Would the grass be greener without Arsène?

by admin

Monday, November 12th, 2012

It’s been a pretty wretched past few weeks for Arsenal and indeed Arsene Wenger. After a dramatic 3-3 draw against London rivals Fulham in which Arsenal surrendered a two-goal lead, many fans want the manager to step aside. But would this be the right choice?

Clearly there is a case. I too have been one of those fans very disgruntled with the current set up. Firstly, the failure to replace world-class players in crucial positions is inexcusable. Secondly, not signing a defender after our worst defensive display ever in the previous season and thirdly, persisting with the wrong tactic with the players we have are among just a few of the errors which come down to the manager. In past seasons, we have been saved by a couple of players but this year it’s looking like the cracks are going to be horribly exposed. The 4-5-1 system isn’t working; a substantial lack of pace in the center of midfield and the persistence with a lone striker is futile. Once more, the formation failed to reap rewards when we had the talents of Van Persie, Fabregas and Nasri so it’s not going to work now.

Having said that, the blame is also laid at the feet of the board. They’ve shown appalling incompetence in recent years whilst making a healthy profit for themselves as the team struggle on the pitch. The whole board including Peter Hill Wood are completely out of touch with the modern game, typified at last months AGM. What was most striking about the meeting was the amount of blame shifted by board members onto Wenger himself. Yes, the man has made some sizable faux pas, but to believe everything wrong with Arsenal is down to one man is folly. This begs the question, if Wenger was to go, would this lackluster board be able to sufficiently replace the man who has done so much at the helm.

So who would be the viable replacements? Pep Guardiola’s name has been banded about in recent weeks as a perfect replacement with his ‘total football’ philosophy. David Moyes is another great candidate who has done an admirable job on Merseyside. If we look further a field, perhaps the Borussia Dortmund manager Jürgen Klopp could be worth a punt after back-to-back titles in the Bundesliga. As a fan, these seem like the best and most desirable options, but what an Arsenal fan wants and what he or she may get are two very different things. If the board found themselves in a position to replace Wenger, my best bet is that they wouldn’t employ the most suited man for the job. Instead they would most likely stick with who they know and perhaps employ Steve Bould. This would be a catastrophe for Arsenal I feel. The so-called ‘defensive guru’ hasn’t improved our defensive capabilities and looking from the outside in, I would suggest that he is either another ‘yes’ man to Wenger or the pair don’t get along.

Wenger leaving does appear to be the only way things will improve at the Emirates. However, I have no faith whatsoever in the board employing an adequate replacement. If things are to get better, the board will need to step aside too, which of course is a distant dream as they are all too ensconced in lining their own pockets with fans money.

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  • Wenger out

    Yes yes and yes
    No more youth obsessed manager
    And Arsene please take Hill Wood and both Yanks with you to kiddy land

  • Charlie Peat

    I do agree, but I’m concerned with the board.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    gotta say, I’m with Wenger out. Enough is enough. We can wait another 2 years for the financial fair play but the truth is he’s lost his winning mentality. In fact, we lost that when we sold Veira.

    I say get Pep in before Man city do!!

  • Charlie Peat

    I am with Wenger out, I just hope the board also leave! They are part of the problem with the club.

  • timothy

    you are hundred percent right,they ve to make changes in the board and retire wenger from his post and bring in new manager with different philosophy before the team will be ok if not it will be a disastrous in the next five year to come with same wenger

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    we’ve been stuck in ground hog day for 7 years. The inability to replace world class players and relying on crocs such as Diaby, Rosicky & Gibbs who are permanently injured. In fact, we top the injury list every season.

    Playing players out of position, Ramsey on the wing, this is after Walcott scored a brilliant hatrick.

    Signing terrible players like Santos, Park the Squid.

    Selling our best players to our rivlas without any fight what so ever. Why didnt we ask for Henandez as part of the deal? Or Dzeko in the Nasri deal. We’ve become a complete push over. All the board care about is how much money we’ve made. In 20 years no one will remember, or give a shit how much money we’ve made.

