Would you want Steve McClaren in charge of your team?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The ego is back

England’s worst manager since Graham ‘you’ve just lost me my job’ Taylor is desperate to return to club management.

Steve McClaren is a man with as much charisma as a toilet roll, yet an ego to match the special one himself.

Despite all the abuse he received during his catastrophic time as the nation’s head coach, he actually believes top-flight clubs want his signature. “I’m looking for a club with vision and ambition” so the opposite of what he has to offer then. He also said “maybe a Championship team, or even abroad”. He claims his time with England has made him a better manager with more to offer.


A career in politics would surely be a better move. He is media trained, rhetorical, and incredibly smug. He also has a smile so fake he actually makes Jordon & Peter Andre look almost human.

To say McClaren is NOT a man in demand would be an understatement. Since the embarrassing umbrella defeat he has become a laughing stock not only in England but in Europe too.

McClaren will say he has a lot to offer any club. He was the last English manager to win a trophy after all. He also took Boro to a Uefa cup final where they were eventually thrashed 4-0 by Seville. He also led Boro to their highest ever finish in the Premier League.

Is he as bad as we all think?

So how would you feel if McClaren took charge of your club tomorrow?

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  • Jackie Emu

    As a Boro fan his record was pretty good…but the football was with the odd season exception pretty predictable and quite negative. I wouldn’t want him back and I doubt many other boro fans would. It’s well documented that Southgate and Viduka gave team talks when we had a our European comebacks…so that to me questions his ability to motivate players in big games.
    I think a team in the Championship could well be his next move…I bet there’s a few teams dreading that outcome!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I’d be gutted if that man came anywhere near my Sunday league team. When ever I see his stupid smug face I want to smack him one.

  • Phil

    I’d be gutted too, and thats coming from a Crewe fan. His is quite simply poo on a stick, with less charisma

  • Steven Ponting

    I am disugsted that mclaren was appointed…as sven’s number two he should have been sacked with him the lousy bugger !

  • Jamie

    it is true to say he made Sven look amazing. It actually took English football back 6 years.

    I mean, what kind of a fool would give a goal keeper his first cap in the biggest game for 2 years. Like you rigtly point out, his ego is so big that he made half of those decisions for himself.

    I don’t hate many people but I hated him. All the press did but were way to scared to say anything out of term.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    As a Leicester fan I am nervous that he is shopping for a job, simply because he is just about the only manager we haven’t employed this season….

  • Jamie

    very scary! Didn’t Leicester beat Norwich 4-0 last week? So you’re safe for the time being. I hear Mark Morrison is looking to manage a team, could be the next appointment with McClaren as number 2, he is a very good number after all!

  • Janos

    The bloke is a first class drip, has anyone seen that picture of him when he was about 22? Goofy ginger twat

  • Andy

    True, he doesn’t do much for the ginga race, but they’re not all bad… As a Spurs fan, we’ve had our fair share also and I’m loathed to say I’m not sure if I’d pick him over Graham…

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