Will we get an all English Europa final?

by Mark Smith

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Europa League Semi Final Preview

Liverpool take on Athletico Madrid this week in the semi finals of the Europa League without main man Fernando Torres, as it was announced on Sunday night that Torres would have surgery on a torn cartilage in his right knee – therefore ending his season with Liverpool. So, I would like to eat some humble pie in regards to my previous comments about Torres, Benitez and injuries!

Back to the Europa League and Athletico Madrid who have been having a pretty bad season but still find themselves on the verge of a Cup double. Amazingly Athletico have played 12 games in Europe this season and have only won once!! Yet they find themselves in a European semi-final, their record in the Champions League reads played 6 won 0 drawn 3 lost 3 – which saw them drop into the Europa League. Where their only victory was away at Galatasary winning 2-1 (they drew the home leg 1-1 and went through 3-2 on agg). Next up was Sporting Lisbon and then Valencia, both ties they won on away goals 2-2.

In contrast to this we have Fulham in the other semi final who have played a staggering 16 games to reach this stage (winning 10 of them!) and have undoubtedly been the story of the season in the Europa League, the immense result in beating Juventus 4-1 at home was superb and I really hope to see an all English final. Comparing the two teams Fulham and Athletico Madrid it makes me wonder, is it fair that the losers in the Champions League to be dropped into the Europa League? Personally, I think it’s a joke and makes a mockery of the competition – I don’t see how poor performance should be rewarded? There is more chance of getting a Malteser through a sieve than Uefa changing the rules to make the “Europa League” more credible.

Of course I will be cheering on Liverpool but I can’t help but feel some embarrassment in playing in the Europe League, not because of the standard or status of the competition but the route in which we got there.

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  • dexylongshot

    I hope both get there and Fulham to take it. Rwoy deserves a twothy after the miracles he has been performing. Liverpool played terrible last night against an embarrassing West Ham side, they will have to buck their ideas up if they want to get past Athletico without old-boy El Nino.

  • Stevie

    super Rwoy, we lwove you Rwoy, I thwought they played vwery well

  • Mike

    Super Rwoy indeed 😀

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