World in Emotion

by Dexy Longshot

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

“Loves got the world in motion…”

Ah New Order, what an anthem, always gets the hairs on the back of the neck going that, especially if pre-ceded by that Nessun Dorma, top drawer that Pav. But when it comes to the emotion in the game, of scoring that winning goal, who would you want to pick? For sheer eye-watering spine tinglers, here is my favourite emotional goal celebration and my England top 3 in no particular order, or New Order.


Marco Tardelli

Every young football players schoolboy dream is to have a bubble bath with Girls Aloud after a game (heavy on The Matey Cheryl!) that, and to score in a World Cup final. Marco Tardelli did just that against Germany in 82 putting them 2-0 up in the first 25 minutes. The goal was good, the Azurri toying with The Fatherland before Marco’s flick up and shot, but it was lack compared to the contortions of ecstasy on his boat as he wheeled away with his Dukes a pumping. Definitely my favourite.

Paul Gascoigne

It was the brit-pop summer of 96; London was the center of the Universe, surfing on the crest of Cool Britannia, Euro 96 and Gazza’s goal against the Jocks. The way he mugged Hendry before unleashing the Volley past Goram was arguably the best England goal at Wembley ever. The celebration was the undoubtedly the greatest ever. After the media hyped Hong Kong booze-up furor weeks earlier, the dentist chair lucozade guzzling euphoria was always on the cards.

Stuart Pearce

After the heart-break of that missed Pen against Ze Germans in Italy 1990 and a side order of Pizza Hut ads, Psycho boldly stepped up to the plate against Spain in the Euro 96 quarter finals and exorcised the ghosts of Turin in a shoot-out. The Kong-like blast of his “C’MOOONNN!!!” to the ecstatic Wembley masses could be heard in Margate.

David Beckam

After his sending of and subsequent hanging by the press in 98, Beck’s had a score to settle with his Argie foes in 2002. After Owen was horrifically brought down in the box (ahem!), there was only ever going to be one man on the spot. He dispatched it straight down the middle and gave Tardelli a run for his Lira in the facial expressions game, four years of pent-up anger unleashed in one sweeping motion. I admit, a tear came to my eye as Becks kissed his shirt & sent the Argies packing. The Sun splashed across the paper on Saturday. “Up Yours Senoirs!” I have it framed on my wall in the Den.


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  • jackie emu

    falco from brazil world cup 82 i think, whose vein was all but popping out of his neck…still haunts me.

  • Darren

    Has to be terry turner in lanfrancs 13-1 victory. Scorer of the 13th goal he proceeded to run around both pitches shouting supersub,funny thing was he actually started the game! What a supersub!

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