  • Wenger in!

    to ‘wenger out’ you say ‘both yanks’? im guessing you mean stan korenke? who is a yank and ivan gazidis???? he is of course south african you idiot!! so shows how much you know about arsenal doesnt it?? lol!
    most of you so called fans are idiots! know nothing about arsenal or english football! im guessing most of the ppl wanting wenger out are foreign! as they the ones who want mugs like drogba and mourinho to come to arsenal!!
    any real arsenal fan, hates drogba/mourinho and spending millions on overrated mercanaries!!
    if you lot are not happy then f**k off!! glory supporters!! go support citeh, chelski, psg? or even liverppol and spurs!! who change their manager every year and spend millions on overrated players!! and for what?? to win a league cup? wow! i so want arsenal to finish 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and win league cups every year! what an acheivement!!
    you so called fans are so fake and glory supporters! at the start of the season after a cpl of good results everyone was saying arsenal are amazing and wenger best manager…carzola best buy…now after a cpl of rubbish results arsenal are the worst team ever and wenger sacked? get real u mugs!!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I’m not quite sure who Liverppol are, but one I thing will say is, Arsenal football club has lost it’s soul. Winning trophies no longer matter.

    If we would have replaced all the players we sold (Nasri with Mata/Hazard), Ba/Henandez for RVP, plus actually spend money on proven Premier League players such as Leighton Baines, Tiote and Cahill then who knows. We waste so much money on crap players that it actually stops us spending that tiny bit extra to buy world class ones

  • Charlie Peat

    I never ever said we were great at the start of the season and I have been calling for wenger to step aside for 3 years. Maybe you should take your head out of the sand and realise that no one here are asking for the league cup and the spend millions upon millions on players. We just want a change to the system. Maybe you don’t spend thousands each season supporting the team like myself? Anyways each to their own.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Charlie is right. Everyone but Wenger and the board can see what’s wrong.

    The system isn’t working, it’s bloody obvious. Yet he’s too stubborn to change it. Also, Walcott deserves a chance up top with Giroud.

    We are not asking for world dominance but we are fed up with all the lies. How many times has Wenger said he WILL spend in the transfer market and doesn’t. How many times have the board said there is money available when it clearly isn’t.

    Fergi has completely blown Wenger away, 6 years we were the most feared team in Europe, now we are a bunch of pussies. We are almost irreverent!!

  • Big Sam

    To ‘Wenger in’ The only mug here is you mate. Who is talking about Drogba? And you don’t stop supporting your club just because of a bad run you could piss off to ‘liverppol’ if you’d like but we’ll stay and fix the problems that are visibly worrying. Rosicky will be a major player when he is resurrected.

  • Jonny Royall

    These days it’s very much the board at the forefront of a football team. They conduct the club far too much so that the position of manager has lost it’s impact. The board members are causing Arsenal to lose our ambition. They have to go if this club wants to see any glory or league titles again. Simple as. “Wenger in” you’re a bit deluded mate. English football is changing. Get with the times.

  • gino

    Some of u guys are fucking idiots how can u judge Wenger when he built this club, true we have a bad patch but that is simply up to the players to step up and show their worth, there only so much Wenger can do and Sam u so right Rosicky will be a huge boost but i also think its time to put our faith in our little russian again.

  • Philip

    Sorry Gino but you totally deluded mate. I can’t see us winning another trophy under Wenger. He’s lost his touch.

  • Philip

    Ps Wenger didn’t build the club. We were winning things before he came along

  • Pistol pete

    It’s not even about the spending of transfer money, because we do spend large amounts. It’s the players he buys, the reserves that get paid $60k a week (Squillac). To make a tactical change when we need to. Letting player run down their contracts.Walcott will be sold for sure , otherwise we would have signed him up buy now.

    We need change at Arsenal plain and simple. Wenger has run he course. We know he done well in the first 7 years and we praise him and pay him for that. However, surely the members on the board must see that things are just not working.

    I truley believe that no one will say anything because no one wants to ruin the excellent cash that has been coming the boards way. That or there are scared of Wenger.
    How come most of the fans, tv pundits , newspapers can see this and not Wenger or the board. Dose Bould have the balls the disagree, cause i bet it’s wenger and not bould organising the defence.

