Zamora for England?

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Bobby Zamora scored his sixth Premier goal this season- beating the combined the total of his last two seasons in the English top flight.

I’ve heard some derogatory comments towards Zamora in my time as a Fulham supporter, and it is true that he can be an easy target. (Note miss against Manchester City this season) However, his team game is a joy to behold, and his technical aspect brings a lot of other players into the game as a result of his unselfishness in front of goal. The stats are there to see; Dempsey has weighed in with 5 goals already this season, second only to Cesc Fabregas and Frank Lampard in the fantasy football rankings in midfield. Dempsey plays off Zamora’s hold-up play, and it’s a testament to his altruism that Dempsey has been in such fine form.

Zamora’s winner against Sunderland on Sunday prompted calls for a call-up to the England squad, unbelievable for a player who has found a new lease of life by the Thames this season. It all seemed to be going so well, but then all the hard work and selflessness just evaporated in an uncalled for stew of anger and resentment.

Zamora barely celebrated his goal, instead choosing to abuse the Hammersmith stand, telling them to “shut your f*****g mouths” and pushing Damien Duff and John Pantsil away so he could continuing venting  spleen at the Cottage faithful who so often sing his name with such sincerity.

It’s been well documented that Zamora is an avid Internet reader of all things blogs (maybe he even reads this blog!) and was obviously upset at some of the comments he had been receiving from a minority in cyberspace.

It’s astonishing to think that a few blokes behind a laptop can rile a player to that extent. Fans are always grumbling about players, but they do it because they care.

It could have been such a great day for Fulham and Zamora, with Sundays win seeing them leapfrog Sunderland into the top half of the table proper, and within touching distance of Liverpool. However, the mood was considerably soured as the moody striker shook two Sunderland players’ hands, and raced towards the tunnel, failing to acknowledge any of the fans who have given him such support.

Come on Bobby! What was all that about!

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  • dexylongshot

    Ahh the Z-man. One of the premirships most under-rated players. He’s the perfect back-up for Heskey and should be considered by Fabio along with Davies aand Carlton as the hurly burley target man. Zamora..oh oh ohh!!!

  • Darren

    To be fair though his goal scoring record is worse then Heskeys! He is, however, very important to Fulham in the same way Heskey is to England.

    Scoring goals against Hull is a bit different from scoring goals in the Champions League, Capello take note, hint hint!

  • Mike Somerville

    If Carlton Cole gets his move to Arsenal or Liverpool then you can’t leave him out.
    Bobby Z’s doing really well though… just keep it up Z man!

  • Matt Quinn

    Zamora is another one of my guilty pleasures. Along with Clint Dempsey, i think Zamora is extremely underrated. I would, personally, have him in the England team ahead of Heskey or Owen (to name just two)… i think he is excellent at holding up the ball and Fulham would be a much poorer team without him.

    I remember around 2 seasons ago, Carlton Cole was getting similar stick and accusations at West Ham… now look at him. I can see Zamora going the same way.

  • Mike

    As I write this Bobby Z’s just bagged another goal against Burnley, you can’t ignore him… can you?

  • Darren

    yes you can! Darren Bent got another and he’s struggling to get into the squad.

  • Mike

    Darren Bent is Darren Bent and he’s not playing in Europe like Zamora. 4 goals in 3 games is very good form. Let’s see how he does against Man Utd on Saturday.

    It’s him or Heskey for the hold-up play type of player. Heskey rarely gets a game, nuff said

  • Mike Somerville

    Ah he’s injured, well that’s that then isn’t it? Case closed. 🙁

  • dexylongshot


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