YOUR shout: The ‘Big Four’

by Callum Lawton

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

This football season has undoubtedly left many football fans sweating – and it hasn’t even finished yet.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. The four most successful Premier League clubs based on finishes.

These clubs have all set the standards for the Premier League and in Europe.

For the past 11 years, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have finished in the top four of the Premier League. Liverpool have only finished outside three times.

Newcastle and Everton both made their cameo appearances but were never going to be consistent enough to maintain their standings each year. The Big Four were just far too good.

The Big Four have represented England well in Europe, consistently reaching the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals of the Champions League.

But now, this season has opened up and thrown a curveball. This year’s league has taken on a different dynamic.

Manchester City, brimming with foreign money have taken the league table by the scruff of its neck and risen to the top.

With expensive players like Sergio Agüero, Edin Džeko and Mario Balotelli scoring a combined total of 39 goals in the league so far this season, they have ripped the table apart with some breathtaking displays.

Their Manchester neighbours, to their credit, are breathing down their neck all the time. However, despite their consistency in the Premier League, there is still an obvious gap left by them failing to replace players such as Peter Schmeichel and Roy Keane. And what happens when Giggs and Scholes hang up their boots?

With the club saddled with so much debt, how can they compete with Manchester City in the upcoming seasons?

And Arsenal?

Despite the current difficulties and their ‘weaknesses’ within the squad, they are in the soundest financial position going forward. They have consistent profits, sell-out crowds every week and have recently announced a pre-tax profit of £49.5m.

Arsenal have struggled to replace the quality players who have left in recent years, and it is not clear why this is the case.  Once the underlying reasons are resolved (whether this is the fault of Arsène Wenger or the Arsenal Board is still not known), they will undoubtedly dominate English football in the coming decades; particularly when the current Manchester City owner tires of his current play thing.

So the question is: How do you think the Big Four will develop over the next five years?

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  • Mystical Mike

    It all depends on the new financial ruling. Obviously Arsenal are set up to dominate but its not that simple.

    Spurs & Liverpool are getting stronger but building a new stadium will set them back at least 6 years.

    So its got to be


    I’d love to see someone invest in Everton, would really shake things up if they could actually spend some money on players

  • Tyler

    You dont mention Spurs in this Article once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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