    Ask yourself. Would you leave if you were getting 7 m a year to fail. I DON’T THINK SO

  • shaggy

    If im hearing Arsenal fans for Wengers head do i have to remind you of one thing? what sort of team would we be without him? !!
    1. New Managers need money FACT !! We dont have it !!!
    2.Wenger is the biggest pull for players So without him who ??is our biggest pull…?? Hill Wood (jokers)
    3.Wilshere would go So would most of the team… (Fact) one sniff from Barcelona or Utd or City then the players will go and what will we have left !! Hill Wood and the stupid keystone members of the board !!
    4.Arsenal just would not be Arsenal without Wenger at the Helm !! He built this club back to the old old days a successive club and team.. where 1st is expected no less will do !! Herbert Chapman Era !! Would you ever disgrace MR Chapman (Herbie fondly known to many of us) in such away…. Wenger is the most successful ever manager of our Great Arsenal !!
    5. Keep the board at your peril !! Lady Bracewell smith said when she left” they need to be changed not one has them has a vision or energy to see this forward” later being force by Arsenal lawyers to retract those words !! Usmanov Deserves to be on the board he has stakes of 30%. This should by the law of the market entitle him to be requested to come on the board and be able to look at Arsenals Revenues… Fact !! just one thing in this is the Boards relutance to become transparent if they had nothing to find why not let Usmanov on the board let him see the revenues… This makes me question the truth being said by this current board !! Transparency is the buzz word of the (New Business Era)… so why none at all at Arsenal…..???
    6. Fools like the idiots begging for Wengers head will hate what they wished for!! Thats if it was ever to happens !!
    Supporters are meant to support through thick and thin not kill the club and team !! with mindless chat !! Remember where football came from the poor council estates,poor miners,poor steel workers etc It came from the poor having nothing more to kick around than a pigs bladder stuffed!! the thing is now football isnt for the working class its for the rich again !! but the players mainly all come from disadvantaged lives in brazil holland africa and so on !! even rooney and beckham came from council estates !!
    Real Arsenal Supports and club are proud of our traditions the youth set up which has always been a massive part of this club !! Merson rocastle Thomas Adams O’leary Brady and so on !! the list is to long !! and the honor which we conduct ourselves !!

  • shaggy

    To peeps out there saying we were successful before Wenger came please tell when ??? Grahams era 3 yrs before Wenger and really you enjoyed that style of football??? really ?? WOW Better than Wengers style of football !! Really ???
    and really George compared to Wenger Please !!!
    George was great at the time but he disgraced himself and brought the club into question with his actions and deserved to be sacked!!
    Wenger has been loyal to his word every season and every season you question his decisions, his desire, his passion and commitment to the club !! what is it with you idiots !!
    Look at what he has brought us Henry Viera anelka Pires Overmas and so on so on !! and now the new generation Wilshere Jenkinson Gibbs Schvzney The Ox Walcott Koscielny !! these are all starters at any other club !! fact !! thats without Carzola Podolski Arteta Sagna Mertesacker Verms Giourd Gervinho all internationals bar Arteta Question never really Answered why !! i think it had something to do with the move from spain to Everton !! Spanish hate losing their own to English club at an Early age !! Fact !!
    So i ask you what is wrong with this squad nothing just the lack of support given by the so called supporters ever heard of the 12 th man the supporters !! seems there are so many glory hunters that know nothing about Arsenal !! i THINK EVERY SEASON THEY SHOULD WHEN SEASON TICKETS ARE SOLD, THEY SHOULD HAVE A TEST WITH IT !! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE CLUB, PLAYERS, HISTORY, MANAGERS PAST AND PRESENT AND HOW LONG THEY HAVE SUPPORTED ARSENAL…..

  • Philip

    I think yr forgetting that we dominated in the 1930’s under Herbert Chapman and we won the double in 71, got to 3 successive FA cup finals in the late 70’s and won 2 cups in Europe.

    We are not denying Wenger has been great, we are saying we need someone to take us to the next level, someone who can stand up to our competitors instead of being bullied time after time. In the last 5 years, many times have we beaten United and Chelsea? 3 times?

  • Charlie Peat

    To ‘shaggy’ to compare henry vieira to players like gervinho is quite frankly an insult. You say we’re bad fans yet to go from winning titles to no trophies for 7 years is ludicrous, and I think the majority of fans from other clubs would have started complaining sooner but the truth is we haven’t. I think what ‘pistol pete’ and ‘philip’ are saying is correct. Also ‘shaggy’ I too am calling for the board to step aside, I think we all are!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    we should of built on the invincibles and dominated Europe, but we didn’t, we stood still….

    Wenger is not the only decent manager in world football. There are and will be others.

    We used to be feared but now teams just look at us as feeder club. That, my friends, is not success in my book

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