, but there is no fucking way we could ever match Man City or Chelsea Pound for Pound. No way Usmanov ever takes over so flush that one.

    Be pissed at Wenger for missing out on Yaya a few years ago, letting walk while under contact for half what he was worth, for missing out on Matta etc…but what i am sick of are you fair weather fans that would rather see the club’s long term future gambled on a cup or two. Those of us that have been supporting the club since the late 60’s get it, you of the MTV generation don’t.

  • jj

    great blog, the Premier League is all about money these days, trust Arsenal to have 2 of the richest men in sport on the board who won’t speed any!

    I fear another summer saga with RVP, we’ll pretend to go in for Eden Hazard, lose out cos we got great kids with potential

  • Josh

    Those yearning for the financial dissaray an injection from a Billionaire owner would bring are, in my mind, bonkers.

    Our structure is stable and delivers. It’s not the fault of the board that our team is struck by so many injuries, or that we fade away at the end of promising seasons. It’s also not the fault of missing funds that we lost the Carling Cup final last season.

    We buy young and cheap, and when an offer is too big or a contract almost up…we sell. It’s logical and it’s good for the club. Cesc is different…he wanted to go home. As for Nasri – I’m with Wenger. When a player looks over the fence and sees greener grass…let him go. Once his head is turned, he will no longer give his all. Luka Modric stayed at WHL this season, but can anyone really expect him to be there past this season? And he quite obviously isn’t the player he can be this season.

    Maybe those who like the look of Chelsea or City’s financial plans and bought success should swap red for blue. Otherwise, be proud to support such a moralistic, well run club. We are renowned. We have a fantastic stadium. A core of fantastic players. A fantastic academy. And, most important of all, we have Arsene.

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