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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

It seems to be a regular occurrence that games are continually ruined by refereeing decisions which ultimately cost the team on the end of these decisions not just 3 points but those 3 points could be the difference between relegation and staying up or qualifying for Europe or not.

There is no doubting that a referee’s job is not an easy one and as fans watching it on television we have the aide of watching umpteen replays all from different angles. I can appreciate the odd mistake and human error but when this happens so frequently you know changes need to be made. As there seems to be so few referees if a referee makes a mistake they know that they will be back refereeing again- there only punishment being that they may sit out a weekend- so they get a week off for making mistakes. There is also the issue of the politics in refereeing, for example, referees know that they must not upset the ‘big’ managers- the Alex Fergusons and Carlo Ancelottis because these managers could say they don’t want these referees to referee their games again. Obviously a referee wants all the big games so they will stay on their side.

It is not just referees who come under fire but also linesman; show me a linesman who knows the offside laws and who actually keeps up with play. This is a basic part of their job and what they are employed to do. They also seem to be ‘afraid’ to raise their flag and actually make a decision and when they do it is usually wrong.

I thought it was a positive step when last season in the Europa League FIFA decided to experiment and trial with 2 extra ‘referees’; this has now been implemented in the Champions League but what exactly do these referees do? I have not seen one make a decision and in last week’s Champions League games incidents were happening straight in front of the referees and they did not make any decisions.

Football is one of the few sports where the players behave in an inappropriate way towards the officials- not only do they ‘con’ the referees into giving decisions there way (the high profile players are prone to this!) but the language used towards officials is ridiculous. Currently a manager says one thing negative towards an official and they get an automatic ban which is not consistent with the crime and yet player’s behaviour goes unpunished. While respect should be earnt maybe a referee’s job would be easier if there was an element of respect in the game. However, how can you respect someone who continually makes mistakes and favours the bigger teams?

The bigwigs at the FA need to learn to be more consistent and be impartial for all involved in the footballing world. They also need to look at the rescinding of cards- who is actually on this board? It is also only natural for a referee to miss an incident on the pitch that if they had seen would have been a bookable or dismissive offence- the FA should have the power to deal with these after the game, as perhaps players are beginning to think that they can get away with unprofessional behaviour.

Ultimately fans want to watch a fair and good game and not one that is ruined by the referee’s bad decisions.

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